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  • Alfred Hitchcock Auteur

    Sir Alfred Hitchcock was a “Metteur en scene” or an “auteur”, based on two of his films; Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963). In other words, I’ll be evaluating whether he was a unique and outstanding filmmaker or if he was just like any other regular filmmaker. I’ll begin by giving a little background information about Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock was giving birth to in Leytonstone, Essex in England in the year 1899 and passed away in the year 1980. Hitchcock during his lifetime, was a director, producer and screenwriter. In fifty years, he directed fifty-three feature films of which twenty-three were in the British period and…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock Analysis

    The relationship between the audience and director is one of the most important in the film business. This essay makes reference to the director Alfred Hitchcock, and his ability to shift his filmmaking process between his films Rear Window (1954) and Psycho (1960), with specific emphasis on themes, mise en scene and sound, to meet the demands of his audience. By applying the lens of Lehman and Luhr’s article on auteurship in film, “Authorship: The Searchers and Jungle Fever”, this essay will…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock: Film Analysis

    Over the course of this class we’ve covered a vast amount of information on the history of photography, film and art, from 1839 to the present, all interesting. But what fascinated me the most, was when we covered Alfred Hitchcock, discussing his movie “Psycho” and “North by Northwest”. Although as a graduate student I was given the opportunity to do my final paper on any topic, but I just had to do mine on the “Master of Suspense”, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Since I was a kid, we use to watch Alfred…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Master Of Suspense

    “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock is known for being the “master of suspense”. Born on Aug. 13, 1899 in Leytonstone, England, Hitchcock was one of three children. It is said that he had a lonely childhood due to obesity, which left him isolate and sheltered away from others. His parents had unusual methods of discipline; and often times sent him to the local jail for the police to lock him up for misbehaving, and afterwards would…

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  • The Birds Alfred Hitchcock Analysis

    Alfred Hitchcock’s famous films Psycho and The Birds both portray women in a uniquely comparable way as each of these two films centre around the journey of a woman. His famous 1960 film, Psycho, follows Marion Crane, a Phoenix secretary who stumbles across and seizes the opportunity to claim a large sum of cash to start a new life. His equally critiqued 1963 film, The Birds, focuses on wealthy business woman Melony Daniels, as she travels to the green retreat Bodega Bay in order to win over a…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Analysis

    In the first scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, it could be taken as a flirtatious-romance film; however in the opening title sequence of the film, an ominous tone is set—a more accurate portrayal of the film. The first shot after the opening sequence shows the main protagonist, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren), at a street corner with the frame of the camera shooting the busy street scene and the skies above. While the sky is clear, it is only after when Melanie crosses the street that birds…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock An Auteur Essay

    different pieces of work from North America to Britain films. There were many upcoming directors that fell into the auteur category. Yet, one of the most profound auteurs, in my opinion, would be Alfred Hitchcock.…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock Movie Analysis Essay

    Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” He did exactly that in all his movies. Never did he once give his audience a break. Even if the movie is at a calm scene, he always makes something crazy happen to scare the audience right back in their seats. Alfred Hitchcock was able to create a new kind of horror film that was able to get into the audience 's minds and make them experience unforgettable suspense and fear; this is seen and mimicked in many…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock Psycho Critical Analysis

    One of the most iconic filmmakers of the classical Hollywood era is Alfred Hitchcock. And perhaps one of the best works by him is the movie Psycho. Made in 1960, Psycho started out with actually a lot of negative criticism by well-known movie-goers and critics. Labeled “a violation of good film construction”, the movie turns out to be packed with brilliant plot twists and turns (Kendrick, 6). And in the back end of this brilliant presentation is the subversion and the creativity that has driven…

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  • How Did Alfred Hitchcock Build Suspense

    Alfred Hitchcock once said “there is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it”(Crow, Jonathan).One of the greatest filmmakers of all times, was nicknamed “The Master of Suspense” for he was creating a psychological suspense in his films, which resulted in a unique watching experience (Alfred Hitchcock." He was also an acknowledge master of the thriller, a genre he virtually invented (Ramirez Berg, Charles) and a brilliant technician. Born in London on August 13, 1899…

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