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  • The Bling Ring Escapism Analysis

    Cinematic depictions of real life can sometimes be a bit fantastical or outside of what is seen as normal way to display story that holds some truth about reality, but it has always been that way, only in different form, in the early 1900’s there was The Great Gatsby in book form, that showed the American Dream and materialism has stemmed from it but now that we have the capabilities to produce realistic visual depictions people are weary of accepting cinematic depictions as credible. In recent years there have been a number of movies that have shared a number of flaws with the thinking that has been bred from the American Dream, including the 2015 film “The Bling Ring”. At first glance- probably the second glance as well- it looks like “escapists…

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  • Analysis Of Albert D. Pionke's The Hero As Prophet

    “The Hero as Prophet”: A Survey of Images of Islam,”(2005) is a brief study of Thomas Carlyle’s lecture on Muhammad. The researcher starts his study by describing the significance and influence of Carlyle’s lecture, arguing that Carlyle’s image of Muhammad is a complex one. Accordingly, the author attempts to shed light on this complex image briefly by investigating the works of Carlyle in which he referred to Islam. First, Pionke analyses some parts of Carlyle’s lecture “The Hero as Prophet.…

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  • Islamic Community In The Film The Message By Moustapha Akkad

    formed itself around Muhammad and the revelation of the Qur’an. Despite all of the obstacles they ran into, nothing could sway them from their belief in the Qur’an and Muhammad. This belief allowed them to form a community that is admirable it its virtues, and formidable in its strengths. In the film, the audience is shown the unrelenting commitment the first Islamic community had to their religion, and the vehemence they had when protecting their…

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  • Nudity In Ancient Greece

    Throughout the development of the world, the idea of nudity presents a complex history and disputing views. The current society shies away from the idea of nakedness, but the Ancient Greeks sculpted naked statues with no shame. The topic of nude statues creates an environment of power from the artist’s decision of sculpting. Even the famous poet, Homer, recognizes the purpose and idea of nudity in The Odyssey. In Homer’s poem, The Odyssey, a naked Odysseus wanders around the river’s bank in…

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  • Figurative Images In Islamic Architecture

    Islam spread throughout North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia rapidly after it was founded. Due to Islam discouraging the use of figurative images in religious contexts, pushing Islamic artists to create and develop a rich decoration style of non-figural images, consisting of such ornament that make a hallmark of Islamic work. Islamic decoration includes complex geometric patterns, calligraphy and scrolling vines better known as arabesques. Islam has affected Islamic architecture…

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  • The Importance Of The First Crusades

    the christendom Nature in control by the Roman Empire whose authority is the Pope. However, the Franks did not fit the western image depicting them as heroic. The Arabs viewed the Franks as uncivilized compared to themselves. The differences of the two were drastically different by the mentioning of of the Franks chronicles of cannibalism. The Arabs had viewed the Franks as barbaric by their actions. The Crusaders had been given an offer by Pope Urban II to have eternal life in return to fight…

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  • Luncheon On The Grass Analysis

    Hartt 1 Outline – Explaining Artistic Bareness to Parents. Purpose/Thesis – There is a difference between artistic bareness and pornography. 1. Main Points You can find artistically bare pieces throughout the ages. What pieces fall under the category of artistic bareness? Artistic pieces such as the French painter Monet’s Luncheon on the Grass depicts artistic bareness. Other pieces that depict this include Michelangelo’s David, and many Greek sculptures such as Lacoon and his Sons and…

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  • Analysis Of Charlie Hebdo Attack

    Charlie Hebdo is a French newspaper founded in 1970, which had already achieved the circulation of 45,000 in French in 2012. It often published some reports about religions and politics. For example, the cover of a 2011 issue retitled Charia Hebdo (fr) (French for Sharia Weekly), featured a cartoon of Muhammad, whose depiction is forbidden in some interpretations of Islam. Moreover, in 2012, the newspaper published a series of satirical cartoons of Muhammad, including nude caricatures. Such…

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  • Threatening Speech

    freedom of speech and hate speech, for the sake of the safety and freedoms of our country? Can the government regulate communication that constitutes a threat to the United States national security, and if so, how? The United States government was put into place to serve the people and protect not only their liberties, but also their lives. The United States government can regulate violent provoking communication by encouraging a social stigma against harmful speech, and more clearly defining…

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  • Islamic Iconoclasm

    in the past and present must be understood beyond simple and violent religious motivations. While King delineates early-Islamic iconoclasm and discusses its relation to Christianity, Flood extends his argument to the present-day, seeking to answer the role militant groups and museums play in our contemporary understanding of Islamic iconoclasm. Despite the temporal gap, King and Flood suggest multiple nuances that complicate a linear view of iconoclasm, such as specific doctrinal opposition,…

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