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  • Gambling In China Essay

    Unlike other Asian American communities, which usually struggles with poverty and unemployment, Chinese international students in America is one of the extremely unique groups. They tend to come from wealthy families and the number of these Chinese international students in the US is increasing exponentially every year. However, the community does face some issues that could potentially affect this huge population in the US. For instance, the Chinese love to gamble so much that it had been a part of the orient culture for thousands of years. While establishment such as casinos are illegal in main land China, many international students are spoiled by the opportunities they have in the US to engage in gambling. In fact, gambling problems among…

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  • Negative Effects Of Imperialism

    Door Policy” which means that the United States forced China to keep the “door” of the trading routes open so the Westerners can trade with China. Even though this policy was enforced, the Chinese economy actually did increased because of these trades of goods. Just like on Africa, the effects of the European imperialism was much more negative on China than positive. This could be proven by the fact that since China was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time and enjoyed their own…

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  • Chinese Ice Cream Case Study

    The Chinese ice cream market. China is a country that is changing rapidly, is emerging and taking a place in the world as a consumer society, each day there are new products, brands and companies appearing in the life of people in China (Farrell, Gersch and Stephenson). In this occasion the topic is ice cream, some years ago it was considered as a very luxurious snack but nowadays with the increasing disposable income and big economic growth of the population the consumption of ice cream has…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Barriers To The Health Care Industry

    Another way of dealing with this barrier is to be able to recognise your patients own tone and adapt to it so that both people are on the same page (Tripanti, 2015). I have a cousin who is a nurse and is normally a very loud and outgoing person, however in a situation I witnessed she was able to change her tone and volume in a spilt second when realising her patient who was of Chinese descent had a tone that was very gentle and quiet. When I had asked her why she did that it’s because she’s…

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  • Tale Of Genji Lavender Character Analysis

    Genji’s Future Love Within The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, chapter three titled “Lavender” stands out to encompass many Chinese ideals that help further understand their history and way of life. Throughout the entirety of chapter three, Genji develops a deep interest for a young girl named Murasaki, and the chapter sheds insight on the chase of women and indirectness. In order to fully understand Shikibu’s claims throughout the chapter, it is imperative to unpack the details within the…

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  • Entreprenrants In The GTA

    their clients were nearby local Chinese immigrants and retirement residents in the apartments. P21 and his wife got along with the customers who walked in very well, they talked and treated them like an old friend or members of the families. Some of their customers were even came from far away downtime as they adored and liked P21’s hair design and talent. The busiest times were the afternoons and evenings after working hours, and the whole weekends. P21 hired a part-time lady hair dresser…

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  • Marketing In Africa Case Study

    Their marketing efforts also need to patience and understanding. Chinese companies and their marketing departments need to study and address the top ten reasons why Chinese companies have failed in the past. Chinese Companies will fail if they focus on the Chinese consumer rather than the American consumer. It is very important to understand that in America one reputation-damaging mistake can put one out of business almost overnight. The Chinese companies are not known to spend the time and…

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  • Do's And Don Ts In South Africa Case Study

    The Do’s and Don’ts in South Africa for culture and doing business There are many do’s and don’ts that one must be aware of when it comes to doing business and the culture of South Africa. Understanding these do’s and don’ts will help a company be successful while entering or doing business in South Africa. Do’s These are all of the things that a company should pay extra attention to when doing business in South Africa. Completing all of these tasks will lead to a company being very…

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  • Analysis Of The Woman Warrior By Maxine Hong Kingston

    Kingston recollects her mother’s story telling about heroic Chinese females, similar to Fa Mu Lan, the young lady who went to fight for her father and returned a national legend. Kingston thinks her mother prepares her with the legends of solid women that she could develop into. That is what made Kingston feel that she can be a warrior woman; it is not impossible. In Kingston’s fantasy, she started to follow a bird up into the mounts until she passed by a shelter of an old couples, they wanted…

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  • Gender Roles In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    Amy Tan, a Chinese-American freelance writer, is known for her novel The Joy Luck Club, which is mainly based on her and her mother’s life experiences. She was born in 1952 in Oakland, California. However, after her brother and father dead in 1966, her family moved to Switzerland to start a new life. Then she returned to America for college, and finally obtained her doctor degree in linguistics at UC Berkeley. In 1987, when her mother was diagnosed with a severe illness, they came back to China…

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