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  • Cornelius Vanderbilt: The Most Successful Person In American History

    history ending this career with 105 million dollars and his son William practically doubling that wealth to end up with upwards of 200 million dollars which is the equivalent to 218 billion dollars in 2005. In the book Commodore: The Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt, Edward Renehan tells the life story of Cornelius Vanderbilt. He talks about his ancestors before Cornelius was born and ends the book with his son William…

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  • Oliver Perry Contribution

    Commodore Perry and The Battle of Lake Erie Oliver Hazard Perry was born on August 23, 1785, in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Perry became a midshipman at the age of 13 and later became a great captain and commodore during the war of 1812. Before the start of the war of 1812, Perry was unemployed for two years. He was a self taught educator who studied the idea of naval warfare and passed his thoughts and ides down to his subordinates throughout his life to help with his remarkable career.…

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  • The Importance Of The Meiji Restoration Of Japan

    modernisation of Japan to take place such as the decline of the Bakufu (military government) which led to democracy, the changing role of the samurai allowed for social mobility, the arrival of the black ships introduced industrialisation to Japan and Commodore Matthew Perry’s arrival resulted in the Militarisation of Japan. These were…

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  • The Effect Of Perry's Attack On Pearl Harbor

    America was a major combatant in one of the bloodiest wars in human history, World War Two. If America had not entered this conflict, the outcome may have been completely different, and the world significantly different than from what it is now. It may have been the attack on Pearl Harbor that officially marked America’s entrance into the war, but the reason actually stems back about 90 years ago, when Commodore Mathew Perry forced Japan open to trade. It was Commodore Perry who encountered…

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  • Sam Houston: An Authentic American Hero

    This however does not work for a Navy and knowing he would need to find a solution he believed in developing a strong coastal defense with citizen manned forts, preventing an amphibious landing. This was the start of the volatile relationship between President Sam Houston and Commodore Moore. Moore understood the reality that sea power was both expensive and essential to the projection of power on a world stage. Additionally, he understood that for Texas to be truly a Republic it had to be able…

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  • How Did Macintosh Computers Change The Tide Of The Century

    sent via keyboard codes in order to do some basic functions. The fact that computers were complicated to use without some of the components today also impacted the different kinds of computers that were bought on the market for people to buy because of its popularity and some of the features that made it something a person would want to buy. “…at the time that that commercial ran, you know, the most popular personal computer in the country and the world wasn’t an IBM PC or an Apple Computer, or…

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  • Case Study: My Senior Enlisted Leader

    Aristotle argues that a person’s focus should be on living out virtues. Allowing the Division Chief to sign off on the maintenance records reveals multiple excesses and deficiencies in the character of both the Division Chief and the Division Officer. What results from this decision is an excess in pride and deficiencies in justice, self-control, loyalty, courage, humility, and honesty. By desiring the quick solution free from scolding and punishment, I as the Division Officer prove that I am…

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  • How Did The War Of 1812 Affect America's Identity

    The commodore of Leopard, Salusbury Pryce Humphreys, along with his ship, Leopard, pursued the American ship, Chesapeake, all the way to off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. The purpose of this chase was to pursue deserters from the British Royal Navy whom were believed to have escaped to the ship, Chesapeake. When Leopard encountered Chesapeake, Humphreys ordered commodore James Barron of Chesapeake to stand down and to allow his ship to be searched. Barron refused, so Humphreys replied by…

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  • Summary Of Stephen Crane's The Open Boat

    saved by random chance, and he appeared to be the unlucky one out of the crew. The reason the oiler is the only character to be given a name is possibly because Stephen Crane actually knew an oiler, named Billy Higgins, who drowned trying to swim to shore after the ship they were both on, the Commodore, sank off the coast of Florida (“The Open Boat”). The correspondent, who was essentially about the author, was the only character whose ideas were known. Stephen Crane actually traveled on the…

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  • What Caused The Mexican American War

    Hays’ Texas Mounted Rifles played a huge role in taking the city’s defenses. Polk rejected the ceasefire causing Taylor to rush out down south to Saltillo and east to Victoria. Another force under General John E Wool headed to Chihuahua from San Antonio to threaten it but ended up joining Taylor. General Stepnen W. Kearny led another group of soldiers from Fort Leavenworth to seize New Mexico. The navy’s Pacific squadron under Commodore John D. Sloat took over Monterey and San Francisco,…

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