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  • My Experience To Playing With The Camera Of The Canon

    Today, I decided to play with my own camera of the ESO Canon. I thought that I have learned manual setting on my mentor’s Leica camera. So I wanted to try with my own camera, since it came with manual settings. First, I tried set different ISO, aperture, and shutter-speed numbers. I have to be honest that it wasn’t easy, because I couldn’t tell if is too dark or too bright. I just had to do my best to guess the ISO and shutter speed. With my first try, the first picture was too dark, so I turn ISO number up. As a result, it was much better, but still need more light. Then I played with all the settings for a while until it was the right light I wanted. In the end, I liked the ISO of 800, aperture of 5.0, and shutter-speed of 1/100 seconds.…

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  • Surrealism: The Dada Movement

    Although I believe that Modernism reflected reality more, Surrealism allowed the imagination to flow and created a more artistic style of photographing. On the one hand, Ilse Bing, a photojournalist born in Frankfurt, mainly took images in Paris. Her background includes coming from a Jewish family that insisted on her intellectual education, not on photography. Since the beginning of her use of the Leica camera, she immediately became intrigued with the Modern photographic world. Bing…

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  • The Importance Of Film Techniques In A Film

    simple as holding a camera, artfully combining clips, angles, and points of view to give a scene an identity is far from easy. Varied filming techniques throughout a movie are important so as not to generate feelings of boredom and simplicity (unless this is the goal). In addition, attempting to use a huge amount of vastly different methods can crowd a movie and give a sense of overwhelming confusion. As with any other job on set, cinematographers work…

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  • Digital Camera Case Analysis

    Digital Allusions is commitment to supplying consumers with quality digital cameras that will allow you to capture endless memories that will last a lifetime. In order to make this company successful in that area we must and will continue look at different approaches that will ensure the successful of our company’s goals. The same strategic goals of being the clear leader in market share in entry-level cameras and maintain or slightly grow market share in multi-featured cameras exist for…

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  • Visual Effect In Film Making

    Film sets, cameras and props for example, green screen, special effect props, are prepared as a reference for cinematographer and film editor by using storyboards and concept drawings as a guide. This step may take a short time because all it needs to be done is to follow the plan and the concept design. After carrying out the plan and executing it thoroughly, it creates chance to work easily without any difficulties. Hence, the team proceeds to the next step. In the third step, the VFX…

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  • A World Without Photography Research Paper

    certain ideas for educational purposes. But, brilliant people such as Mo-ti to Eugene F. Larry, brought all their ideas together like a chain and contributed to the development of the camera. The concept of creating images besides drawing them started hundreds of years ago and had finally met it’s ideal state about 100 years ago. Cameras were, and will remain a device that will take us on further into the future like it did before. One of the most early and historically important ideas in…

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  • Boudoir Shoot: Personal Narrative Analysis

    Boudoir Shoot The common saying I almost always apply towards myself is, “You are your own biggest critique.” I am getting married in December, so I decided I should do something to bless my future husband. I was completely uncomfortable with this idea and wasn’t going to do it, but this assignment encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone. I wanted to give boudoir photos to him before the wedding day as my wedding gift. But, I did not want to have someone take pictures of my half naked…

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  • Street People Assignment

    Visual research” When we worked on photography history Garry Winogrand was one of the photographers that inspired me with my “Street People” assignment. My work is nothing like his but the free expression that I found in his work even though underneath some of his work you can see the different expressins in people this made me relise that you can express anything within a photo. Simon Garnier said: “I was too timid to get close to strangers to get intimate with them and tell their…

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  • Photojournalism In Photography

    towards it (Hall). Examples of this technique are darkening or blurring the background elements around the main subject to force the viewer’s eye to that specific area of the photograph. Despite these examples showcasing the importance of light combined with composition and color in photography, many people still tend to argue that light is not the most important element in photography, and that some photographic styles do not incorporate certain techniques as discussed. Some people will argue…

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  • Hamlet Dumb Show Analysis

    Scene #1 - 3.2.85-140 This scene is, overall, fairly meta. In the original play, the dumb show is simply a “play within a play”, but in this adaptation, Hamlet is actually shown filming the play with a video camera, which is not only one of the few elements in the scene that indicates that it has a modern-day setting but also sort of makes the scene a “movie within a movie adaptation” at some points. In addition to this, after Hamlet turns down the Queen’s request to “sit by [her]”, Polonius…

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