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  • Victoria Secret's Love Your Body Campaign

    In Victoria Secret’s “Love your body campaign,” very skinny, tall models show off their bras and underwear. In this specific ad, it says “A Body for Every Body” (Mullins) while every model is the same size: extremely skinny. This ad is selling bras by telling consumers that they produce a bra for everybody, while the models have only one body type. They are all standing seductively and are smiling. What the ad doesn’t show are models with different body types, making it seem like their body is the only body there should be. After this ad was published, Dove also made an ad similar, but with many different body types. Even though there were different body types, every model was on the heavier set spectrum of weight. Both ads set standards of what a body “should” be in our society. I, like many other females, do not fit into any of the body types shown in either ad. Many teenage girls, and even women, see bodies in ads and think “Why can’t I look like that?” It produces pressure to have a certain body type because if that body type is praised in ads shown around the world, then it will make their life better and happier. We feel a certain pressure to have our bodies the way others find flattering and “sexy.” If our body types are not considered “sexy” then we feel ugly or not happy with our body, even if our dream body is not attainable because it is unhealthy or naturally impossible. Women go to major lengths to become skinny just so they are society’s perspective as…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Victoria's Secret

    Consumer Profile: Victoria’s Secret targets middle to upper-class women from the ages of 20-40. Their customers also value image, glamour, and confidence and are seen as the best in their class. Women are strong and captivating and are sought after luxury and elegance. Because of the higher prices on items, women seek value and image in their panties and bras and see them as an item they can choose from in an assortment of colors and patterns. They consider them an importance and a valued…

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  • Post Feminism And Lingerie Essay

    The relations between lingerie, feminism and post-feminism. This essay seeks to explore the phenomenon of antagonistic relationship between underwear and feminism, and discuss the role of lingerie in post-feminism. Since underwear has become a necessity and even designed as outerwear, like fashion, it has reflected females constructing their identity by wearing and buying different types of lingerie. ‘ Fashion is a reflection of social, economic, political, and cultural changes, but also that…

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  • Apparel Industry Demographic Analysis

    Demographic The population of North America is one that is aging rapidly. Overseas markets such as those in Asia and Latin America are beginning to emerge. Firms within the industry will need to create products to take advantage of the demand and purchasing power of this market segment. Firms need to expand globally if they wish to attain business from a younger population. Those wishing to remain in the North American market will have to develop product lines to fit the aging population.…

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  • How To Make A Dreamgirl Persuasive Essay

    If you are looking for cheap bras and panties, look no further than our page here on Amazon. Bras and panties can be very expensive at some stores, so we are here to offer you high quality lingerie for low prices. You can have the items that you love without spending a bundle! Wearing a matching bra and panties set is great for the woman who loves to match up her outfits while still feeling sexy underneath her everyday clothing. FINEJO is a brand that offers sexy lace bra and panty sets for a…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Strength

    Amanda’s husband left her for his own freedom, leaving her a single mother. When being a single parent, Amanda had to become both parent roles, leaving out time for herself and possibly being virtually exhausted all the time. With being the one to have to support them all at once until Tom got a job at the warehouse, Amanda would have to take any kind of job for money, which included being a brassiere model. This would have to require Amanda to give up her pride, which takes a lot of strength…

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  • Returning To Perma-Lift Undergarments

    There were a remarkable amount of advertisements for brassieres and other undergarment pieces during the 1960s as women became fascinated with their brand new freedom (Ad Age, 2003). Although the ‘60s marked a positive change in the independence of women, it was also the beginning of an intense period of diet-orientated advertising targeting women. Returning to Perma-Lift Undergarment advertisement (Figure 1), there is still an emphasis being put on the ‘perfect’ body and the importance of a…

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  • A Red Dress Alice Munro Analysis

    The red dress in the short story “A Red Dress-1946” by Alice Munro, symbolizes the narrator’s liminal space amidst adulthood and childhood. Her longing to transition forth adulthood is conveyed by the description of the tight red dress’s ability to accentuate her breasts, thus maturing her image. Munro writes, “The red velvet dress…[was] very tight in the midriff. I saw how my breasts, in their new brassiere, jutted out surprisingly, with mature authority.” The narrator’s new dress represents a…

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  • Criminal Justice System Case Study

    victim had been allowed personal legal representation her rights would not have been violated when the question was asked by the defence counsel. In more extreme cases the defence may employ strategies in cross-examination which use sexist gender stereotypes to question the credibility of the witness. The controversial American rape case of William Kennedy Smith is an example where the absence of legal representation allowed the exploitation of the victim’s rights. In order to assert that…

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  • Flapper Fashion

    In order to fit into the latest and hottest trends, women “turned to flattening brassieres [...] that encased the body from chest to waist” (Brumberg 452). In other words, in an attempt to flatten their bodies to gain the “flapper” look, women would essentially bind their chest down and flatten their stomachs with these specific, restricting brassiers. This attempt to reform one's body proved that fashion ideals of the 1920’s were creating mental conflict and, evidently, body insecurities in…

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