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  • A Career In Chemistry

    How does your major (or minor) fit into your life’s plan? Chemistry, like all other sciences, provides us with a better understanding of how matter behaves. Chemistry provides ideas of explanation for laws of nature and realism, which are investigated using the specific theories, concepts, methods and experimental tools. I became a chemist to apply this to my life, and to provide tangible change to society. During my time in high school, AP chemistry was regarded as the toughest class. It was certainly the most challenging class I had to take at the time, but I was excited by the challenge. I chose to spend the next four years following high school at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign studying chemistry. My experiences inside and…

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  • Organic Chemistry

    This semester, I’m in a course entitled Principles of Chemistry I. Currently, I need to learn and store trends of the periodic table. One particularly hard area is electron affinity and ionization energy trends. Electron affinity is how willing an element is to gain an electron, and ionization energy is how willing the element is to lose an electron. Remembering which direction each of those two trends go on the periodic table has been difficult for me. I’m trying to store this information in my…

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  • Chemistry Lab

    I. PURPOSE The purpose of this lab was to observe the physical properties of different samples of matter and to use your observations and knowledge of chemistry to classify each sample as an element, a compound or a mixture. II. MATERIALS 10 beakers containing different samples of matter III. PROCEDURE First off, put on a laboratory apron. Then, take a few minutes at each lab station and record three physical property observations of each sample of matter. Record the three physical property…

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  • Pharmaceuticals In Chemistry

    Pharmaceuticals are medicals drugs that are used or sold. When dealing with pharmaceuticals you have to deal with mixing substances together, knowing how much to put in every dosage, acids and bases, matter, chemical and physical properties, and etc. Pharmaceuticals are made of elements that are apart of the periodic table. That happens when combining two or more elements together causing a chemicals reaction. Also in chemistry is a law called the Law of Conservation of Matter which is used to…

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  • Honors Chemistry Reflection

    the AP chemistry class for the following year and I had to pick a new science class for my junior year. When I asked why he told me that there were only eleven people signed up for the class and that they wanted fifteen to keep it open. To be fair it was understandable that most people would not want to sign up. Many found honors chemistry to be incredibly difficult and would be happy to be rid of it once they finished their final in June. I however, found it to be an incredibly interesting…

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  • ICT In Chemistry Essay

    USING ICT IN CHEMISTRY EDUCATION LOKENDRA KUMAR OJHA Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab Abstract There are several topics in chemistry which required computational technique to learn and use of ICT enhance learning capacity of learner as well as facilitator. The present article deals with the use of ICT in some of the topic of chemistry. We tried to overcome from routine chalk and talk method to understand the several topic viz. stereochemistries, IUPAC…

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  • John Leyba In Chemistry

    Writing is not the first thing that comes to mind when the word chemistry comes appears. With the subject of chemistry, people usually think of cool experiments such as making toxic chemicals and blowing things up; however, writing plays a very vital part as a chemist. Dr. John Leyba, the chemistry and biochemistry department head and professor at the University of North Georgia (UNG), was able to give an insight of writing in the world of chemistry. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Truman State…

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  • Chemistry Of Waxing Essay

    Chemistry is a world many of us forget exist in our daily lives. We go about our routines, forgetting that chemistry plays a key role in our lives. As a skier, I noticed the unseen world of chemistry when I am preparing for ski races, waxing my skis. Preparing my skis for a race weekend requires applying multiple layers of wax to my skis. The wax we use is commonly a fluorocarbon mixture. In order for the wax to be saturated into the ski, the block must be melted with an iron. Once the…

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  • The Importance Of The Scale Of Chemistry

    Based on your answer to (4), how many glucose molecules would fit in a 1 cm3 box? Write the number in scientific notation. Conclusion Write a conclusion for this experiment, addressing the objectives (listed in your introduction) and main results of this experiment. [Hint: make sure to discuss what you learned about the size of atoms/molecules based on the measurements made in this laboratory exercise.] What is the Scale of Chemistry? Worksheet Significant Figures, Scientific…

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  • The Benefits Of Green Chemistry

    descent to our own demise. Things can be done on both the large and small scale to achieve such an end. Recent technological and scientific advancements have enabled scientists and engineers to protect and benefit the economy, people and the planet through implementation of Green Chemistry. The American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute describes green chemistry as a different perspective on how chemistry and chemical engineering should be done to reduce waste, conserve energy, and…

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