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  • College Students Should Be Allowed In College

    In a study involving 907 students at an unidentified public university in the midwest, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it was calculated that on average a freshman student gains 7.8 pounds during their first year at college (Freshman 15 Statistics…). Many have come to know this weight fluctuation as the dreaded, “Freshman 15”. Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States affecting more than one-third of the population. With the increasing rate of obesity and the well known fact that college students undergo a great fluctuation in weight gain, what are universities doing to make sure their students are healthy? Specifically, Penn State does a very nice job providing healthy options for their students in the many dining halls around campus. However, eating healthy is only one step to avoiding the freshman fifteen. In order to remain healthy it is crucial to remain active and physically fit. This is an area where Penn State falls short. While they provide many facilities for students to work out, this facilities are not accessible to everyone because of the membership fee attached. Penn State needs to make their gymnasiums more accessible to the average student by taking away the membership fee, and including the gym in their tuition, thus, providing more students with the opportunity to remain active. To begin, It is important to note where and how the current tuition paid by an undergraduate student at Penn State goes. In the diagram pictured below,…

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  • Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong

    bring in millions of dollars, so these fines don’t hurt them very much. In 2004, a 10-year-old chimpanzee named Dover died from overheating due to improper ventilation in a “stainless steel box” during transit at Yerkes National Primate Research Center. The fine for this negligence was $1,375. The USDA is in process of developing a new law to protect rat, mice, and birds, excluding ones specifically bred for research use. This law would govern humane handling, care, treatment, and…

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  • Animal Testing Cures

    completely experience full elimination was smallpox; the very last case for smallpox was in Somalia on October, 1977 (Smallpox eradicated through vaccination). Animals are not let solely alone in the process of experimentation. There several acts and various organizations that have protected the rights of animals during experimentation. The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) under the United States federal government was passed to protect animals in research. It was enacted in 1966 and it regulates the…

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  • Regulation Technology Barriers

    institutions from professionally developing technology and processes that are critical for green supply chains. Law regulating Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) commonly make it complicated to share information among the industries. This is because laws control information and technology, making the reach of technology dependent on the groups that are in control of the information. This causes a stoppage in the modifying the process by creating a problem for the transfer of environmentally…

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  • Pros And Cons Of North American Integration

    towards a unified region. Canada’s recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to inspire hope for the future of integration however, our American neighbour’s more recent change in leadership might create obstacles to that end. This paper will propose that a trilateral approach to policy collaboration is crucial to furthering economic integration in North America. This trilateral approach would include the initial reparation of the neglected relationships between the three governments,…

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  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hillary Clinton

    the democratic presidential candidate of 2016. She has demonstrated that she is experience, resilient, and capable to be the president of the United States of America. Her experiences as a former “New York Senator from Jan 2000 to Jan 2009. During which she sponsored 31 pieces of legislation, including 21 bills, and 9 amendments, 33 senate resolutions, and 21 concurrent resolutions. 14 of her senate resolutions were passed expressly. One of which is supporting national Purple Heart recognition…

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  • The Reasons For The Formation Of The European Union

    The role of the president and his or her vices is to represent the EU parliament to both the outside world and other EU institutions. Parliament holds plenary sessions each year, which bring aboard the 20 parliamentary committees that specialize on specific domains of EU activity. At these plenary meetings, issues of concern as tabled by each committee are discussed or debated by the various political groups formed by EU members of parliament. The Role of the EU Parliament The first role of the…

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  • Rise Of Crime Essay

    “Framework of democratic security in Central America” was proposed to overcome the rise of crime. The main objective of this treat was to ensure peace to all the inhabitants of the region, provision of the conditions of security that allow them to participate and benefit from national strategies and regional sustainable development; to strengthen a coordination mechanism that operates with competent institutions to make them more effective to fight at all levels against crime (Verbitsky-Savitz &…

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  • The Nuremberg Code: Ethics Principles For Human Experiment

    There were no consumer regulations, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Common Rule and Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). The Nuremberg Code was introduced in August 1947 after Nuremberg trials. An American military tribunal opened a criminal proceedings to against 23 leading German physicians and administrators which they committed crimes and tortured the prisoners in the concentration camp prisoners during the human experimentation. Thousands of concentration camp prisoners were…

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  • Australia Post-War Analysis

    The accuracy of White’s comments was seen in 1943 onwards, as “the necessities for cooperation” ceased to be so pressing with the turn of the tide of war in both Europe and the Pacific. Curtin’s government moved away from America and back to Britain once again. As Australia began to seem more secure, its government began to consider the shape of the post-war world and its associated challenges and started to see America as less of a partner in war than, in peace, potentially isolationist…

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