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  • Leisure Participation

    because it is focused on the leisure and social participation in children diagnosed with Down syndrome. The purpose of this study was to describe leisure participation for school-aged children with Down syndrome and to investigate how factors, classified by the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, influence their leisure participation (Oates, Bebbington, Bourke, Girdler, & Leonard, 2011, p. 1881). Leisure participation was determined by categorizing it as participation in friendships, friendship interactions per week, and participation in sports and hobbies (Oates, Bebbington, Bourke, Girdler, & Leonard, 2011, p. 1882). This study will be beneficial…

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  • Leisure Portfolio

    Leisure Portfolio Mark Nyenhuis Leisure is a very important aspect in a person’s day to day life. Leisure is a way for a person to help develop as a professional, become more cultured, be active in the community, and improve communication skills, just to name a few. In addition, recreation and leisure is the way many people destress, and separate themselves from the stressful workplace.1 In conclusion, recreation and leisure is a very critical aspect of one’s life, and should be well…

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  • Leisure And Stress

    The purpose of this research is to find a the relationship between performing leisure activities and the amount of perceived stress. Maintaining good physical and mental health through forms of self-care is important to managing stress effectively. The participants in this study were made up of 8 males and 21 females. The participants of this study were asked to fill out a survey asking about their stress levels and the frequency of listed activities they do leisurely per week. It was…

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  • Essay On Recreation And Leisure

    The important social factors that lead to the growth of recreation and leisure are the following: An increase in gross national product and household income plays an important role in recreational growth. According to Kraus, over $500 billion was spent on recreation in late 1990’s. Since there is an increase in earnings, it is expected to see an increase in spending by a family that is earning more due economic growth of the nation. There’s more disposable income which a family can spend on…

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  • Outdoor Leisure Participants

    4. The Outdoor Leisure Participants (Demand) 4.1. The Consumer Economic analysis of the demand for a commodity normally takes as its starting point the relationship between the quantity demand, the price of the commodity and the income of the consumers. For outdoor leisure commodities, however, the resources available to the consumer are wider than simply his or her income. To enjoy leisure commodities consumers need time, and for some consumers the lack of availability of time is a bigger…

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  • Jeff Pieper Work And Leisure Analysis

    By reading Josef Pieper’s “Work, Spare Time, and Leisure” I learned that those terms are three possible ways to describe and divide up one’s time. Work is when you go to your job or whatever means you have to make money. Spare time can be defined in two ways, negatively and positively. To define something negatively, you say what it is not and spare time is the time that you are not working, this is the time most often spent resting to get back to work. But defining spare time positively means…

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  • The Importance Of Leisure Time In College Students

    Leisure has been discerning as a necessity to everyone 's life. Due to work, people needs to relax themselves physically and emotionally ones in a while. According to Harris(2005). Leisure plays a significant role in the achievement of each of us. Harris(2005). It is an interest of a person that deals with in their spare time away from productiveness related with these activities. Leisure time is where we can forget all the stressing work that we do in our daily life and just enjoy ourselves.…

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  • What Is The Meaning Of Because I Could Not Stop For Death

    Two of the most important words used are labor and leisure. “And I had put away My labor and my leisure too, For His Civility” (Lines 6-8). Labor has multiple meanings that could relate to marriage. First, labor is what women go through when they are giving birth, something that only happens after someone is married. Secondly, labor is hard work that one does. This could be mental or physical. The narrator used this word to explain how marriage is going to be hard work whether it is the…

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  • Case Study: Youth Live

    complete the initial assessment and work with the youth throughout the 21-week period. Youth are defined by health professionals as needing to be fixed; which focuses on a more deficit way of thinking instead of focusing on the strengths a youth has (Hurtes & Allen, 2001). By adapting a youth development approach to programming as professionals we are emphasizing the potential, strength and abilities in youth instead of the alternative (Hurtes & Allen, 2001). In addition, I think the CTRS would…

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  • Retired Person Interview

    life. Getting a good night sleep is something that Liz depends on to be able to function during her busy days. Liz says that getting 8 or more hours of sleep a night is what she aims for because this is what is deemed the healthy amount. She mentions that with the demands of school, she isn’t able to take naps during the day and usually has to get up early to go to classes. She doesn’t always get the 8 hours that she wants because of staying up late at night studying or finishing homework. Liz…

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