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  • The Bible: The Basis Of The Bible

    The Bible There are many books considered to be good, great, grand, but no book is as good and profound as The Bible. The Bible is a good book because gives a beautiful description of morals and ethics, set a structure that is translated into modern day government, and makes people realize and live with their own mortality. The Bible makes for a good read, but it also makes you feel good reading it. The basis of The Bible is being a good person, how to treat your friends, family, and the strangers around you. It set an example for Capitalism and Judicial systems, and gives people something to look forward to after death. These things create a grand message, which makes it a good book to read. It leaves you with a sense of comfort, understanding,…

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  • The Bible: The Matrix In The Movie And The Bible

    NAME; JERRY ISAAC MALLO HIC NUMBER; MALJC1403 MODULE; MASS COMMUNICATION TEACHER; MS NINA FEDERLEY DATE; JULY 20 2015. THE MATRIX AS A BIBLICAL STORY The Matrix is a current movie and the Bible is a piece of inspired literature that has withstood scrutiny throughout the ages. The Matrix has many biblical themes and it parallels the Bible in numerous ways. Let me briefly explain a simplified plot of The Matrix. The story centres around a computer-generated world that has been created to hide…

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  • The Holy Bible: The Central Message Of The Bible

    “The Bible belongs to the whole world as does no other book. Written originally in Hebrew and Greek more than eighteen centuries ago, it is now available, in whole or in part, in more than a thousand languages. It is the best seller since best sellers were first recognized (McKnight, 11).” The Holy Bible remains to be the most important source for knowledge in the Christian faith today. “The Central message of the Bible is God’s revelation of himself and His will. It is not difficult to discover…

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  • The Bible: Creation, Fall, And Redemption In The Bible

    The Bible is a long book with many smaller books. The story of the bible is one of creation, fall, and then redemption. Throughout the bible is an overarching theme of redemption of humanity for the sin committed in the Garden of Eden. Since that event humanity has been on a path of redemption that is fully realized in the final book of Revelations. I will show the Bible has an overall theme around God’s kingdom and how through Christ he brings man back into his presence through sacrifice.…

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  • Bible In America

    The Bible may be the most printed and bestselling book in the world in the last 50 years, but only less than half of practicing American Christians spend time regularly engaging with it, according to the American Bible Society (ABS) based on evidence gathered by the Barna Group over a six-year period. During a presentation at the Movement Day Global Cities conference held at the Jacob Javits Center last week, ABS’ Project Ignition director Samuel Harrell presented evidence gathered by Barna from…

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  • Bible Survey

    previous teachings are not as deep as the lectures are. I appreciate the explanations that are provided, versus not explaining or examining a scripture. This week’s lectures made the Bible text…

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  • Bible Translation

    There are many versions and translations of the bible, just as there are many types of people reading the bible there are many different versions to accommodate the variety of people reading . Although all of the versions and translations are accurate and there is an overall message for each verse that all the versions stick to, there are definitely a lot of differences among the versions. The above table shows the differences among just three versions of the same verse. The First translation,…

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  • Bible Strength

    of the Bible. Whether it’s kings that have insecure weakness or peasants that have incredible strengths that allow them to rise above those kings. The Bible is filled with great examples of the greatest weaknesses and strengths of mankind. One of the most significant weaknesses of mankind portrayed throughout the Bible is disobedience. In one instance, Adam and Eve, the very first humans, were told they could eat fruit from whatever tree they wanted, except the Tree of Knowledge. Even after…

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  • Flood In The Bible

    The Bible cases to be supernaturally motivated (2 Timothy 3:16– 17), and since God can't lie, we expect all of His verifiable cases to be valid. Dissimilar to myths, the Bible precisely records minute insights about ancient cultures, and it unreservedly recognizes the deficiencies of its "legends." Such genuineness and tender loving care is profoundly strange in ancient mythology, yet proper for genuine history. As it identifies with the Flood, the language of Genesis 6– 9 is so spellbinding and…

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  • Stewardship In The Bible

    Stewardship is the first term used in this week’s lesson. Before we talk about the meaning of the term stewardship as related to a Christian it was explained that stewardship takes its definition from the first words used in the Bible. At the very beginning of Genesis one, we read these words “In the beginning”. In the beginning is the term used to describe the moment when God inaugurated the start of everything. It was the moment time began. Ancient Hebrews used the word beginning to describe…

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