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  • Beginner Sewing Machines

    What are beginner sewing machines? Beginner sewing machines are sewing machines that are fit to be used by individuals who are new to sewing. They are specifically designed for beginners and are not so complicated as compared to sewing machines used by intermediate or advanced tailors and dressmakers. They are basic machines which are easy to use. Therefore, it is very important that if you are new in this industry, you make an effort to get the best sewing machine. Why do we need to get the best beginner sewing machine? You may wonder why a beginner needs to search for the best beginner sewing machine instead of getting any machine available in the market and start sewing. It is most likely that a beginner may not fully exploit a machine…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Brother Sewing Machines

    The Best Brother Sewing Machines Summary: This article provides information about some of the best reviewed Brother sewing machines available. About the Brother Brand Brother is a brand that has been around for a few years and has become associated with great customer service. The brand is behind many great products and their sewing machines do not disappoint. With many different sewing machines to choose from, there is something for everyone in the Brother sewing machine. The Top Brother…

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  • How Is Sewing Used Today?

    There is always something different about every sewing machine, whether it’s computerized or mechanical. The way a machine operates with fabric makes that machine unique (Marie). Sewing is an activity that requires patience, it also involves stitching fabrics together by hand with a thread and needle or by a sewing machine to make clothes and even shoes that people wear today (Smith) (Cyprus). Throughout the history, fashion has changed with different designer’s unique styles. Although sewing…

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  • Reflective Essay On Spiritual And Kinship

    explored relationships between the outer body and the inner body in my sketch book. Overall, I am pleased with my design ideas and my final garment however, I can see where improvement can be made, such as my sewing skills. Although my trouser are inspired by the one of the designs and the color palette in my sketch book, I felt restricted by my pattern cutting and sewing skills which affected what I chose to make. I have some extravagant designs in my sketch which I would have enjoyed to making…

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  • Frankenstein Alternate Ending - Original Ending

    Frankenstein Alternate Ending The machine was whirring quietly as Victor worked shakily. The machine was quite large, looming taller than Victor himself. It was beside a table that laid the soon to be bride of the creature, draped under a cloth. A cascading of flips and switches were being made by Victor as he worked fearfully and restlessly. A flash of lightning lit up the sky through the window followed by a thundering boom. Tonight would be the night the creature would get his wish. When he…

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  • The Importance Of Pointe Shoes

    Have you ever seen the Nutcracker ballet during Christmas time? Or have you danced for years and are finally deciding to dance on pointe? Ballet has been for hundreds of years and is still important to many people today. One of the main parts of ballet is pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are worn by all of the female dancers, except very young girls. The most important parts of the pointe shoe are the box; the end of the shoe that has pieces of cardboard and fabric glued densely together to support…

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  • Personal Narrative: Make A Quilted Throw Pillow

    Make a Quilted Throw Pillow for Your Valentine I’ve been having fun with the Valentine theme this month, as I suppose you are already aware if you’ve been following the projects available on the blog! I adore red and pink, cupids and hearts, chocolate candies and pretty, heart-shaped sprinkles. I also love quilting! I thought a quilted throw pillow would be another wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day. You can make one as a gift for your sweetie, or just keep it and enjoy it for yourself. This…

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  • Why Do Bamboo Sheets Get Softer Over Time?

    Why Do Bamboo Sheets Get Softer Over Time? Bamboo bed sheets are incredibly soft from the moment you open the package. Yet, what really sets them apart from other sheets is that bamboo becomes softer over time. Can you imagine that– your sheets actually getting softer the longer you have them? So, how does bamboo accomplish this amazing feat? To answer that question, we actually need to start by looking at how sheets are made. In particular, you need to understand how the manufacturing process…

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  • How Did The Industrial Revolution Change Society

    It only took 1 person compared to 50. Having to hand stitch everything is very time consuming and you can easily make a mistake, but by using a sewing machine, you’re most likely not to make a mistake. “The sewing machine allowed clothing to become a mass produced item which increased the social acceptance of the sewing machine...The sewing machine also helped other industries grow, for example the need for large quantities of thread for factory machines...becoming an important part in the…

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  • Charles Frederick Worth: The First Fashion Designer

    creativity and design. Originally people wore clothing to help maintain body temperature and be protected by the harsh weather rather than for style. All garments were handmade before the invention of the sewing machine. The first sewing machine ever invented was in 1846 by a man named Elias Howe. It was originally used for factories and production lines. The sewing machine was used so there would be less manual labor for the factory workers. Now the sewing machines are used to create artistic…

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