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  • Art And Art: The Importance Of Art

    from the art museum, one of my classmates screamed to the top of his lungs, “I DON’T GET IT,” though his cheeks reddened at the sight of everyone looking at him. He began to further explain, “I don’t get why they drew those pictures, or why we should care.” Ms. Gregory was baffled. We could tell she didn’t have a good enough answer for our classmate. When it finally came to her response, she could only say, “Art is a big part of why we are the way we are. It shows what we go through, those painting are no different than old treaties between countries. Art is a part of us and that’s why we should care.” Now I know Ms. Gregory meant self-expression (art) defines culture. The idea of art is reason enough to care about it. Humans need art in their lives. It keeps us, well, human. Only humans can take a…

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  • Art And Art Essay

    Art is one of the oldest kinds of creativity in the world, yet can be defined as many different terms. Art is not only about painting on canvas or drawing on a piece of paper. When people think of art, most of the time they think of paintings, but its more than just pigment. Many people misunderstand the meaning of art. Art is not only about paintings or a talent; there is more to it. There are different branches of the arts such as visual art, music, literature, and dance. Although, if one were…

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  • The Importance Of Art And Art

    their minds off things. Art, on the other hand, is more for someone who wants to get their mind engaged and stimulated. We cannot go to see Rambo III for art, unless we are stupid. Wanting to get a jolt of adrenaline, let’s go to watch a road movie or thriller. By contrast, good art usually demands our patience and slowing down. David Cronenberg, a contemporary famous film director, said something very truthful: “Entertainment tries to give you what you want – a movie, pop-corn, and…

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  • Is Art Is A Face Of Art?

    Art is a notoriously ambiguous subject and name. In society today, the word art immediately brings to mind the intricate and time-intensive works of the Old Masters’ paintings and sculptures. But there is another face of art that I believe is becoming more and more obvious. The face that is a single large orange dot on a canvas. The face that is the holy cross submerged in urine (Serrano, Andreas. Piss Christ. 1987. Stux Gallery, New York.) All this is acclaimed as art by art critics, collectors…

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  • Art Is Art Essay

    definition of art. It is hard to give a really specific definition to art. As an individual person, we all have our own opinion about art. Therefore, in this paper, I am going to discuss what is art and what is not art, how are different arts be meaningful and useful in my own life or career and what makes art objects meaningful to us. And how can we decide an artwork is meaningful or not then why does art matter. First of all, what is art and what is not art? It is always hard to define…

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  • The Influence Of Art In Art, Art And The Community

    Art has always existed in humanity. Since prehistoric times, primitive humans painted messages on the insides of caves. We hummed and used miscellaneous tools to serve the purpose of modern instruments. Because we have always had emotions, we always created art. A desire to create is born in us. Art appeals to all of our senses, which is why humans are so drawn to music, murals, dance, literature, and so on. Most importantly, art can change or create emotions in us based on what we hear, see,…

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  • The Arts: The Importance Of The Arts

    Maria Shriver once stated that “Art is fundamental, unique to each of us…Even in difficult economic times – especially in difficult economic times – the arts are essential.” Nonetheless, there is still a lack of interest and advocacy for the arts. This is a problem that has arisen over the last thirty or so years, and occurs everywhere, however it is more of a prominent problem in some places than it is in others. Norman, Oklahoma, for instance, is a place that is lacking when it comes to the…

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  • Relational Art And Art

    Art is a diverse concept known throughout the entire world. It causes much controversy over the subject matter and what makes it considered art. Art can be very simple but also at times can be very complex, it can last a lifetime or even just a day. It can be a physical object or painting or it can be performance based. Artists are full of imagination, emotion, creativity, and most of all passion. Passion is what drives the artist to create the work and propel it forward into success. In this…

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  • Importance Of Arts And Ideas In Art

    to my “three official transcripts on file (Syracuse U, SCSU and Univ. of New Hampshire), FIA206, Arts and Ideas II was accepted for three semester hours of credit in art. A full 12 semester hours of credit in art were not identifiable. Please submit course descriptions for the course(s) that you feel may be considered for art course work.” While is it accurate to conclude that my only “formal” credits in fine arts were earned in FIA206, Arts and Ideas II, Connecticut General Statutes relating…

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  • Art Vs Art Essay

    What is art and why is this question important? The question seems more suited to the topic of philosophy than of art, yet that does not mean philosophy has any easy answer to this seemingly simple question. Rather, one of the consequences of studying philosophy is in the realization that the simplest questions are often the most difficult to answer. Philosophy may offer a foundation for our most treasured beliefs but it also shows us how little we actually know. The Delphic oracle declared…

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