Digital single-lens reflex camera

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  • Comparison Of Ross And Best Buy

    in the home appliances area (i.e. kitchen, phones, beauty, etc.), and if they were not customers they were employees. The first aisle that I went to was the video game aisle. While in this aisle I noticed that there was a lot of men/boys looking for games, and of course there was no females in sight. Throughout the time that I was in the aisle I got strange stares from the men/boys around me when I was not with my nephew, plus I was carrying/searching around some video games The last section that I went into was the camera section. This is one section that I frequently go to since I often need things for my DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. When I reached the camera lens I told my nephew, “I really want to purchase a new lens for my camera, but the one that I want is not here. There’s only macro lens.” I remember an older guy next to us that was also looking at the camera lens, giving me a shocked/surprised look because of my knowledge on the types of lens that were there. From personal experience I have seen more males, usually who are somewhat older, that are more into professional photography. Which is why I believe that the man gave me a strange look was because of my age and my gender. Aside from the different products that they sell, both of these stores were different in many aspect. Best Buy was way cleaner, where Ross was a bit more out of control. In Ross there was a larger amount of females purchasing items with little to no men. While in Best Buy there…

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  • Case Study: Nikon Corporation

    specializes in optics and imaging products such as still cameras, single-lens reflex cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, microscopes and many more. The company runs in four sections with one being imaging products, and the rest being precision equipment, instruments, and others (Market Publishers, 2015) The corporation’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan (Nikon Corporation, 2011) In the year 1917 three leading optical manufacturers joined together and formed a wide-ranging, fully…

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  • The Invention Of Photography

    Dating back to 1839, the earliest camera known was called the camera obscura, it was used in ancient times to project an image. Leonardo Da Vinci actually wrote the first detailed description on the camera obscura in the 15th century, describing how its a box with a pinhole on one side and a glass screen on the other. Da Vinci also states, "No image, even of the smallest object, enters without being flipped upside down." The first photograph wasn 't taken until February 3, 1826 by a man named…

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  • Valerie Gribben's Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work

    copies the hermit crabs, digging swiftly and ducking into the sand as the tide came. As the tide flowed over, the baby bird was able to locate all the calms beneath the sand. This excited the baby bird and resulted in the baby bird to start digging quickly and efficiently to not only provide food for itself, but also for its mother and the other birds within its flock. This short exhibits that we should not give up right away, and supports that if we continue to strive towards a goal: we can…

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  • Photography In The 19th Century

    Although camera inventions of the 17th and 18th century established the base of photography, it took another 50 years before the camera became available for everyday consumers. With the invention of modern photographic film technology in 1901 by George Eastman and the first mass-market camera, the Brownie, in 1901, photography became a phenomenon on its own and the vast majority of the population became fascinated by it (Oliver, 2007). Shortly after its introduction to the market the demand and…

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  • My Experience To Playing With The Camera Of The Canon

    Today, I decided to play with my own camera of the ESO Canon. I thought that I have learned manual setting on my mentor’s Leica camera. So I wanted to try with my own camera, since it came with manual settings. First, I tried set different ISO, aperture, and shutter-speed numbers. I have to be honest that it wasn’t easy, because I couldn’t tell if is too dark or too bright. I just had to do my best to guess the ISO and shutter speed. With my first try, the first picture was too dark, so I turn…

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  • Polaroid Corporation Case Study

    Executive Summary Polaroid Corporation was established in 1937 by Edwin H. Land which is the former founder of this corporation. Polaroid is an American international and eyewear consumer electronics company. It is very well known with its creation of instant film cameras, which starting to be launched in the market in 1948 and be the first company to introduce such product. By the late 1980, Polaroid was vulnerable for takeover due to certain reasons which are low profit of the company, carried…

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  • Ds Slider Research Paper

    A DLSR slider is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment to today 's digital photographer. Perhaps the most exciting thing about today DSLRs is that they not only allow us to create breathtaking photos of a quality that has never been able to be done before, but they also let us expand out creative horizons into ultra high-quality video projects as well. Photographers have always wished or a way to bridge the gap between photo and video easily and with a DSLR that is finally able…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Fascination With Dinosaurs

    I soon found that I knew everything our teacher planned for us to learn and wanted to do something more. Every Friday I brought my own camera to school, a Nikon d7000, to photograph the pep rally, students in my school, and later the football game and crowd. I wanted to share my work and created a page for the high school showcasing pictures from the game and students. It was a hit. Before long I was Tivy Photography, people I had never met before were asking me to photograph them Friday night.…

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  • Water Balloon Pops

    project I wanted to do something I love, so I have a photograph of a water balloon popping. Photography is a way of art because it can capture people, objects, scenes, etc, in a photograph. One photograph can say a lot about something. As for my photo, it does not have a universal message but it says something about how I like to see things. I like to capture objects that someone wouldn 't usually see by just looking with their eyes, like a water balloon popping. You can see it happen but not…

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