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  • The Importance Of Film In Film

    Film in our world today is something we use to portray our imagination. We use films to put ourselves in dangerous and thrilling scenarios that we would never really want to be in. Why do people like to watch horror movies if they get scared? People like feeling like they are actually in the movie entering that dark, creepy room with the squeaky floorboards and the terrifying silhouettes. My major happens to be Film Making and Television Production and I chose this career because I enjoy the process that takes place in order to make a film or television show, as well as the experience from watching them. In my film career, I would incorporate the artistic aspect of film by producing a documentary of all the work that is put in to create the…

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  • Film Inequality In Film

    Women and film, they have being making movies since the beginning of filmmaking and they have always being suppressed by the film industry. Women never really managed to get the space and respect that they deserve with film. From 1896 when the first women made a movie to now 2016, 120 years later not a lot has changed in the industry. They are still not being employed as much as men, nor are they making the same amount of money as men and they are defiantly not getting recognizing by the awards.…

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  • The Importance Of Film Techniques In A Film

    Creating a film from the storyboard up requires a wide variety of skilled workers. Everything from actors to make-up artists and even lighting specialists will be utilized; however, it’s easy to take one of the most important jobs for granted: the cinematographer. Although it may seem as simple as holding a camera, artfully combining clips, angles, and points of view to give a scene an identity is far from easy. Varied filming techniques throughout a movie are important so as not to generate…

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  • The Importance Of Film Criticism In Film

    talking and writing about professional and academic feminist film critics and its relevance in the future, it is important to outline a few of the central problems it tackles, rooted in its historical frame. For the purposes of this essay, only three will be dealt with: representation of women in film, the problem with naming in feminist film criticism, and issues with authority and authenticity. The representation of women in film has been accurately summarized by Molly Haskell (1974) in the…

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  • The Film And Film Analysis Of Charlie Chaplin's Film

    name some may tend to only think of the context of his wonderful films and also the backlash or appraisal that those films may have gotten. However, how many people really understand how this man operates as he is directing his own films? How dedicated is he as he is directing each portion of the film? There is a reason why his films are thought to be so successful. Are they successful because of the context of each film? What tactics does this man use to create such wonderful masterpieces? Also…

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  • Film Eire Film Analysis

    I swear to submit to the following set of rules drawn up and confirmed by Film Éire: 1. All Film Éire films must be filmed on the island of Ireland and the stories must set in either the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or both. This is to encourage the growth of both the film industry and local talent across the whole of Ireland. This is similar to Soviet Cinema of the 1920s where resources were used to create films that told stories set against the backdrop of the Soviet Union. Film…

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  • Film Analysis Of The Film Frost And Nixon

    a drama/history film made in 2008 starring Michael Sheen and Frank Langella. directed by Ron Howard, The film Frost/Nixon runs for 2 hours and 2 minutes and is made by the production company Universal Pictures. Frost/Nixon is rated 7.7/10 on Imdb and 92% on rotten tomatoes. Frost/Nixon is a real life story based on David Frost’s on air interview with the infamous 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon. This film focus on four aspects of Nixon’s life with the most important being the…

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  • Film Directing As A Film Director

    Career- Director (Film) Research Paper I. Introduction to the career of directing Steve Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott Joss Whedon and Kathryn Bigelow are not only influential personalities and globally admired celebrities but also celebrated motion picture directors whose works will live through human history. These film directors are proof that a career in film directing is one of the few that present an opportunity for creative minds to influence history and re-write humanity’s…

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  • Film Noir Film Analysis

    Film Noir, launched just before USA’s entry into the World War II and peaking during the Cold War, was a hybrid of glamour and grittiness, exposing a seamy underside of America during the mid century. Film Noir was cast with wised-up men and wordly women who might not have had the right answers, but certainly had all the right moves. More than often, they held mixed motives and malign agendas. The name ”Film Noir” was coined by french film critics whom, after the trade-blockade following the…

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  • Film Propaganda

    A Film is an idea brought to life on the big screen. The idea can come from a book, a real event/true story or even a political idea. A good film combines many parts to entertain and teach the audience simple (or complex) ideas through its messaging. Films have real life effects on the mass, things referenced in the movie can go viral and start movements. A recent example of this can be found in the recent movie Straight Outta Compton, after its debut one could see people copying the line and…

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