Perth Royal Show Essay

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Promotion: The Perth Royal Show had a clear, effective and well thought out marketing and promotional campaign. It included regular TV and radio advertising in the lead up to the event that included dates, how to buy tickets and what attractions would be available. There were also newspaper ads and physical advertising such as posters in places like public transport. The Perth Royal Show also had and continues to have a very strong online presence, which is essential in order to appeal to a wider range of people and keep up with advancing technology and the prevalence and importance of technology in society, including in regards to the marketing of events. The event shows a clear understanding of this important through their use of a wide range …show more content…
The event also adds some differentiation each year by adding new attractions and activities such as this year’s addition of the Dinosaur Adventures and a range of shows and activities for children as well as new rides for older kids and adults (“Perth Royal Show”, 2015). Although this design is effective for the most part, there are some areas where improvement is needed including the northwest area of the showgrounds where there is not much to see between the areas of interest and the design could be improved.

Planning: There is clear evidence that the event team at the Perth Royal Show have an effective planning strategy for the event. The event is planned in such a way that it is considerate of a diverse range of different people and understanding of their varying wants and needs. The event has clearly considered carers, young families through the provision of parent facilities and pram/stroller hire, wheelchair hire, ACROD parking and ramps for those with disabilities, and ensuring there are gluten free food options available (“General Information”,

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