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  • Brand Recognition And Brand Uniqueness Analysis

    BRAND RECOGNITION AND BRAND UNIQUENESS In this assignment I will discuss brand recognition and brand uniqueness separately. First I will discuss brand recognition then I will discuss brand uniqueness. 1. Brand Recognition: One of the important step to make your brand a well-recognized brand is by doing strong brand awareness campaigns. 1.1 Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is basically how much people know about your product. “Brand awareness is the likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company's product or service.” Brand awareness is an important step to make your product/new product a well-recognized product. Example: the best example of a strong brand awareness is COCACOLA. Coca cola spend around $26.7 billion on advertising during 1993-2006 and coca cola is one of the firms…

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  • Brand Assessment

    BRAND ASSESSMENT A strong company brand will promote the experience you want your customer to have. A consistent, clear brand that is easily recognized will help the customer connect emotionally and is critical to generating referrals. Your company brand is how the customer perceives you. Branding is more than a company logo or slogan; in fact it is the way your customer perceives you. From the first phone call to the last signature, the real estate industry must consider the entire customer…

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  • Brand Communities

    management, because of the increased awareness that brands are not just the names, but valuable non-physical assets for the firms. Brand makes it easy for the customers to take their decisions with ease; as it ensures the specific product quality and attains the trust of the customers. Brand logo plays an important role in representing the brand and let the customers remember the brand. What is the purpose of a brand logo beside the representation of a company? This paper discusses the role of a…

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  • Semiotics Theory In The Brand Name, Brand Image, And Brand Identity

    but when studied more closely, they reveal their affinities. Brand marketing aims to develop the identity of a company and to distinguish it from other competitors and here where the two disciplines converge. In fact, managing the Brand identity demands managing the brand meanings or semiotics. The semiotics function of a brand is to define the mangement strategy and process in order to develop a position and a Brand image and identity. The use of the semiotics theory in the Brand name, logo and…

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  • Importance Of Brand Image On Brand Loyalty

    researcher carried out this research is to show the importance of brand image benefits on satisfaction and loyalty. The evaluation of brand image benefits of the products help marketers to set up an effective marketing strategies. The results drop a hint that marketers should focus on brand image benefits in order to achieve customer loyalty. Besides that, it provides some suggestions to the marketers specifically for branding strategies based on the proposed model. According to the study from…

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  • The Importance Of Brand Equity And Brand Awareness

    R1 BRAND EQUITY As brand image are receiving more concerns, brand equity and brand awareness are one of the most crucial factors that affects consumers’ repurchase intention. Aaker (1992) describes brand equity as ‟ a combination of assets and liabilities correlated to a brand name and its symbol, which could give beneficial or detrimental impacts on the commercial values that derives from a product or service” whereas brand awareness is explained by Keller (1993) as the extent to which…

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  • Fashion Brand Essay

    more brands on the market than ever before, it is increasingly necessary and at the same time challenging for firms to differentiate their brands from competitors (Keller & Richey, 2006). Fashion brands in particular need to pay special attention to this matter because often there is little difference among many brands’ apparel products on the market. In addition, fashion brands are highly symbolic and self-expressive, reflecting a consumer’s lifestyle and values (Hameide, 2011; Kim, 2000).…

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  • The Importance Of Brand Identity

    Brand Identity is a visible element of a brand which allows the consumers to identify which brand they are looking at. This element would be brand’s name, logo, design and colours. This will allow the consumer to find out who they are dealing with on their first glance. For an example, when they see big yellow colour “M” sign they will immediately recognise it is a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. This is because McDonald’s is big brand which exist almost every part of the world so it doesn’t…

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  • National Brand Essay

    For private label brand respondents average response was option 4(mean 3.9) i.e. respondents agree that people buy private label brand because price is low whereas for national brand the average response was option 2(mean 2.1) i.e. respondents disagree that people buy national brand because price is low. The difference in perception is significant. Table 6.12: Comparison In Terms Of Price TYPE OF BRAND MEAN S.D. t-VALUE Private label 3.93 1.23 30.7** National brand 2.13 0.82 ** SIGNIFICANCE AT…

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  • The Importance Of Brand Personality

    Brand personality is a way of how companies can deliver their meaning or message to the consumers. Brand personality can help business owners or companies connect with their target audience. Brand personality can change the way consumers make a purchase or use the company services. This paper will explain the personalities traits that is associated with brands. and how brand personality is related to human personality traits. Aaker (1997) had defined brand personality having the same…

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