Common Bottlenose Dolphin

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  • Common Bottlenose Dolphins

    Common Bottlenose Dolphin: Anatomy: Common Bottlenose Dolphins are marine animals that live their whole life in the water. Their blowhole is on top of their head. Their ears are close to their eyes. They have 2 fins; a set of fins called Pectoral Fins that helps them swim. The other one is a single fin on top of their head further away from the blowhole called the Dorsal Fin that helps them keep stable against the water currents. They have a small patch of skin on their stomach that is called the Blubber that keeps them warm. Their tail is known as the Tail Fluke and what interfaces the tail to the body is known as the Tail Stock. Their long nose is known as the Rostrum. And there is a part of their forehead that is called the Melon.…

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  • Distribution Of Dolphins Essay

    Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), are found in mostly temperate and tropical marine waters throughout the world. Temperature plays a role in the distribution of dolphins, also due to distribution of prey. In North American they typically inhabit water temperatures from 10C to 32C. In the western North Atlantic, at the northern limits bottlenose dolphin ' range, they are seasonally migratory and are more southerly distributed in the winter. They are found as far north as the Kuril…

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  • Dolphin Hunting Methods

    Dolphins’ Methods of Hunting Many organisms have developed intriguing methods to hunt their prey. This report explains the hunting methods of several species of dolphins. Relevant background information is provided. Hunting strategies are broken into two categories: individual hunting methods, and group hunting methods. Not all hunting methods belong strictly in one category; several of the methods covered are exhibited in other marine organisms. One group hunting method is unique to dolphins.…

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  • The Slaughter Of Dolphins: The Slaughter Of Dolphin

    Slaughter of Dolphins People think that dolphins are the friendliest creatures in the ocean and no one would hurt them or even kill them. Well they are actually being killed right now. The dolphin are being slaughter in a place called Taiji, Japan. Taiji is a small town with a big secret. If you didn’t look closely, you would think they love dolphins and whales (“The Cove”). The capture of dolphins and of the killing of dolphins all started when the show called “Flipper” came out in 1964. Ric…

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  • Dolphin: Spy In The Pod Analysis

    Dolphin: Spy in the Pod Come discover the amazing world of dolphins in this factual film by Robert Pilley, Mathew Gordon, John Downer and narrated by David Tennant. See up close footage of several different species of dolphins behavior and the unique cameras used to capture them. Would you like to know about how dolphins jump, how long a baby stay with its mother. How about how they communicate, mating rituals, and hunt. Join the nautilus, spy turtle, spy dolphin, spy tuna, and spy ray on their…

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  • Marine Dolphin Research Paper

    Dolphins are one of the most interesting animals in the marine life. From the way they communicate with each other, to their friendly way around other animals or humans, these animals are pretty well known in the marine world. The name dolphin comes from the Greek word delphis which means “fish with a womb”. Dolphins belong to the taxonomic category “Odontoceti” which also means “toothed whale”. Dolphins match these characteristics of an “Odontoceti”, such as, they have teeth and a single…

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  • Spinner Dolphin Research Paper

    CLASSIFICATION AND FUN FACTS ABOUT DOLPHIN 10-B SOPHIA LEE REBECCA CZEKALSKI/ VICTORIA MORGAN Dolphin’s kingdom is Animalia. Spinner dolphins are multi-cellular and heterotrophic so they are classified under Animalia. This means they rely on other organisms for food. The cells that frame these animals don’t have a cell wall and most of the cells are organized into tissues, which are then put into particular groups of organs for function. Dolphins can take part in many complex…

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  • Orca Dolphins Essay

    290 times faster than skin on your arm (Throp)? You can learn about many more things by studying orca whales. These are only a few things about orcas that have been studied; the appearance of orcas, how they hunt, and their relationship with dolphins. Orcas detect things using clicking noises that they send out through their melon, and those sound waves bounce off objects and come back to the sender (Claybourne). There is the fact that orcas are one of the fastest whales in the sea, speeding up…

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  • Tilikum Tragedy

    Story Behind Tilikum the Killer Whale" by Martin Evens, in 1991 Tilikum and the two other whales in captivity dragged a part-time trainee into the tank, submerging her underwater until she drowned. That following January, Tilikum was moved to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Reading this, some might think that Tilikum is a monster, and that the trainee was the only victim in this situation. And that may be true, but it's important to look at other factors as well, such as the treatment the orcas…

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  • Laguna Research Paper

    Beautiful old colonial buildings near the water, endless beaches, and magnificent lighthouses are just some of the charms of Laguna, Brazil. Laguna is perhaps most famous for the symbiotic relationship between local fishermen and a pod of dolphins which frequents the waters near Tesoura Beach. As the dolphins chase fish toward the shore, fishermen throw out their nets to catch the incoming fish. The wild dolphins snap up those which escape the nets and then head back out towards deeper waters.…

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