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  • Disobedience Erich Fromm Summary

    the face of authority. If you don’t have courage or self confidence in what you believe, then you will buckle under the scrutiny of others. However, I also believe that most people are lazy; complacency is easier than defiance, which is why more people don’t rebel. Fromm is also thinking like a philosopher; he enjoys taking himself out of situations, analyzing his options and critically judging himself. Unfortunately, most people do not think this way. People don’t like being judged, which results in people not taking responsibility for their actions. I disagree with how Fromm relies on the comparison of our options to our humanistic conscious, morals and the laws of humanity to guide our actions. What if our values are subpar? If someone has little to no morality and believes that he is bettering the future of humanity with his actions, then according to Fromm’s logic, they have justified themselves by obeying their personal morals and how they interpreted the laws of humanity. This could mean that a seral killer felt that his actions were justified as an act of freedom against authority. Fromm assumes that we have higher standards than the authoritative figure…

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  • Socrates And Antigone: The Problem Of Law

    This means doing the right thing and standing up for what people believe in. Living to the fullest extent is key to success and to the fulfillment of one’s duty as a person. It is important that people stand up for what is right in order to put purpose and meaning into their lives. Although this seems like common sense, people often forget to make their lives impactful and to influence others positively. In other words, life should not be measured in quantity; it should be measured by quality.…

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  • Character Analysis: The Canterbury Tales

    Payne, Austin English IV, 4th hour December 7, 2015 Paper The Prologue of The Canterbury Tales During the time of The Canterbury Tales the church people are supposed to follow certain rules that put them right with god. The four rules are considered as vows. The four vows are: poverty, stability, chastity, and obedience. The vow of poverty is about not being attached to such world such as garments or jewelry. The vow of stability is about focusing on god, day on and day off. The vow of…

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  • Shepard Fairy

    Many younger peoples wear his clothing brand, and have seen one of his more famous posters, “Hope.” Many people, however may not know who the person is, that is behind what they wear and what they see. Shepard Fairy is an American street artist, graphic designer, activist, and illustrator. His clothing line, OBEY, emerged from the skateboarding scene. He was also hugely recognized during the 2008 presidential election after his poster of former President Barack Obama. At forty seven years old,…

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  • Graffiti: How Shepard Fairey Changed The World Of Street Art

    Graffiti: How Shepard Fairey changed the world of Street Art It's 11 o'clock on Gratz Street, North Philadelphia. A hooded figure darts across the street, and runs up to an abandoned row-home, pulling out a can of spray paint. He nervously looks both ways, eyes scanning the street corners, before spraying the paint across the barren concrete wall. His message: one of defiance, against the status quo, against everything he believes has held him back in life. Standing back, he enjoys a brief…

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  • Shepard Fairey Research Paper

    Illustrators and artists should be allowed to use photographs under the copyright “Fair Use” without having to pay any royalties to, or ask permission from to the original photographer or copyright holder. If the new work is transformative of the original photograph, then artists should be able to use photographs in their work because they serve as inspiration just as other art forms do. Shepard Fairey was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1970 (“Obey Giant” CV). He graduated with a B.A.…

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