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  • Creative Writing: The Stone Moon

    Once in some days, unknown as past, present, nor future, a Moonflower Ivy grew to the sky. In the dark air, winged creatures with blood red skin and some creatures that were bare, with nothing but black feathers flew about. The red beings flew in one direction and the black beings in the other. The Gods above cried with grey tears that turned the blue moon to stone. During the lunar cycle on only one night, the two races battled fiercely with great force. The red, bat-like creatures followed one creature with horns while the black, crow-like creatures were controlled by the Gods. Each phase of the stone moon shone with fog as the wars broke. The horned leader always wandered alone when the battles were not waged. Along the forest and atop…

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  • Digital Technology Changes In Film

    that new digital technology has had an effect on film form and/or exhibition: This is an era of rapidly changing technology. This technology changes the way people eat, move, work… it affects every aspect of everyday life. Technology is also affecting film form. The way that the industry makes, edits and releases films is all affected by digital technology. High Resolution digital cameras are utilised in most budgeted film productions, most productions go through an editing process performed on…

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  • Ultrasound Vs Digital Images

    Every day, an image saves someone’s life. How? A diagnostic image can provide doctors with knowledge about a patient’s health. Images are an innovation that has changed the way people live, not only in the health industry but in their personal life, too. They allow people to capture memories and share their experiences with others. Digital and diagnostic are two types of images; diagnostic images are used by doctors while digital images are used by most people. The two types of images are…

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  • Globalization Of Kodak

    According to Parnell (2014), a company has to be aware of their industries external environmental factors because of the effects that they can have on the organizations strategic decisions. The near death of Eastman Kodak company is a direct result of the company failing to respond quickly enough to the evolving world of technology and societies demands to shift from film to digital photography. For Kodak, the advent of digital photography was ruinous (Hardy, 2015). Once a powerhouse in the film…

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  • How Has Technology Changed Over The Last 10 Years

    A camera is an optical instrument that record images that can be stored directly or to another location. There are many aspects of the camera that make it what it is which includes the lens, the shutter, the focus and the image capture. The camera allows people to highlight what they believe in by giving them the power to document the world as they see fit. A camera started of as a wooden box; it was the size of a small coffee machine with a cassette stuck to the side. Which now has evolved…

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  • Case Study Of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

    1950s, son, Stanley, took over the family business by opening the first mall-operated theater with multiple screens (McLellan, n.d.). In the year of in 1968, the company became American Multi-Cinema and continued expansion as a multiplex into the 1970s (McLellan, n.d.). Moreover, last, in 1983, American Multi-Cinema shrank its name to AMC and became public (McLellan, n.d.). Throughout the years, the company has experienced many ups and downs with rapid growth in the 1990s and 2000s and acquiring…

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  • Understanding The Importance Of Masking In Photoshop

    Masks To understand the concept of Masking in Photoshop and its importance in some areas, we first need to understand what Masking actually means. In simple non-technical terms, Masking seems to be putting a covering over something completely or partially. It is more or less the same in the Photoshop too. Most of us eventually in the beginning have a fear of the term and think that it is above our understanding limits. I tell you that if you know how to use the Move tool in Photoshop and basic…

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  • First Digital Camera Research Paper

    Introduction The very first fully digital camera came into existence in 1975. The camera was created by the Kodak inventor, Steve Sasson. Sasson pieced together the camera and took the first picture which was of his lab assistant. The picture was recorded on a cassette tape and displayed on a television screen. The first digital cameras sold commercially were small and could fit in the palm of your hand. Now we have everything from small hand held cameras to larger cameras with changeable lenses…

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  • The Decline Of Eastman-Kodak's Success

    continue to be effective and profitable. Unfortunately, initial or prolonged success is not enough to maintain an organization’s continued profitability. Many organizations fail to perform the introspection and environmental analysis needed to develop and institute changes to keep the company current; ultimately, this can lead to organizational decline and even death, if not corrected (Jones, 2012, p. 321). This paper sets out to examine one organization that enjoyed a prolonged period of…

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  • Robotic System Case Study

    ➢ Setup the ROS working environment so programs to can be implemented. ➢ Write several scripts: • Capture a video/images from two cameras to the computing board • Process the video/images so they can be sent wirelessly • Send video/images from computing board to laptop or computer ➢ Test the final product by mounting the computing board, external USB hub, and sensors to the iRobot Create and running a mapping filed algorithm. Implementation of the Plan Benchmark Testing Both the Raspberry…

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