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  • The Day I Changed My Life Essay

    May 29th, 2011 was the day my life changed forever. I had just turned 20 years old and was enrolled in college to be a dental hygienist. I had a funny feeling that something within me was very different; my friends told me not to worry about it, that it was nothing. I took the test anyways and stared at it in disbelief that the results were what I dreaded, positive. I quickly took another test in hopes that the first was faulty, and to no avail, it too had come out positive. I was pregnant. I was raised in a very loving, Christian home with parents who had high expectations of me; they knew what I was capable of. I knew my parents would be disappointed because this very moment went against everything I was taught by them and the church. I was not married, not even close. I hadn’t gone through school, I didn’t have a ton going for me at the time. When I delivered the news to my mom, she just said, “Ok, well we will walk through this together”. I was very lucky to have a supportive family. I had few supportive friends as well, but lost many in the process. As I was preparing myself for a new mentality, I dropped all classes I was signed up for as I knew I needed to save every penny I earned for this new life. I acquired two more jobs to make sure my savings account was building and enrolled in dental assisting school which I would be able to complete before my precious little boy came into this world. I completed dental assisting school being top 3 of my class and a few days…

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  • Dentistry Research Paper

    Occupation Description Dentistry involves being able to perform the procedures, diagnose problems, and also being able to communicate with the patients. Dr. Schoening says that her schooling really helped her become confident in performing procedures on her patients. She also says that she sometimes has to rely on other specialist’s help if she does not know an answer to something. “A dentist must be able to read and understand radiographs, look at a lesions or problems in a person’s mouth,…

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  • Anesthesiologists Research Paper

    diseases, and examine teeth, gums, and related tissues, using dental instruments, x-rays, or other diagnostic equipment, to evaluate dental health, diagnose diseases or abnormalities, and plan appropriate treatments for patient. A dentist has many other tasks that they have to do on a daily basis for a patient, but those are just a couple. To have this occupation, you need to have some basic knowledge that you have previously been taught. Such as, medicine and dentistry, customer and personal…

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  • Comparison Of Dentistry And Chirlotry

    Two fields I am very interested in are chiropractic and dentistry. Chiropractors help patients by treating them using the neuromusculoskeletal system. This means that they can treat patients by using their bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and even ligaments. Chiropractors use manipulation of these to help treat their patients pain. The main goal of goal of chiropractors is to reduce pain and to lower the resistance of disease by keeping the patients body in alignment. Chiropractors have many…

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  • Dentist Career Research Paper

    reason for this is because i like helping people and i like money a lot of dentists get paid $150,000+ and it also seems fun to take x rays and use all the tools for cleaning. Although being a dentist would be a great career for me i believe a better and more enjoyable career would be Fire fighting. one of my possible careers was dentistry and in dentistry you work with the patient's teeth and mouth. you also have to take x-rays and use different tools for cleaning and repairing teeth. the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Changing My Teeth

    Just by people commenting on how I had a great smile made me feel as if I was a new person. In all honesty, I can attribute my non-academic successes such as holding several leadership positions not because I simply looked better but because my self-confidence skyrocketed and turned me into a more charismatic and sociable person. This is exactly why I want to be dentist – to provide service to those that have faced similar challenges and also share the joy, benefits, and proud smile that I now…

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  • Become An Orthodontist

    According to Orthodontist, career video by Ed Shehee from, to become an orthodontist a person must first get a bachelor’s degree in a science related subject. After getting a bachelor’s degree the person must be accepted into a dental school. After dental school, orthodontic training is needed. Orthodontic training is usually 2-3 years. If a person is planning on becoming an orthodontist some high school classes that should be taken are biology, math, and anatomy. (Career Discovery…

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  • How To Write A Dental Career Essay

    Dental Careers Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened (Dr. Suess). Dentistry is one of the best jobs you could ever go in for as a career. Just knowing you have all the benefits you need and ever wish for right in your hands. You get the privilege to help others who need your assistant and just knowing that at the end of the treatment he or she is going to have a bright smile on their face. When you hear words like “thank you for the wonderful new smile you gave my son…

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  • Dental Hygiene Personal Statement

    What initially stimulated my interest in the field of dental hygiene was doing a research project on the occupation of a dental hygienist while I was in high school. From doing the project, I learned the tasks, years of education, hours, and salary of a dental hygienist which further intrigued my interest in the field. When I was younger, I had braces and learned that I would need jaw surgery, which made me more curious about the dental field. The more research and experiences I encountered in…

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  • Dental Emergencies Essay

    soon as you can, so we can give you the instructions you need. Call 877-321-1933 to contact your dentist in Holly, MI. We are open on many Saturdays and until 8 p.m. on two evenings to accommodate you with emergency dental services. (Relieving Dental Anxiety) Relieving Dental Anxiety At Our Holly, MI Dental Office We understand that people sometimes fear going to the dentist. Maybe you had a bad experience in the past. Or perhaps your parents or siblings hated going to the dentist, so…

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