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  • Pound Cake Research Paper

    One pound of flour • and if you feel bold add some flavoring. • Pre-heat the oven to…

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  • Write A Descriptive Essay On Tetris

    I firmly grasp a stick and stab it into my marshmallow. As I hold it above the blazing fire, I turn it to make sure each side gets a pleasant golden-brown tint. When it’s perfectly done, I scrape it carefully between two graham crackers and throw in a piece of chocolate to top it off. Indulging into the ooey-gooey goodness is messy. The graham cracker breaks sending crumbles to the ground and my fingers become sticky from the melty marshmallow. Taking the final bite, I close my eyes to enhance…

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  • How To Make A Peanut Butter And Jell Sandwich

    Making your own sourdough starter is simple, but requires daily feeding after getting started. You also can’t use any kind of metal with it because it will kill the start. I know this because once I dropped my phone into my starter. The recipe for the Sourdough starter is really simple and not complicated at all. All the starter requires is 1 package (1 tablespoon) active dry yeast, 2 ½ cups water, 2 cups flour, (you can use Wheat flour, White flour, or Bread flour) and 1 tablespoon sugar.…

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  • Panera Bread Reaction Paper

    Over four hundred salads, two hundred sandwiches, and one thousand soups prepared that was the busiest lunch rush in Panera Breads recent history. Panera Bread, of Hadley is a restaurant franchise that serves thousands of customers every day and satisfies the vast majority of them. My job is to train you to be an employee with the necessary patience and training. Training to help develop the know how and muscle memory to become a valued employee at this successful franchise. Congrats on being…

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    First, you will need to get the ingredients. Those ingredients are: 4.5 cups of flour, 2 cups softened butter, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1.5 cups of packed brown sugar, ½ cup white sugar, 2 (3.4 ounce) packages of instant pudding, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 4 eggs, and 4 cups of semisweet chocolate chips. Once, you have your ingredients you will need to preheat the oven to 350o. Then, mix the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar. Next, blend in the instant pudding mix. After that,…

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  • Bread Vs Wheat Bread Research

    Topic: Which bread mold grows the fastest White Bread vs Whole Wheat? Method: 1. Place a piece of bread into a zip lock bag, and put a teaspoon full of water over each piece. Make sure that each piece of bread are equally damp by spreading the water evenly. 2. Place each zip lock bag in a warm, dark environment where they won’t be disturbed and keep some distance between the samples. Don’t let the zip lock bags touch. 3. Make sure to take evidence everyday such as a photo or written down…

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  • Brothel Observation Essay

    cake was too heavy to become the correct texture. The 1859 recipe says: Balance twelve fresh eggs with sugar, and six with flour; beat the eggs very light, the whites and yolks separately; mix alternately the sugar and eggs, and add the grated peel of a lemon; butter a large pan, or several small ones; add the flour just as it is put in the oven, stirring it just sufficiently to mix. Beating it after the flour is added makes it heavy; pour it in, and put it to bake as soon as possible. This…

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  • Artisan Bread Case Study

    ingredients with traditional techniques. This form of baking takes time and effort and there are no shortcuts” (Sockeel, 2018, para.2). He also mentions, “Using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques restrict how much bread a baker is able to produce in a given amount of time. The resultant bread has incredibly unique flavours and textures that you simply can’t find in regular supermarket bread” (Sockeel, 2018, para.2). Question 2 Artisan bread has many factors that make it important,…

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  • Soda Bread Research Paper

    My grammy didn’t use a recipe and never measured ingredients. In fact, she didn’t even use utensils. She merely dumped flour on the Formica kitchen table and used a throwing-in method that was so fast it was like a slight-of-hand magic trick. She’d say, “Katie, some day you’re going to have to do this on your own.” Yet when the day came, the ingredient measurements I’d taken down during her eyeballed baking process were not enough, and my bread was tough and dense. This handmade bread was the…

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  • Nelly Custis Room: A Case Study

    Preserved since 1758, Mount Vernon is a spectacular tourist attraction that tells the story of George Washington. Since 1860, over 8 million tourists have visited the historical sight. The area contains about 8,000 acres of land and a mansion with 21 rooms that are full of adventure and history. Inside one of the rooms, Nelly Custis Room, there is a crib given by Martha Washington that is specifically designed for Nelly’s child, Frances Parke Lewis. It has sides that lowers to make it easier to…

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