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  • First Citizens Bank Essay

    Jibriel Mijalli T/TH 9:30AM Steinke First Citizens Bank was founded in 1979 by a group of local businessmen with one purpose in mind: to provide a healthy banking environment for local business and individuals. The doors first opened on July 8, 1980, operating underling a local management and conservative governing philosophy. First Citizens Bank mission is to be able to continually improve in management and technological improvements so they can always offer the same or better support offered by larger banks. “On March 19, 2010, First Citizens Bank, in Crenshaw County, Alabama, acquired First Lowndes Bank, expanding our service area to Butler and Lowndes counties. The branches are located in Luverne, Fort Deposit, Greenville, Hayneville and Highland Home”("Company History | First Citizens Bank"). Each branch aim to meet and exceed customer’s expectations with excellent customer service. “First Citizens Bank growth throughout the years has been a direct result…

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  • The Strengths Of Values From LDS Leadership Pattern

    One of the most important principles about communication that I learned reading the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective family, which applicable to any setting, it is the principle of “deposit” in someone 's bank account. Everyone has “deposit account”, this is the way “each person needs to be loved in his or her special way.” More important than words that we can be said, is the communication through acts. When we act to serve others we demonstrate our love and we communicate in the language…

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  • Banking Case Study

    services/products such as deposits, loans and electronic transfers etc. And its financial operation is based on currency. In addition, 2.Banks have been developed for hundreds of years, it plays an vital role for growth of economy, especially for the scale of economies. Apart from that, differ from other financial corporations, 3.the most operations of cross-functional departments may lead to changes of monetary resources. On the other hand, 4.banks make another innovation because of the rapid…

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  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card Case Study

    offers many benefits in the form of lounge access, dining options at prominent restaurants, reward points on card transactions that can be used for purchasing airline tickets and an array of gifts from the HDFC catalogue. The card also provides insurance cover for medical emergencies. Q. How can I change my address on my credit card? A. You can send an e-mail to the bank asking them to change the address on your HDFC Regalia First Credit Card. You can also change the address by using the…

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  • Routing Number And Account Number: Case Study

    Good afternoon, I have been advised by Veronica from the Executive Office in Houston, Texas that I should send my request for the “Routing Number and Account Number” of the joint high school account in the names of Sean P. McDermott (son) and Robert D. McDermott (father) that Chase Bank closed through the online secure mail system on October 5, 2015. The account that I am requesting this information on was unexpectingly closed by Chase. Since both of my deposit accounts were in good standing,…

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  • Bsb Transactions Case Study

    Understanding the flow of funds/data and products used to process MSB transactions covering the following areas: a) How transactions are funded (cash, credit, debit, ACH debit form bank account, check/remotely created check-RCC). All MSB transactions are funded by cash. b) How does money go from sender/buyer/holder of value (point A) to the entity receiving the money (point B) The sender enters the location and picks up one of the red phones provided by the wire transfer companies (Sigue…

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  • Fdic Insurance Case Study

    Part A 1. What are the benefits of having a saving account? • Include the ability to withdraw at any time, unlike other long-term investments such as certificates of deposits. Savings accounts also require a low investment amounts to start with, depending on the type of account. Much like checking accounts, many saving accounts are also insured by the FDIC. Other advantages include the ability to have automatic deductions for bill-pay and minimal monthly fees. 2. What is the purpose of…

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  • Case Study: Excel A Reliable Software For Accounting

    Nowadays, financial statements require accurate information for managerial accounting and Excel is not one hundred percent efficient. The software allows mistakes, provides manipulation of the accounts and makes it difficult…

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  • Detecting Fraud Case Summary

    Debits always balanced credits prior to closing, and after books were closed, assets were in balance with the total of liabilities and equity accounts. The aging receivables balance was in balance with each individual customer balances. But, the auditor could have used different other techniques to detect a possible fraud. Had he chosen to follow the active approach he would have seen many red flags. Since auditor was familiar with the company and understood how business was run, he could…

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  • Winkers The Fraud Triangle Case Study

    Mogel’s Incorporated had multiple issues that produced the opportunity for Stefan Winkler to commit the crimes that he carried out. The main issue was the amount of access to Mogel’s assets Winkler had. As a result of this access and know how, Winkler had all opportunities in the world to steal as much as he did. If Mogel Inc. would incorporate a few tactics to strengthen their internal controls they could prevent this type of fraud within their business. Stefan used multiple types of skimming…

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