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  • Asian American Media

    Asian Americans and the Media by Kent A. Ono and Vincent N. Pham targets the topic of Asian American representations and their presence in media. The book provides a critical analysis of Asian American studies, film studies, communication arts and sciences for an overview of Asian American representations in broad media. Broad media consists of film, television, radio, music, the Internet and the like. The book attempts to understand constraints as a result of historical and contemporary dominant representations. Examples of Asian American representations are addressed in the book with a theoretical approach to make palpable the broad historical and contemporary field of representations in which the group finds themselves. The book is split…

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  • Reflection On Asian Americans

    not concerned about any issues regarding Asians and Asian Americans. I do not think that it is important for me to know or pay attention to them. As long as my life is not affected, I would not take the issues of Asian and Asian American seriously. However, I was wrong. I did not know that Asian Americans’ problem could be a controversial topic in the United States until I read those Asian Americans’ articles and news. In this class, I also could somehow relate myself to some of the topics that…

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  • The Asian American Dream

    In many ways, Asian Americans have accomplished gaining the “American Dream” of getting a higher education, working a great job and financially over achieving. Therefore, Asian Americans are labeled as the model minority, a diligent and hardworking group that other minorities should follow (Le, 2011, p.13). Model minority is defined as a minority group of people who are expected to accomplish a higher degree of socioeconomic success than the average economic status (Wiki, 2016, p.9). But in…

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  • Asian American Struggles

    Invisible and Struggling Asian Americans are generally known for their diligent work ethics, their high levels of education and the high paying job that follows from their education. This stereotype is even supported with statistical data, Asian Americans holding a higher median household income, $66,000, compared to the general population’s $49,800 (Pew Research Center). With a rise in Asian immigrants and the Asian American populace as a whole and how they are projected to be the largest…

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  • Asian American Racism

    immigrants arriving in the United States did not want to associate themselves with Chinese Americans. During World War II, Chinese Americans did not want to associate themselves with Japanese Americans. This was all done to avoid the sphere of racism that existed in the United States. During the 1960s, students from these Asian subgroups “coined the term ‘Asian American’” , which related their combined experiences of “racial oppression and economic exploitation.” As Asian Americans, they…

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  • Examples Of Asian American Stereotypes

    than the societal views of my race. Asian American stereotypes are showing to be detrimental in contemporary society. To be defined as a hardworking, smart individual at first glance may seem perfectly fine, however,…

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  • Asian American Stereotypes Essay

    For instance, being more educated, wealthier, or having marriage and family bonds than Americans are the stereotypes about Asian Americans rooted in the American society. In the United States, Asian Americans are usually stroked at hegemonic ideology imposed on minorities. The Asian American experiences within the context of other racial and ethnic experiences in the United States usually relate to the stereotypes. The experience of Jeremy Lin is a good example. Jeremy Lin is an Asian American…

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  • Asian American Model Minority Summary

    Recently, the Asian American community is in an outrage because of the Asian joke that Chris Rock made at the Oscars ceremony. His joke about Asian has provoked a strong adverse reaction from the community as he practically discriminated against with stereotype. Asian Americans are being portrayed as the “model minority” in the United States. Louis Wirth, “a scholar from the highly influential "Chicago School" of sociology, defines ‘minority’ as a group of people who, because of their physical…

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  • Personal Narrative: Stereotypes Of Asian Americans

    thought and anticipation were broken into shivers. Many people stared at me whenever I stride down the street and even whistle. Even though, Asian Americans take…

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  • How Did Asian Immigrants Come To The American Dream

    With the hopes of a fresh new beginning and more opportunities to rebuild their lives; many Asian immigrants migrated to the United States leaving everything behind as they set their sight towards whatever benefits may await them in America. However, the thought of finding peace and happiness would soon perish with the coming of WWII. During this period, Asian Americans were pushed to the side and seen as enemies. Racism as a whole would contribute to the fall of succeeding the American Dream,…

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