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  • I Am Applying For Graduate School

    I am applying to graduate school to explore how best to physically implement computation and how best to pass on what I learn to others. As physical devices get pushed to their limits, new design paradigms have begun to emerge across the spectrum of hardware architectures. This spectrum spans from prominent software-programmable devices, such as many-core CPUs and modern GPUs, to hardware-programmable technologies such as FPGAs. I am fascinated with the design challenges inherent in these and other types of devices and want to contribute to meeting these challenges. My eventual goal is to share what I learn with others, as a professor. Discovery and education are equally important at a time when computer science as a field is advancing a great deal. I want to contribute to this ongoing revolution by learning about different ways to physically implement computation, while giving back to the current and next generation as an educator. How to implement computation involves design decisions from the application to the hardware architecture level. As non-parallel CPU performance is no longer scaling with time, these devices are evolving to support higher core counts and more elaborate system interconnects. I want to learn how these next-generation compute engines can be designed to support next-generation applications. Furthermore, I would like to study how novel architectures can support different applications sharing similar computational needs. Novel architectures can…

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  • Gender Bias In Graduate School

    to gender within the school system and workforce. The purpose of the current research is to examine whether luck or skill play a role in perceiving who would be accepted into graduate school, and if the perception of…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Going To Graduate School

    graduating from college to become one of the primary goals of most people. And there are people from children and to know that they will study large so make your primary goal in life is to graduate to have many benefits such as better opportunities, better lifestyle, better pay, better employment, among other benefits. However for some people as well as the graduate school means to them all; for others it is just another step to fulfill the obligation of what their parents expect of them. But…

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  • High School Graduates

    Career/work comparison of College graduates and High School graduates “Our children are our future!” most people say. All of us have heard this statement before since we were little kids, but are kids really our future or is it just a stereotype passed on through generations? They should be having fun but at the same time, parents should also look after them and guide them to be prepared for the challenges of the real world when looking for a good job. Nowadays, kids choose to stay home and…

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  • Graduate School Application Essay

    growth up into a little boy who have a curiosity to see how big the world. I was born in art-oriented family which my mom was a conductor, and my dad is an architect. Then I have a little sister who was taken art major as her career path. In this case, people should know that art is in my blood. As a little boy, I spent my life mostly on music and art. I took the drawing and music lesson in order to fulfill my art desire and mostly to expand my talent. Exclusively for music, I start it since 5…

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  • Graduate School Admission Essay

    capable of achieving anything. During my last two years of high school, I realized that she was utterly right. With the remorse of not taking advantage of school, I finally took my mother’s advice and started investing my time in reading books, music, and school. Thereafter, I’ve been progressing in my grades and knowledge. The amount of love and support my mother…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Expectations Of Graduate School

    my expectations of graduate school. From what I’ve seen of both HGSE and CCSC, I know that the next year will allow me to graduate feeling prepared and motivated to embark on this new path of that I have chosen for myself. As you know, I spent the last three years in southern Japan teaching English. I generally view this as a positive experience, but I must admit that I’ve developed insecurities about my competencies as an educator; I can’t exchange stories about TFA training, I’ve never…

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  • Graduation Speech: How To Graduate High School

    accomplishments thus far in your eighteen years. Soon after that you 'll be on your way out of your parents’ house and moving on to that next big chapter in the book of life called college. But most teens don 't think about or just want to forget what all they went through to get finally to that big day. Since I have graduated high school with honors, I consider myself a good person to go to, knowing exactly what to do to graduate high school and…

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  • My Reflection Essay To Graduate High School

    to get your diploma handed to you. As you walk up, your favorite literature teacher looks at you and gives you two thumbs up, and you know she will remember you. But who else will remember you? And what will your legacy be? A legacy is how people remember you, and how you have impacted the people around you’s lives. When I graduate high school, I plan to leave behind an exceptional legacy, for all my teachers, family members, and friends to remember. If I were to leave behind an exceptional…

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  • The Day I Re Not Going To Graduate High School

    being called and everybody applauding has to be the greatest sound to flow through your ears ever. Getting to walk that stage and obtaining your high school diploma is probably the best feeling in the past 18 years. Not only are you happy but your family and friends are happy, what more can you ask for? One thing I would never forget is when my 6th grade English teacher, Ms.Browish, said to me “You’re not going to graduate high school and end up working at McDonalds”. Of course it was probably…

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