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  • Saturday The Small Pox Analysis

    In “Saturday the Small Pox,” one pattern that is used throughout this passage is the use of objects or ideas to indirectly describe her beauty. In line one, Montagu describes how no one would ever acknowledge the idea of betraying her. This could be indirectly implying that men would never do such a foolish thing because her beauty is so remarkable and is the fairest of them all. To explain her contraction of smallpox, she also writes about how her beauty has fled. In line 9, she notes that her followers are no longer beside her. This suggests that her small pox has negatively affected her beauty and her status. The use of these objects and ideas implicitly describing her beauty is used to generate the feelings she must be feeling like pity and sadness. I felt sorry for her when she wrote, “...and lovers are no more” because it indirectly implies that losing her beauty has influenced things around her, like the Empire. This really keys in on the idea that her beauty is what gives her happiness. Also, it demonstrates that she is a social leader in society and without beauty she no longer has a say. The significance of incorporating ideas to create sympathy throughout the poem engages readers in a personal troubling situation of their own beauty. At first Montagu brags about her beauty, but then all of a sudden when she’s no longer beautiful she has lost her status, power, and confidence. While I felt sorry at first that her advocacy as a leader is based upon her beauty, I…

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  • Values And Hyperbole In Caroline Hwang's The Good Daughter

    Being raised as 1 out of 5 children by a single mother, I have learned to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices my mother has made to be a great parent. And I feel that the only way to show my gratitude to her is by becoming successful and being happy with the decisions I make in life. In the passage “The Good Daughter,” Caroline Hwang gives an account of the obligation she felt when it came to repaying the sacrifice her parents made of moving from Korea to America for her. The main idea in…

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  • Excerpt From 'The Red Badge Of Courage'

    1. I think what is fresh in Cranes approach is the way we see the battle. We are seeing and hearing about the battle though the eyes of this young man who is referred to as the youth throughout the story. Though his single thoughts and feelings the story is told making it seem very real. 2. I think the paragraph from The Red Badge of Courage makes the reader feel like they are actually experiencing the events. I think this is because in the passage from the successes and failures of…

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  • The Role Of Evil In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Often times, in the court of law, and in society, murderers and crime offenders are often viewed as “hateful, malicious, and vicious” by the general public; and honestly, it’s easy to view them as such. You had said so yourself early this week about a certain case that occurred in which you asked, “What would make someone turn so evil?” However, I believe that our society has caused us to highlight and view criminals’ bad nature, rather than looking at the root of what caused them to go awry. At…

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  • Summer Of 1864-Personal Narrative

    a single moment. I could hear my family’s cries from the house, but I couldn’t go back. I knew they would never forgive me for losing their prized possession. Without that cow, we were nothing. So I set off to find that Daisy, or die trying. I had no other choice. I ran through the forest until the sunset peeked through the tree line. I came to a clearing, a large body of water sitting in the middle. It was glistening in the bright colors of the sky, undulating off into the horizon. It was…

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  • Personal Narrative: Burkley Home

    darkness, the people I met. I seem to only remember the house itself ... the candlesticks that burned bright on rainy days, that flickered so violently, you would swear a ghost was pushing the flame. I grew up at Burkley, alongside my cousin and aunt. How many years have passed since then? Burkley was a beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful things, artifacts of art itself. It seemed, were kept there, on constant display. I suppose it's come time for me to tell of my life there. My bedroom…

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  • Cherry Blossom Essay

    Cherry Blossom is Japanese festival. In Japanese term, cherry blossom known as "Sakura". The flower of genus Prunus trees bloom in the spring season, which consider as Cherry Blossom. These are White and Pink flowers. The Cherry Blossom is assumed to be a native of the Himalayas. It looks marvelous when the Cherry trees bloom at its peak. You must visit it once. National cherry blossom festival Washington DC In 1912 Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo had gifted 3000 Cherry trees to City of Washington…

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  • Catalina Island Research Paper

    The camp you will be staying at is off the coast of Southern California and is on the North Western side of Catalina. It is 22 miles from Los Angeles which is where you board the ship that takes you to Catalina. When you are outside (or sometimes even when you are inside), the temperature is normally really warm and sometimes humid so I would suggest bringing and applying sunscreen in the morning and after every meal. Some of the native plants are eucalyptus trees, pine trees, moss, and cherry…

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  • Analysis Of The Lost Love By Namiko Haruno

    black hair as black as coal. She wore a traditional Japanese kimono with beautiful, elegant colors of black, red, and gold. Namiko had never been outside of her village of Kitanizawa, Japan. Her village population was small, but it was very tranquil without all the bustling sounds of a crowded city. Kitanizawa is surrounded by a mountain covered with forests covered with vines, moss, and the creatures that live deep within the forest. The mountain that surrounds the village is Mt. Daisen, which…

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  • How To Write An Essay About My First Day In High School

    Spring has arrived and so has the beginnings of a new school year, seeing the same faces just months ago, but everyone has somehow changed, even if only a little. I left my home this morning expecting nothing out of the usual, though I left earlier so I could take my time watching the cherry blossoms before the day began. As I was walking to school I forgot how beautiful the sakura were. I always hated walking up this ridiculous hill every day but, the rows of sakura made it a little easier to…

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