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  • The Old Testament

    The Old Testament is a collection of 39 books that explain history and Religion of the people of Israel. The authors of these books are unknown but each book has its own unique style, perspective, teachings and message. Every book has a purpose in telling the stories and laws of an overall religious structure and ethical culture. All of the books together outline a deep view of God and his attempt to relate and communicate with humans. In the Old Testament there is also an emphasis on identifying ways to use this material that can help people in their daily lives. Genesis the first book is made up of 10 stories that describe the beginnings of mankind. The book describes in its stories and origins of the “Heavens and Earth” and explains specific people and families that have a significant dealing in Gods communication with humans. There are curtain themes in Genesis that differ from each other greatly. Such as Genesis 2 that speaks about the creation of woman and their roles in life, Genesis 6 that is about the Sons of God and Genesis 9 that explains the story the curse of Ham. Abraham is also a theme, and God as a punisher of evil. Exodus had three major themes that were about…

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  • Death In The Old Testament And The New Testament

    The Christian Bible was encompassed from an Old and a New Testament. It is believed that followers of the Christian religion wrote the New Testament while the ancient Israelites wrote the Old Testament, which in turn is what they named the Hebrew Bible. Although Christians did not always see eye to eye with the view of the Jews and thus, chose to not conform to all their beliefs, Christians did in fact incorporate the Hebrew bible into the Christian Bible as what is now called the Old Testament.…

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  • Old Testament Ancient Israelites

    Introduction How many times have we all heard the saying, “it’s a woman’s’ prerogative to change her mind”? In looking at the Ancient Israelites and the journey they took through the Old Testament I see a lot of swaying back and forth in being close to God and then far away from God. So if there’s anyone else that can be likened to this indecisiveness of changing ones mind, it is the Ancient Israelites. Body The Old Testament is full of people’s relationship with God . Genesis is the…

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  • Minor Prophets In The Old Testament

    As we reach the end of the Old Testament, we also reach the Minor Prophets which cover the books of Hosea to Malachi. The prophetic books of the Bible are books of judgment and punishment. They also cover and illustrate the issues of idolatry, social injustices and religious ritualism. Even now in the 21st century these issues still apply to us and we can learn things from the teachings of the prophets. A man named Amos prophesized in Israel during a time of prosperity for the nation;…

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  • Old Testament Traditions

    their own traditions that have since originated from the time of Jesus Christ. Christians place high importance on the New Testament and live their lives based on the teachings of the New Testament, the completion of the Old Testament, which is the foundation of the Jewish faith (Tasman 2016). Many Christians find the Old Testament almost irrelevant, as it was before Jesus’ time. The Old Testament contains traditions that are meant to be followed by Christians and Jews alike. Jesus of Nazareth,…

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  • God In The Old Testament

    Introduction There is a constant theme of the presence of God in the Old Testament in which God attempts to show His people (the Israelites) His law and how to live by them. Idolatry, one of the largest problems amongst the Israelites in the old testament and many of the letters of Paul to the churches in the new testament are proof that this is an ongoing issue Them Exodus is the second book of the Old Testament through which God’s fulfilment of promises to past generations are…

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  • The Hebrew Bible: The Old And New Testaments

    The Hebrew Bible consists of two main sections: the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament begins with the book of Genesis, which tells stories of creation and how the world and mankind comes into existence. This book alone shows of God’s magnificent and omnipotent power as the creator of all things. Genesis begins with the beginning of time, the creation of the earth and the heavens. Each day, God creates something new, which He deems all of what He creates as good. (Genesis 1:31, NIV) On…

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  • Poverty In The Old Testament

    From the Old Testament through the New Testament, we see how God uses poverty to show us that life is more important than being wealthy. As we look at scripture we will notice that poverty is something that many people go through and it is not entirely bad. Today, we can use scriptures that talk about poverty to help keep us humble. Poverty plays an important role in the Bible that helps show God’s character. One thing that we learn early in the Old Testament is that if you’re poor you are…

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  • Old Testament Analysis

    In taking Old Testament with Dr. Jones this semester, I have learned numerous things about God and the Bible as a whole. Though lectures and class discussions, I have learned things that have benefitted me far outside the realms of the class. This semester, Dr. Jones has really challenged us to see how what we are learning in class applies to real life, not merely within the walls of the classroom, and that is something I have taken away. I have come to understand that the Bible is indeed living…

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  • Old Testament Theme Of Hope Essay

    Introduction I am looking at the theme of hope in the main events of the Old Testament I am presenting this to the youth of our church with the hope that they understand what it was to have hope back in the Old Testament times Body God created the world so that they Being Adam and Eve could enjoy the world. They would be the possible future of the world. God wanted them to live in peace and to shear the world with them . In the fall they were tempted by the serpent. They sinned and God…

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