Best Brother Sewing Machine Case Study

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The Best Brother Sewing Machines
Summary: This article provides information about some of the best reviewed Brother sewing machines available.
About the Brother Brand
Brother is a brand that has been around for a few years and has become associated with great customer service. The brand is behind many great products and their sewing machines do not disappoint. With many different sewing machines to choose from, there is something for everyone in the Brother sewing machine.
The Top Brother Sewing Machines
The list supplies information about some of the best reviewed Brother sewing machines. This list includes the pros and cons for each product.
1. Brother CS-770: The Portable Option in Sewing Machines
The CS-770 has 77 built in stitch functions
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The Cons:
• This sewing machine operates with or without foot control which means that additional safety measures must be observed in order to operate the sewing machine appropriately.

2. Brother XL2600I: The Sewing Machine for Novice Sewers
The Brother XL2600I offers 25 built in stitches and provides a free arm sewing machine. This machine is equipped for everyday projects and is simplistic enough for novice sewers to quickly understand. This sewing machine comes equipped with five different presser feet and offers a user manual that is bilingual. This Brother sewing machine is powered by a 110 volt engine and the workspace is always lit with an integrated light system.
The Pros:
• The lightweight design weighs less than 15 pounds making it perfect for lugging around with you to your various sewing classes.
• The instructions for this sewing machine are simple and to the point. They are designed so that novice sewers will be able to follow them with ease.
• There are 25 built in stitches and you just turn a dial to your preferred stitch. The patterns for the stitches and their corresponding numbers are displayed on the side of the sewing machine.
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This typically means that countries other than Canada and the United States will not have access to these sewing machines.
• The thread spindle is intended to hold smaller spools of thread, this can become an issue if you intend to use this machine for long projects.

3. Brother LS2125i: The Perfect Sewing Machine to Start Your Kids On
This Brother sewing machine is lightweight and is perfect for your child to begin their sewing journey on. The sewing machine comes equipped with 10 stitch patterns that allow children to get the basic understanding of stitches without overwhelming them with a large amount of different stitches. The affordable sewing machine can be purchased for less than $100 which makes it a great investment when dealing with children because in the event that they break the sewing machine then you didn’t waste a small fortune.
The Pros:
• The lightweight design makes it perfect for taking to sewing classes or the grandma’s house to learn.
• The limited amount of stitches allows the child to learn the very basic stitches that they will find on their future sewing

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