Common cold

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  • Common Cold Case Study

    Paige’s symptoms are quite consistent with the symptoms of Common Cold. She was feeling generally unwell and tired, while also battling with a runny nose and a quite serious cough . Azithromycin works by inhibiting bacteria from synthesizing the proteins that are necessary for their survival. It does this by binding to the bacterial ribosome’s 50S subunit, which in turn leads to the bacteria being limited and unable to grow and multiply. As a result, the bacteria die. The microbes affected by Azithromycin are generally bacteria like: Chlamydia pneumonia, Moraxella catarrhalis, Streptococcus pyogenes and many others On July 2nd, Justin returned to the doctor with both his mother and sister. All three patients found it painful to take a deep…

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  • Whooping Cough Essay

    of a common cold too short periods of apnea and in extreme cases death. Pertussis is a highly contagious disease that can affect anyone but is more common in children and in infants. Although this disease is preventable and treatable it is currently and continually on the rise. The whooping cough is caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. B. pertussis is a small, aerobic, gram-negative coccobacillus (U.S. Pharmacist, 2015, p.50). The pertussis toxin, as well as other antigenic…

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  • Theme Of Pride In To Build A Fire

    “To Build a Fire” “Pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up every possibility of love, contentment, or even common sense” –C.S. Lewis. In the story, “To Build a Fire,” a man displays a lot of pride in his abilities to survive the severe cold climate across the Yukon wilderness. With this sense of arrogance, the man seems to do everything in his will throughout the journey to successfully master the inclement weather in which ultimately was a fatal mistake before the man even began the travel.…

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  • Essay On Tongue Cancer

    Tongue cancer is a very common cancer that plagues people daily. It is a form of oral cancer that forms in the front two-thirds of the mouth. It usually develops in the squamous cells of the mouth. Around forty- three- thousand people in the U.S alone are affected by this type of cancer just this year. It kills roughly one person per hour, which is twenty-four in one day alone. This cancer causes a lot of deaths and a little more than half of the people with this cancer will die in the next five…

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  • What Is Croup: Mysterious Or Infectious?

    It often comes in the middle of the night. Your child may go to sleep feeling okay but can wake up gasping for breaths. What is Croup? Croup is a viral infection of the voice box and windpipe associated with signs of a respiratory infection, such as a runny nose, cough and low grade fever. Most cases of croup are caused by viruses, usually parainfluenza virus transmitted by airborne droplets from an infected child 's cough. It 's also a very common ailment of childhood. Croup is a cough that…

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  • Chaparral Congestion Essay

    Congestion It’s the time of the year again when our nose is exposed to cold and starts to run, our chest are so congested and nothing feels good. In short, congestion season is here. Nasal congestion is caused by many factors, but its effects range from a simple irritation to older children and adults to a life-endangerment condition for infants, like • Can obstruct our hearing and speech. • Can interfere with sleep by causing snoring. • Can…

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  • Augusta Health Advertisement Analysis

    many individuals have said this phrase, “I think I’m sick.” The very utter of the word “sick” creates an unpleasant sentiment altogether. Perhaps it has to do with the countless symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and runny nose that produces the fear of becoming ill, and having to visit a hospital is unsettling to many. In any case, emergency room waits are long and exhausting. Also, seeing doctors in white coats alongside nurses with huge needles is enough to make the bravest of men cringe.…

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  • Flaxseed Research Paper

    belongs to the genus of the daisy family. It was first used by Native Americans. It comes in liquid, capsule, ointment and tablet forms. (Echinacea metabolism and drug interactions: The case for standardization of a complementary medicine). Echinacea is known for its use as an immunostimulant. It is indicated for treatment and prevention of upper respiratory infections such as influenza and the common cold. It also enhances and boosts the immune system by increasing phagocytosis. However,…

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  • Flu Shot Essay

    Influenza, Adult Influenza, more commonly known as “the flu,” is a viral infection that primarily affects the respiratory tract. The respiratory tract includes organs that help you breathe, such as the lungs, nose, and throat. The flu causes many common cold symptoms, as well as a high fever and body aches. The flu easily spreads from person to person (it is contagious). Getting a yearly (annual) influenza vaccination, more commonly known as a flu shot, is the best way to prevent the flu.…

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  • Influenza Case Study

    rapid test results are negative (Zachary, 2015). 5. For what are the antitussive drugs administered? Antitussives are prescribed for coughs associated with runny nose or nasal congestion associated with the common cold. Antitussives have been found to provide little to no additional cough relief when compared to placebo, are not necessary in the initial phase of illness, and are not recommended by the American College of Chest Physicians for upper respiratory illnesses (Sexton & McClain,…

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