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  • An Introduction To Digital Photography

    Chapter 1 Introduction Digital photography is a form of photography that uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photodetectors to capture images focused by a lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. Here images are captured and stored in file for further processing. Digital photography aims to produce an image that gives an illusion of a real environmental image. Inorder to produce an image that provides visual richness and sets the mood of the environment the important parameter that is considered is lightning. The subtlest nuances are often found in low-light conditions. While capturing images in low light environment, the photographer faces some problems called as digital photography artifacts. Digital artifacts are any unwanted changes that occur in an image that are caused by various factors within a digital camera. To overcome these artifacts one option is to set a long exposure time so that the camera can collect enough light to produce a visible image. However, camera shake or scene motion during such long exposures will result in motion blurriness. Another option…

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  • The World Of Photography: The Evolution Of Digital Photography

    Digital photography had revolutionized the world of picture capturing. The whole concept of photography hasn’t changed. However, over the years digital cameras have changed considerably from its appearance to its functions making it easier to have a picture of exceptional quality whatever its purpose. “The selective eye”, instead of just finding a subject to take a photo of the photo composition is about accentuating the scene of the photograph being taken. It is important to be aware that…

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  • Digital Photography Analysis

    photographs display exactly what the photographers envision. Camera phones will never replace the digital SLR because of that large amount of capabilities a photographer has with this product. Many people like to use smart phones to take pictures because of the easy-to-use touch screen with stress-free controls, but the physical controls on a DSLR are what makes photographs art (Sullivan, 2014). The DSLR will always reign superior to a camera phone because of the precise controls and the lens…

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  • Daguerreotypes In Digital Photography

    Daguerreotype to Digital Introduction In the 21st century, photos have been the core of people 's emotions as it shows the best and the funniest moments of our life. The images that we capture in our everyday life are the images that we look back to and smile. The word photography comes from the Greek word "light" and "drawing".photography is a process which takes fixed images using the light on a chemical surface. (Dorling Kindersley. 2007). In this report, I will be exploring the…

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  • Digital Vs Digital Photography Research Paper

    Americans took an average of 105 billion photos in 2015 alone. A high percent of them most likely are digital cameras considering all the smartphones and new technology out today. The smaller percent would be taken by film, but this doesn 't always mean digital is better, this is usually because film is used more for art and takes more precise time. There are different parts to these two cameras making it hard to debate which one is actually “better.” There is the ways they each work, the…

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  • Cre 312 Digital Photography

    CRE 312 Digital Photography Assignment 1# Critical Analysis of Two Photographers By Philip Langlois Date Due: 03/11/15 The history of photography can be traced back to the camera obscura which is a box with a pinhole through which light travels and reflects off a mirror showing the image. The invention of modern photography can trace its roots back to Niepce who took what would be the first photograph in 1827 using a pewter plate. People would improve upon Daguerre’s idea…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Digital Photography

    Learning the fundamentals of digital photography is relatively easy. However, there are specific skills and techniques that you’ll only be able to develop well with time and experience. Ask any pro and they’ll tell that it’s probably taken them years to build up their bag of tricks. That being the case, you’d be hard pressed to find some pros that are willing to share with you their special tricks. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing with you all the photography tips the…

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  • Piankoff's Epigraphy In The Tomb Of Ramesses

    Much epigraphy is still necessary in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings. In the cases where photography is appropriate, namely in well-preserved tombs, it is an adequate epigraphic method, particularly with the rapid technological advances of our time. Nevertheless, inclusions of figures such as line drawings, facsimiles, and paleographic renderings are also important. Not to say that this is feasible for every photograph or ever decorative scene, but in the case of damaged walls, these other…

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  • Digital Photography Research Paper

    decided to attend The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham because I have chosen Digital Photography as a career. I know The Art Institute will help me go farther towards my goals. I enjoy capturing life, I like how pictures can express a feeling or emotion. At first I started taking Pictures in High school where I took a Digital Photography class, also My Aunt owns a dance company called “Invictus Performing Arts”, I take pictures of her dancers while rehearsing or dancing in a recital, my Aunt…

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  • Digital Photography Research Papers

    The Digital Camera The digital camera is one of the most useful inventions. According to BBC News, Samsung proclaims that 2.5 billion people or more in the world have a digital camera. The digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson, an engineer for Kodak, in the year of 1975. Before the digital camera, the world’s cameras used rolls of film. This means that people had to buy film. Film was pretty expensive, so not everyone could take pictures. There were a few types of film. There was black…

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