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  • Dress In America

    her shirtwaist blouse, freed from the repressing boned corsets and heavy petticoats became an iconic image of the suffrage movement that crossed racial and economic lines (Emery). Another aspect of dress during this time that came under health reformer’s scrutiny were bloomers and trousers. For many, long skirts dragged on the ground, collecting dirt, debris, and vermin which was then brought inside the home with the potential to make the family ill (Cunningham). Additionally, the long heavy skirts and numerous petticoats made walking and going up and down stairs difficult for women and running nearly impossible (Cunningham). Reformers thus wanted a way to cover women’s legs whilst simultaneously giving them increased mobility; they settled on a knee-length skirt with matching trousers underneath, similar to Turkish and Syrian styles (Cunningham). Trousers worn under skirts had been worn in France as early as the 1810’s, were popular for gymnasiums by 1830’s, and worn in sanitariums. A young feminist, Elizabeth Smith Miller adopted this style in the mid 1800’s and eventually introduced the fashion to Amelia Bloomer; Bloomer wrote heavily on the style and other news outlets nicknamed the trousers bloomers; however, many feminists by the end of the 1800’s ceased wearing them as ridicule became too counterproductive (Cunningham). At the turn of the century, bloomers became a hot topic of debate amongst Americans. Some believed in the patriotic qualities of its simplicity…

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  • Women's Fashion In The 1920

    beyond its practicality and ornamentation to make and to mark the social, cultural, and psychological atmosphere of the era. In this paper, one seeks to examine the rise of trousers in women’s fashion during the 1920s, as it could be signifying women’s increasing resistance against paternalistic cultures that are deep-rooted in the society. Such hypothesis will be investigated by looking at the initial rise of trousers following World War I, the adoption of trousers in sportswear, and the…

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  • Reflective Essay On Spiritual And Kinship

    After getting use the industrial machine when I made the shorts I then actually found it easier to work with the industrial machine, opposed to a domestic as there is more space and I feel like I can see better. The space was beneficial as I actually found that I was able to sew straighter than usual. The construction of the shorts was the most beneficial as the construction of the trousers did not need much thought, it felt much more natural almost like common sense as to what to do in order…

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  • Animal Printing Persuasive Speech

    Keep it subtle yet attractive. The trendy cigarette trousers will do all the talking. Baggy pants and bell bottoms are out. Select a skinny fit that give shape to your legs and step into a pair of high heels for a formal look. You can wear it in denim, suede, corduroy or cotton with a frilly blouse or a winter coat for a perfect look. Tights, Leggings, skinny denims and jeans are also very much in these days. They work with Tunics, Waterfall Cardigans, Wraps, Skirts and even short length…

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  • Victorian Era Dress History

    from a shop then altered themselves. Though a strange things was, that the quality of the the textile wasn 't as important as the quality of the make of the dress. These frilly, overdone dresses that kept up with the rest of the Victorian era, were made to be very tight and very, very uncomfortable. It even affected the way one sat, walked, and the very body language she used. the corset and bodice were the main culprits in this, as well as the fashion of wearing pointed shoes, along with…

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  • Essay On 70's Fashion

    that time. There were a lot of famous fashion designers in 1970s fashion gave us hippie chic, power dressing, glam rock and even punk, all within an exceptional ten year timeframe. Speaking about designers, Vivienne Westwood assumed a major part in punk rock's impact on style in America and Britain amid the 1970's and past. Too, Diane Von Furstenberg turned into a configuration icon in 1972. The wrap dress and her brilliant examples were known as an image of "female force". Likewise, Yves…

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  • Essay On 1960s And Present Day

    As it says in the Red Scarf Girl, “...tight pants and pointed shoes are what the Western bourgeoisie admire. (Ji-Li Jian pg. 30)” And also stating that the person was wearing a cream-colored jacket with the zipper half open, and a pair of sharply creased light-brown pants. He had also been wearing fashionable two-tone shoes. These were “Four olds” back then during the 1960s in the Republic of China. It says in the book that “One of the boys was trying to squeeze an empty beer bottle up the man’s…

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  • Influence Of Fashion In The 50's

    clothing articles that lived on through the decades. For the younger generation, boys took to the ‘Teddy boy look,’ that consisted of tight, straight trousers, jackets, ties and pointed, shiney shoes called winklepickers; the girls on the other hand took to big skirts and pants that were pinched at the waist. Capri pants, or “pedal pushers,” were popular for riding bikes.(Stuart) As for hairstyles for the younger generation, duck tails and pony tails were popular.(When Pony Tails…) For the older…

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  • Aw 16 Research Paper

    inspiration. These earthy natural tones are big themes on the fashion circuit. Key designers have clearly been gazing out at dewy Autumn forests to gain their inspiration this time around. Copper, clay and camel make a pleasant change from the multiple shades of grey which dominated last year. Subtle mixing and matching of shades of these warm neutrals are great for providing a hint of originality. Then when it comes to patterns, check has been featuring heavily this year. It finally seems…

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  • Desigual Target Market

    Desigual’s key product categories are men, women, accessories and children and have a wide variety of merchandise. Men’s products range from shirts and polos to jackets to jeans trousers and shorts. The theme of the men’s collection has more sober colour tone, casual with a tinge of retro mixed in. In contrast, the women’s collection is characterized by colours, bright patchwork intricately designed on black backgrounds, hand embroidery, asymmetry seen on dresses, blouses, shirts, trousers,…

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