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  • Examples Of Problem-Solving Problem Solving

    A Description of the Problem For the problem-solving report, we have a 4x4 grid that we have to find as many rectangles as we can. The rectangles that can be found on the 4x4 grid ranges from 1x1 rectangles to a 4x4 rectangle. According to a rectangle is, “a 4-sided flat shape with straight sides where all interior angles are right angles (90°). Also opposite sides are parallel and of equal length. Example: Another factor we have to consider is the lines provided on the 4x4 grid must make up the sides of the rectangles. Solution to the Problem: I found there are 100 rectangles in a 4x4 grid. General Problem: (n^2 〖(n+1)〗^2)/4 Strategies to Finding the Solution: Once I understood what the question was asking, I tried to figure different methods that would simplify the problem.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Make A Quilted Throw Pillow

    it a fulfilling endeavor. Let’s get started, shall we? This pattern is for a heart quilt block that you can sew on the front of a pillow. It’s lovely, and it’s a relatively simple pattern to make – so you can still do this in time for Valentine’s Day. To do this project, you will need: •three fabrics of your choice, which we’ll refer to as Fabric 1, Fabric 2, and Fabric 3 •cutting mat (I use a combination cutting mat and ironing board to streamline the entire process) •iron •fabric…

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  • Van Hiele Theory: Freedom Quilts And The Underground Railroad

    by their properties or components. For example, they will learn that a square has four right angles and four sides of equal length and the diagonals of a square are equal (p. 318).According to the article, the students will learn the relations between different shapes. This concept goes along with Van Hiele’s Level 3 which is the Abstract and Relational level. In this level, the students will “form abstract definitions and classify figure by elaborating on their interrelationship.” In the third…

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  • Swot Analysis Of A Skateboard

    solid rectangle cross section as our reference shape to derive a shape factor that aims to keep the deck as light as possible. We used a solid rectangle as our reference shape because it is the ideal shape for commercial skateboards. This will allow us to directly compare our explored shape to what is currently used in the market. A quantitative comparision will be done amongst possible shapes to determine the most optimal shape of the deck. In addition, this report will explore the use of…

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  • Analysis Of Monoliths # 2 By Ida Rittenberg Kohlmeyer

    curving, such as the wave like lines inside some of the rectangles. There are changes in hue that creates implied rectangles, but there are also hard black actual lines that creates rectangles with different dimensions. The piece does not incorporate any sense of depth, mass, light, or time, but there are many elements to this piece that make it visually appealing. Kohlmeyer enacts an analogous and complementary color scheme to increase the contrast between the different elements in the artwork.…

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  • Donald Duck Analysis

    produced by mathematics and developed the music scale. Developing the music scale has changed the world we know today and has evolved music over the years. Pythagoras told a few colleagues about his findings and they developed a secret group called pythagoreans where they could discuss their findings freely. They used the symbol of a pentagram to identify one another in secret. The pentagram is a unique shape that consists of many “perfect triangles.” There is also a shape called the…

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  • Mathematical Focus: 3-D Objects

    o Has four edges, its round, two sides are bigger. • Groups of children may come up and print their photos they collect with help from the teacher and return quietly to their desks. Differentiated Learning Activities- Data collection - Students following Year 1 Curriculum • Provide children with the worksheet to use to display their collected data (Appendix 1) • Teacher explains to students that they will be classifying the shapes into specific columns. There are four columns named circle,…

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  • Narrative Advantages And Disadvants In First Grade

    These examples were both skill problems and application problems. The first skill problem was when the students split the rectangle in halves and quarters. This rectangle is just a shape to students and they are not comparing it to other rectangular shapes around the classroom. The second skill problem was when the students formed their Play Dough into a lump. This is a skill-based example, because the students are focusing on the skill of splitting an object and not applying it to the real…

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  • Rene Descartes Clear And Distinct Perceptions

    In Meditations on First Philosophy Rene Descartes attempts to reconcile a Christian metaphysics with a new epistemology contrary to the scholastic, Aristotelian worldview. He seeks new foundations that knowledge can be built upon and tries to accomplish this by identifying basic, indubitable axioms to derive more complex truths by. As Descartes had a background in mathematics and geometry, these tenets are proposed alike mathematical truths in that they are self-evidential. He calls these axioms…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Acute Triangles

    parallelogram and she has a square face. The eyes, nose, and ears are acute triangles. Her smile is an obtuse triangle which helps civilians know that she is elated. Also, the robot’s body is a rectangle. The middle of her body is a heptagon on top of a pentagon which is sitting upon a hexagon. This is her symbol which represents her just like how a letter S with red and blue on a yellow police badge represents Superman. The two octagons on her chest are her energy supplies. The octagon with all…

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