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  • The Importance Of Human Olfaction

    From an evolutionary standpoint, olfaction is one of the oldest senses. Aiding in our memory and also in the detection of hazards, the sense of smell became a necessity in the human struggle for survival. From the creation of synthetic fragrances to even the enhancing of our sense of taste, olfaction has even affected our culture. Our sense of smell has helped establish the human race into what it is today, but could it also be affecting us on a subconscious level? First we must understand how human olfaction is made possible. Our sense of smell is part of our chemosensory system; senses in our body that rely on chemical molecules. Air (a mixture of molecules) enters the nose through the nostrils and is filtered before coming in contact…

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  • C. Elegan Essay

    (Allen et al. 2015). The C. elegans’ structural integral is very straightforward, consisting of 302 neurons, with 60 of them being sensory neurons (Pieczynski 2016). Thanks to this simplicity, we can easily observe C. elegans’ reaction to various reactions to stimuli in order to observe changes in behavior. Furthermore, because the worms have many genes in common with humans, we can draw parallels towards the human brain and its neurological functions. Stimulation through olfaction is a…

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  • Taste Receptors Essay

    Olfaction (smell) and Gustation (taste) work simultaneously with the aid of chemoreceptors, which generate nerve impulses. Chemoreceptors are able to combine the molecules that they recognize with a protein in order to create a channel on the surface of the receptors, which generates impulses. While they are both powerful senses, smell tends to be more responsive. The brain interprets the information given from taste and smell to help humans identify what it is they are eating. Scientists have…

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  • Imagery In A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

    health, as if one if to describe someone as to have “cracked” it can mean someone who is mentally disturbed (Merriam-Webster 2015). As things such as people and furniture start to age, not only do they visually show it, but also olfactorily. Sense of smell in humans, or olfaction, is an essential and important sense in the human body. Unfortunately, not every smell is pleasant, such is the case in the story of Miss Emily. The scent of her home is described as being quite dank and dusty in the…

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  • Primate Communication Essay

    Overview Communication is the basis for all primate social behavior. Primates communicate using a variety of modalities including olfaction, vision, and audition. While primate communication is an extensively researched topic, not all modalities have received the same amount of research. Acoustic communication has been the most often studied, followed by visual and then olfactory (Semple & Higham, 2013). Typically primates are considered visual animals and several species have the ability to…

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  • The Five Basic Senses, Taste, And Touch

    causes a partial blurring of vision or patchy loss of vision. Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people of 40 and is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Thirdly, smell also known as olfaction involves the detection and perception of chemicals floating in the air. The nose has an olfactory cleft where special cells can sense the various odors we breathe in and sends their signals to the brain through the olfactory nerve. The complete loss of smell is called anosmia…

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  • Essay On 5 Senses

    some damage to taste if infected enough. This can happen because it passes through the middle ear making it vulnerable to infections (Wolfe, et al; 2009). Another problem that can happen in regards to this sensory system is related to the glossopharyngeal nerve. This nerve which is near the tonsils can be damaged by mild head injuries resulting in reduced taste sensitivity (Wolfe, et al; 2009). A condition that can result from reduced sensitivity for sense of taste is weight gain (Wolfe, et al;…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Don T Cry

    Research suggests that olfactory triggered memories produce higher emotional arousal than memories triggered by verbal information (Willander and Larsson). A possible explanation for the strong link between olfaction and memory emotionality may be that the olfactory bulb is linked to the amygdala, associated with emotional experience, and the hippocampus, associated with memory (Reid, Green, Wildshut, and Sedkides). The other senses are processed by the thalamus (Jones). In addition, scent…

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  • Chemistry In The Olfactory System

    which is to generate as much money as possible. Although, the products created by these entities must be safe for human consumption there is a grey area since it has led adverse health effects on its consumers such as the increasing rates of obesity. The olfactory and gustatory system are being exploited by the food industry and ignoring the negative impacts on the consumers. It is a popular misconception of crediting the gustatory system for most of the perception of flavor, meanwhile the…

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  • Phenomenology In Architecture

    space and odor can be influence by a complex of odors: those of the material creating the space, of the furnishings within it, and the activities occurring in the space it over the course of time. Other factors are important such as the orientation of the space, and environmental conditions of the site, these include humidity of the air, time of day, the persistence, saturation, and nature of the odors. Peter Zumthor tries to explain the smell of kitchen and how it can work consciously and…

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