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  • Commercial Bank Of Dubai Case Analysis

    I have conducted an interview with the Chief Financial Officer of Commercial Bank of Dubai, Mr. Thomas Pereira about the Corporate Social Responsibilities and organizational structure of the company which is stated below:- Question Q1 - Please let me know about Commercial Bank of Dubai The bank has started the operation in 1969 by the patronage of His Highness the Late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. CBD has started its operation as a joint venture of Commerzbank, Chase Manhattan Bank and Commercial Bank of Kuwait. Q2 - What is the legal status of the company? The company has been enlisted in 1982 in the Stock Market of Dubai. 80% of its shares are held by UAE Nationals; with the other 20% shares are held by Investment Corporation of Dubai…

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  • The Impact Of Risk Management In The Commercial Bank

    which had a big impact on the commercial banks. The bank had a big reduction in lending volumes, balance sheets, and profitability. They also had competition for retail deposits, stronger lending cuts, changes in the bank’s policy, and binding zero lower boundary. This crisis begins in the year of 2007 in the month of August. During this time, the commercial banks’ behavior was not good, because it caused many countries to decline in growth and banks too have less profit. (Ritz & Walther, 2015,…

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  • 2007-08 Financial Crisis Analysis

    character of the thrift industry” (Sherman 8). The thrift crisis cost a total of $210 Billion (Sherman 9) to the taxpayers and foreshadowed the Financial Crisis of 2007-08, as both crises shared a period --prior to the collapse-- of financial deregulation followed by rapid growth and an eventual collapse. The thrift crisis was a warning sign to those who endorsed the financial deregulation that followed, but the warning was not heeded. Matthew Sherman argues that financial deregulation…

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  • Bank Profitability Case Study

    an important measure that describes the associations of total amount of profit with various factors. And this study is talking about the influence of commercial banks determinants on the performance of commercial bank in Canada over the time period from 2005-2010. The significant part to success for most financial institution is consistency and steady running. As a result, profitability is the most important and consistent indicator as it contributes huge amount of profit that ultimately impacts…

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  • The Stewardship Reform In Banking Business

    relatively cheap funding sources. It will reduce the profitability of commercial banks as a whole. The recommendations of the independent commission on banking reform not only impose higher requirements financial regulation but also have some negative…

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  • RBL Bank: Branch Inwardal Framework

    Vinay Goyal VP – CEO’s Office Assistant Professor RBL Bank Ltd IIM Raipur ABSTRACT Branch Inwarding Control Framework Understanding of the branch structure, Branch processes, Finding…

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  • External Analysis Of The CBA

    significant role in the CBA that helps to raise the bank credibility in the market through provide constant quality service of it. It provides several services such as corporate banking, consumer banking, credit cards, mortgages, private equity and investment banking that can be handle by the suppliers of the CBA. CBA has long suppliers that provide quality of service to the bank clients. Bank and suppliers relation make number one in the market because they work for clients safisfaction.…

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  • Bank Of Maldives Case Study

    Introduction to Bank of Maldives PLC (BML Bank of Maldives PLC (BML) is the biggest commercial bank which is operated in Maldives and they serve the entire Maldives with the largest banking network system. Over 250000 thousand customers, 66 ATMs in 19 atolls, cash agents in 95 islands, 3500 POS machines, 2000 dhoni banking trips, 16000 pension payments, over 8 billion loans to individual and business, 600 million government loan scheme and over 839 jobs with 1/3 in atolls BML…

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  • Punjab National Bank Case Study

    Punjab National Bank Introduction Punjab National Bank shortly referred to as PNB is an Indian commercial services company that has its base in New Delhi, the capital city of India. It was founded in the year 1894, the bank has more than 5,800 branch offices and more than 6,000 ATM centers spread over nearly 764 towns. The bank aids more than 80 million customers. Punjab National Bank is one amongst the Big Four banks of the Indian banks along with ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, and Bank of…

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  • BAWAG Case Study

    BAWAG $1.10 Billion Losses BAWAG is a private limited bank and is an entity in the financial and insurance sector. Established in 1922 in Austria, it has its headquarters in the capital city - Vienna. Some of the services that it offers are investment banking, commercial banking, private banking and asset management. BAWAG offers online banking facility along with online support for customers. Few years ago, BAWAG suffered a huge amount of losses owing to having used unreasonable investment…

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