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  • Importance Of Visual Communication Design

    Visual communication design is the communication of ideas using visual tools such as print, photography, typography, illustration, colour, signs and digital resources. Understanding visuals has been an instinctive practice since the days of cavemen. We comprehend and retain information in the form of visuals faster than text. From the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt, Guttenberg’s printing press to modernism and the digital age- the means and methods of communication improved as we evolved. The perception of design depends on how it is communicated. While mass production and industrialization took over the West, they accepted and got accustomed to the ideas of design. They understood the importance of design to facilitate change and develop with the times. Design, politically and economically paved the way for Europe to flourish. According to Charles and Ray Eames’ India Report, this modernist approach to design did not find a place within India’s sense of aesthetic and creative expression as it disregarded ornamentation and believed in limiting design to its utilitarian purpose. While the rest of the world gradually accustomed itself to changes in cultural and behavioural patterns, the newly independent India was not prepared for the sudden change they were experiencing to successfully balance tradition with modern technology and…

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  • Sonic America's Drive-In: A Case Study

    SUMMARY Seasoned multicultural ACD and Copywriter; successfully leading and executing award winning campaigns for the Hispanic market in the United States and Latin America. Strategic thinker with keen conceptual skills who has a proven track record of success with major brands. Continually seeking excellence and innovation in all forms of advertising and marketing materials, managing all aspects of a project, using experience, analysis, insight, diplomacy and persuasion to make the team’s…

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  • 'How To Sell Using Fear'

    Consumers usually think in purchasing products only when they are needed. However, reality shows opposite theory: consumers buy most of the goods and services because they think they need them when they really do not. This process can be the effect of the use of adequate advertising to the appropriate audience involving a new landmark of marketing called neuromarketing which is in charge of developing potential thoughts and feelings in consumers. Thus, neuromarketing goals look for the best…

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  • Reflection Paper On Killing USftly

    Killing Us Softly: Reflection Paper Jennifer R. Livingston Utah State University Killing Us Softly: A Reflection Paper In our modern world, advertising is always present. Marketers use every possible source of media to get their message through – internet, television, print, radio, mail, product packaging, sponsorships, etc. With consumers being constantly bombarded by advertisements, how does a company ensure that their message is the one that sticks? What makes an advertisement successful?…

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  • Lululemon Marketing Strategy

    My marketing objective for my 2016-2017 lululemon athletica advertising campaign is to get more brand awareness for the men’s clothing department. This section of the brand tends to struggle more than the women’s department because as many women know, most men are stuck in their ways and most likely will not want to be associated themselves and what they wear with a brand that carries a feminine name. Also, lack of awareness is making the men’s department at lululemon athletica struggle. In my…

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  • Lansdowne Resor Advertisement Analysis

    Awarded for Work in Advertising It was not too long after their passing that Resor and Lansdowne Resor were inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. In 1967, both Resor and Lansdowne Resor’s accomplishments in advertising and philanthropy were noted and celebrated. For Lansdowne Resor, this feat of a woman being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame should be noted, but what is more interesting is the couple being inducted. At the time, Resor and Lansdowne Resor were the only couple…

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  • Future Goals Essay

    (???/500 words) What experiences over the past five years have led to your interest in pursuing the Master of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington? My undergraduate career was admittedly rather aimless; I had chosen to leave high school in the 10th grade and get my GED, and attending university was simply the next the thing to do. I 've been in love with writing since I was quite young and decided to chose it as my course of study. After a while,…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Communication Skills In Graphic Design

    Without these three qualities, the finished result would fail dramatically. Cultural awareness is essential because learning and understanding others’ beliefs and values shows respect to society. Communication skills are highly needed in the graphic design world due to the fact the graphic designer needs to know what their client wants, and what message they would like to present. Lastly, integrity is needed because according to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, integrity, in moral sense, is…

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  • American Graphic Designer: Grunge Typography

    “Grunge Typography”. When his work was known to public in early 1990s, his experimental typography and magazine design inspire young designers and produced a plenty of imitators. He makes young generation to accept typography as a medium of expression. He gained his recognition when he was an art director of the magazine Ray Gun. He worked for a host of wealthy and well-known corporations. He also published a few of his monograph to display his works and to demonstrate the philosophy behind…

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  • Tasks And Duties Of Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), Mechanical Engineers are knowledgeable in math, physics, technology, and design. In addition to technical skills learned in school, the BLS states that creativity, communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skill are crucial (“Mechanical”). In addition, Onet Online, a website supported by the United States Department of Labor, describes the skills of Mechanical Engineers as listening skills, math…

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