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  • Film Techniques Of The Sleepwalking Scene In Shakespeare's Macbeth

    ways. The films that were shown such as Roman Polanski, Philip Casson and Rupert Goold had their own techniques of interpreting Macbeth. In this instance, for Act 1 Scene 1 when looking at the witches, all three film clips are focused on the shots to emphasize the witches. For Act 2 Scene 2 when the clips are showing the post murder meeting of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth all films were mainly assimilated on the shots for a visually reference. And lastly. Act 5 Scene 1, the films mainly highlight the actions and lighting aspects of the clip. All three films are effective in their own way. The films show…

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  • Red Curtain Film Techniques

    Baz Luhrmann, the director of the Red Curtain trilogy uses unique cinematic techniques such as post modernism (a complex paradigm of different philosophies and artistic styles), in such a way as to create films that excite the audience each film features luxurious design work through the use of costumes, music, sets and scrip, all being rich, sumptuous and intricate. each film as a thematic device through which the story is told, for example dancing in Strictly Ballroom, poetry in Romeo and…

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  • Tim Burton Film Techniques

    give you fame and fortune, and a potion that can shrink you. This is the world of Tim Burton. Tim Burton has used many techniques in his films, but we will be talking deeper into 3 of the techniques as he changes feeling with lighting, music/sound, and framing. Burton uses lighting in certain ways to change the feeling of the film at certain times, and moments. An example of the use of lighting can be shown in the three films, in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” there is dark lighting in…

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  • The Importance Of Film Techniques In A Film

    Creating a film from the storyboard up requires a wide variety of skilled workers. Everything from actors to make-up artists and even lighting specialists will be utilized; however, it’s easy to take one of the most important jobs for granted: the cinematographer. Although it may seem as simple as holding a camera, artfully combining clips, angles, and points of view to give a scene an identity is far from easy. Varied filming techniques throughout a movie are important so as not to generate…

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  • Goodfellas Film Techniques

    Scorsese film, I believe I’ve came to a general understanding of his director style. A great deal of his films are centered around dramatic events in history that are portrayed in realistic manner that keeps the audience interested. Gangs of New York is a film based on Irish Immigrants in New York in the early 19th century. It depicts gang violence among the five boroughs and different gangs that existed at that time. As he does in both Wolf of Wall Street and Goodfellas, Scorsese tends to…

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  • Sully Film Techniques

    From the academy award winning director Clint Eastwood comes the astounding film “Sully” which features Tom Hanks as the protagonist named Sully. While the film uses many techniques and even more tricks to achieve its looks, it also has a true story that captivates the audience making this a movie to remember. Clint Eastwood has been a world renowned actor ever since his first appearance in “Revenge of the Creature” debuting in 1954 which started his legacy in the film industry. Tom Hanks, an…

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  • Memento Film Techniques

    In 2000, Christopher Nolan released his widely acclaimed neo noir Memento. The film stars Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby, a former insurance investigator suffering from severe anterograde memory dysfunction. His condition is a result of experiencing head trauma after witnessing his wife’s murder, and consequently, he is unable to remember anything for more than fifteen minutes. The film focuses on his pursuit of his wife’s killer, which is complicated by his paranoia and confusion. Nolan…

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  • Rear Window Film Techniques

    Window tells the story of a wheelchair-ridden L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies, a photographer who broke his leg while trying to get the perfect photo. While recovering, he watches his neighbors lives unfold from his back window through binoculars and his camera lens. He soon suspects that one of his neighbors, Lars Thorwald, murdered his own wife. He sets out to solve the case with the help of his fiancee and nurse, and discovers the stories of the other tenants around him while procuring evidence in…

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  • Tim Burton's Film Techniques

    appeasing audiences with his directing tactics for over 30 years. His success roots from the morbid curiosity and raw innocence that we as an audience find in other notable figures like Edgar Allen Poe and Brothers Grimm. His exceptional craft as a director is one that captures us by provoking feelings of sentiment, warmth, and dismay. Burton utilizes techniques such as close-ups, back lighting and tracking to do just that. Burton's use of close-ups focuses on significant objects to create a…

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  • Wes Anderson Film Techniques

    the same actors in many of his movies, Bill Murray is one of many actors that continues to reappear in Anderson's films. Murray plays many diverse roles, some include Mr. Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom, Badger from Fantastic Mr. Fox, Herman Blume from Rushmore, and M. Ivan From Grand Budapest Hotel. Any character Murray plays he gives a unique personality which adds a twist to each films he is in. Anderson uses different technique by varying how he creates his films. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a…

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