Violence In Ancient Rome

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Violence has always played a big role with the ancient Romans. They amassed one of the biggest militaries ever seen in ancient times. However, they did not use this grand military to conquer other nations, they did this to more easily defend Rome. They felt that if they could decimate surrounding forces, the more secure their standing was. By doing so, they were able to spread Roman culture across the Mediterranean. Later in the Roman times, crucifixion became a popular way to publicly execute people. Indirectly, this spread fear of the cruelty that people were willing to go to too make sure that they had stability. Then there is also the fact that Rome has had many different civil wars and revolts. One major Revolt during roman times was the revolt of Spartacus. Spartacus was a Thracian by birth, served in the Roman army till he was enslaved and sent to become a gladiator in Capua. However, he and 70 other gladiators escaped, stealing weapons as they left. Soon he amassed a massive army to continue to harass Rome. In response, Rome sent legions upon legions to end the rebellion and in a climactic battle, Spartacus was killed and his army was decimated. Another example is the civil war started by Julius Caesar. After gaining control of troops in Gaul, he marches to the river of Rubicon where he says his quote, …show more content…
Violence was what started Rome tracing back to the story of Aeneas with the sack of Troy. It was violence that also gave way to stability as no nation dare cross the might of the Roman Empire. What caused the decline and eventual fall of Rome was a multitude of things; There was a series of inept emperors, corruption within the senate and the fact that they didn’t seem to possess the same military might that they once did. Violence and the multitude of wars that they participated may have led to the decline, but all the wars they won caused Rome to be as great as it

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