Ancient Rome

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  • Women In Ancient Rome

    Women of today’s society play an important role in that of political, familial, and societal affairs. However, that has not always been the case. In the ancient world, women had to work their way up these ladders to finally arrive at the place in society that they are in present-day America, and in some countries, the treatment of women is still similar to that of primitive ones. Roman women illustrated a unique position within their society, but how were they dissimilar from the rest of the ancient world? The Romans had a set of distinctive laws, traditions, and activities, which all contributed to the variation between the way that Roman women were treated versus that of the other countries of their time period. A principal collation was…

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  • Ghosts In Ancient Rome

    ghosts and the afterlife of the Ancient Roman Empire. Death, afterlife, and ghosts played an immense role in Roman society because Romans profoundly respected and revered the dead spirits of society. The Roman people believed knowledge and benevolent forces in life were outcomes of the deceased. The Roman Religion influenced much of today’s contemporary beliefs and religious ideals as well as shaping external religions that went beyond the Empire. Due to the Roman Empire’s religious authority…

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  • Violence In Ancient Rome

    Violence has always played a big role with the ancient Romans. They amassed one of the biggest militaries ever seen in ancient times. However, they did not use this grand military to conquer other nations, they did this to more easily defend Rome. They felt that if they could decimate surrounding forces, the more secure their standing was. By doing so, they were able to spread Roman culture across the Mediterranean. Later in the Roman times, crucifixion became a popular way to publicly execute…

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  • Sacrifice In Ancient Rome

    Throughout ancient Rome, Romans shared a set of ideals that defined many aspects of their lives. Once a small tribe in Italy, the Roman civilization grew, and at its peak, spread far and wide throughout the Mediterranean. In their growth, they developed strong ideals of how to conquer and what to do with the religions of others. In a process called evocatio deorum, the calling to or summoning of another people’s gods, the Romans gained a vast arrangement of gods and ritualistic practices for…

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  • Rome: The Rise And Fall Of Ancient Rome

    aqueduct system like theirs all around the country. It was the start of a cleaner evolution. Welfare is also used today starting in the 1930’s during the great depression to keep our own citizens from being homeless. Socks have stuck around up until this day almost becoming a daily essential when traveling around in the united states especially during the winter time. Shoes designed for the left and right foot have become a standard in 99% of all shoe/sneaker manufactures products till this day.…

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  • Tribunes In Ancient Rome

    Back in the days of Ancient Rome, tribunes were some of the most feared and respected people in society. There were many different types of tribunes. These tribunes all had different roles and played major parts in the Roman society. The most common type of tribune was an elected position whose job was to defend the civil and religious liberties of the Roman people, to protect them from oppression from nobles, and to solve certain military issues (TribunesAnd The word…

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  • Colosseums In Ancient Rome

    For years gladiator battles and chariot races took place in Colosseums in Ancient Rome. It was a great time for entertainment. People loved the blood and gore of the gladiator battles. Stallions rode around the arena pulling their warriors behind them as the rider cracked his whip. Swords swiped, shields clashed, men fought for their lives. A man could die based on the attitude of one man.With the flip of the emperor's thumb, a man could die. These were the famous events that all the Romans…

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  • Social Class In Ancient Rome

    which reflected their social class and therefore power and how much control they had in the ancient Roman society. Then if the dead person had any military rewards or crowns then they would get carried out to show their achievements that they had made during their lifetime. Eventually the corpse was then carried out on the couch; the body was usually carried out on the eighth day after death. If the body was cremated then the ashes would be placed into an urn (a small clay jar) and the urn…

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  • Gender Inequality In Ancient Rome

    Question Two: How is sexuality politicized in Rome? According to the beliefs of ancient Rome, a person’s sexuality was intrinsically tied to their character. Because sexual characteristics were implicative of personal characteristics, you could judge someone’s character by their sexuality. The ancient Romans used sexuality to judge character, even though the two may be entirely unrelated. The Romans may have done this for another, more practical reason as well: bloodlines. The Romans had no…

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  • Slavery In Ancient Rome

    this trade was a conduit for transmission of culture. The clearest example of this is in Roman fascination with Greek culture, which was shown in terms of education earlier in this essay. Outside of the Graeco-Roman world, there were still traces of Slaves from all over the Empires vast expanse, impacting Imperial culture. The original religions of slaves appear to follow them in Italy, with cults cropping up with the mixing of gods. The most prominent example of this is the Mithraic cult. The…

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