Reflective Essay On Spiritual And Kinship

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It is important to be confident, not be consumed by the opinions of others and to value yourself, and this is what I explored in my project and the final garment. The self-assertive, defiant tone and pure confidence of the hook is what inspired and influence my theme: spiritual kinship. I find that my perception of the quoted hook relates well to an aspect of spiritual kinship as in order to love yourself and have this confidence you need to have some sort of spiritual kinship with yourself. When exploring the definition of the words: spiritual and kinship I found that exploring what these words could mean through research was a crucial part of how my understanding of the lyric and my theme complimented one another. The definition of ‘Spiritual’ that I used in my work conveyed the fact that, the hook that inspired me related ‘…to deep feelings and beliefs’ this is not necessarily ‘…religious’ but just as important as a religion would be to a religious person. The definition of kinship which I found was what enabled me to support the idea of having a good relationship with yourself which leads to being confident as it was defined to be ‘a relationship…’ or ‘a feeling of being close... to things’. With this I explored relationships between the outer body and the inner body in my sketch book. …show more content…
After getting use the industrial machine when I made the shorts I then actually found it easier to work with the industrial machine, opposed to a domestic as there is more space and I feel like I can see better. The space was beneficial as I actually found that I was able to sew straighter than usual. The construction of the shorts was the most beneficial as the construction of the trousers did not need much thought, it felt much more natural almost like common sense as to what to do in order complete the trousers and

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