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  • Commercial Property Insurance Case Study

    Introduction to Commercial Property Insurance Commercial Property Insurance is a very important coverage for a business that needs a specific set-up of tools and equipment (such as - a business catering to the manufacturing of heavy machineries) and/or uses a particular building or facility (example: a store) to operate. However, it is almost equally important to small scale business as well, since it provides a cushion of safety to them to safeguard their business properties from a number of risky events, as per the contract provisions. Definition: Commercial Property Insurance is a protection meant for the business owners’ property including the workplace (i.e. a building, store, workshop etc.) and its contents, often referred together as…

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  • Commercia Commercial Property Case Study

    make investments such as stocks, future goods, bonds, savings accounts, property and so on. Savings accounts just have about 3% interest rate which is lower than the investors’ expectations, and stocks and future goods are too risky for general investors even if they have high expect returns. As a result, investing in property is a good way among all methods and attracts investors in all over the world. Property can generate a flow of income, as well as a return of capital. People will invest…

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  • Commercial Real Estate Research Paper

    Buying commercial real estate is nothing like buying personal real estate. The below article can provide some advice that will greatly assist you in your commercial real estate endeavors. Always remain calm and patient when dealing with the commercial real estate market. Don’t enter into a commercial venture hastily. If the property doesn’t suit you in the end, you may regret your hastiness. It could take you twelve months or longer to get the deal that fits you perfectly. The location of the…

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  • Charmin Commercial Analysis

    For example, the author of this commercial obviously thinks that Charmin is the number one brand for toilet paper. That is all an opinion though because everybody has different tastes. Since the author believes that Charmin is the best toilet paper around, it must also mean that the author believes that it is the softest and longest lasting toilet paper. Another appeal that is used is pathos. The bears set off an emotional aspect that gets the audience to watch the…

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  • A Career As A Property Manager

    Property Manager Nature of the Work Property manager is a third party, who is hired to maintain and operate real estate investment such as residential, commercial, industrial, office, retail and/or land on a daily basis (Eberlin, 2016). The property manager needs to ensure that the revenue of the owner’s property is maximized, the costs are minimized and that there is a good working relationship with the property owners and tenants (OREA, 2014, p. 319). The nature of the job consists of…

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  • Commercial Surrogacy Analysis

    The legality of the controversial issue of commercial surrogacy is unsettled. Elizabeth S. Anderson in her 1990 study, “Is Women’s Labor a Commodity?”, aims to clarify this. Commercial surrogacy differs from altruistic surrogacy as it involves a financial transaction. The surrogate mother relinquishes parental rights and transfers custody to the father in return for a fee and paid medical expenses. The author examines whether surrogacy improperly treats children and women’s reproductive…

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  • Personal Property And Real Property

    Personal Property and Real Property When it comes to real property law there are two types of properties. Using legal terms, all property will be categorized as either personal property or real property. This qualification between types of property originates from English common law, however our cutting edge laws keep on distinguishing between the two. Each form of property is dealt with distinctively under the law. There are a wide range of sorts of laws that particularly relate to personal…

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  • Essay On Eminent Domain

    liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation” (Williams). Or so that is what the modern people of the U.S thought. Eminent domain was one of the first powers given to the government from the Fifth Amendment. Even though it was one of the first powers that was given to the government, it has become one of the most abused recently in numerous court cases. The vast majority of them end with the government winning…

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  • Kelo V. The City Of New London Case

    When the Fifth Amendment was passed in the United States, part of its function was to give the government the power of eminent domain. The power of allows them to take an individual’s private property in return for “just compensation” for “public use” with the intent to better off a community. This could mean that a plot of land could be seized by the government with plans to become a road or a canal. In those cases, the government would be turning a private plot of land into a “public use” in…

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  • Pinnacle Manufacturing Company Case Study

    about our client, the Purchaser. Some questions would be: is Purchaser a larger company with a parent company or if this a one time commercial transaction, what is background of the Agreement, was this Agreement a long drawn out agreement or relatively easily agreed upon with the Seller, and what is the Purchaser’s tolerance for risk. Further, how did Purchaser find this property, why does Purchaser want this property and not another available property, what is the property to be used for after…

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