Asian Americans And The Media By Kent A. Ono And Vincent N. Pham Targets

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Asian Americans and the Media by Kent A. Ono and Vincent N. Pham targets the topic of Asian American representations and their presence in media. The book provides a critical analysis of Asian American studies, film studies, communication arts and sciences for an overview of Asian American representations in broad media. Broad media consists of film, television, radio, music, the Internet and the like. The book attempts to understand constraints as a result of historical and contemporary dominant representations. Examples of Asian American representations are addressed in the book with a theoretical approach to make palpable the broad historical and contemporary field of representations in which the group finds themselves.
The book is split into two parts: historical mainstream dominant media and contemporary independent alternative media. Dominant media is referring to the most circulated and produced media for general audiences. This includes Hollywood studios, network television, mainstream newspapers, and major record labels. Independent media refers to media that is circulated in dominant, mainstream venues, however is most often found in underground or alternative venues. General audience members of the latter have different preferences that set themselves apart from those of dominant media. The focus of the paper will be primarily based on dominant media and not independent media as it does not align with the final topic.
Chapter 2, “The Persistence of Yellow Peril

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