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  • 12 Bundt Cake

    I created it using one tray that was made for the purpose of making 12 bundt cakes at once, and I also used a large bundt cake mold. Instead of making cake, I made the largest jello using a Berry Blue Jell-o pack along with a bit of coconut gelatin. I first created the Berry Blue Jell-o as a whole with boiling water and proceeded to inject the coconut gelatin, which was made with boiling milk, with a syringe after the blue Jell-o had set. Using a toothpick, I dipped the end of it in blue food coloring and stuck it in the jello to create a variance in color. I then set that to solidate in the fridge and continued on with the rest of the gelatin. I made a batch of 12 boiling milk based strawberry gelatin first and set that in the fridge. After…

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  • Cake Informative Speech

    birthday my mom made me a white cake with chocolate frosting. There were pink sprinkles laced along the edge and a prominently placed “1” candle in the middle. I was too young to remember this yummy cake, however, there is photographic evidence that more of the cake made into my hair then ever did into my mouth. What I do remember about my birthday is asking my mom to make me a different kind of cake every year. I could never pick a favorite; there were far too many cakes to pick from. Cake,…

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  • Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Cake Recipe A perfect chocolate cake recipe is not so easy to come by. Most people have tried several times to make a yummy chocolate cake recipe but failed after trying so many recipes. Chocolate cake can be made with chocolate and some other ingredients such as vanilla cream and sweeteners. Types of Chocolate Cake There are different types of chocolate cake. The most popular been: Chocolate layer cake Souffle cake Ding dong Traditional chocolate cake Fudge cake German chocolate…

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  • Orange Cake Informative Essay

    Topic: Making an Orange Cake Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to make an orange cake Thesis: I will demonstrate to my audience the three basic steps to make an Orange Cake Introduction I. Attention Getter: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, tell everybody who woke up one morning and made the best cake of them all mmmmm smells good. II. Tie to the Audience: It’s a nice feeling when you wake up full of energy and decide to make something sweet and thoughtful to your family although…

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  • Culinary Cake Essay

    My Culinary Expertise The culinary field has a variety of techniques. Baking and decorating cakes are my favorite things to do. (Gaskin, 2015) No matter if it is for family, friends, or just someone needing a cake for any occasion, I find joy in creating each one. There is an enormous variety of flavors in which a cake could be made of. In this particular essay, I will personally be explaining to you how I make my Three tier Paw Patrol vanilla cake. To begin, you must gather all of the necessary…

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  • Cake Decorating Progression

    The Progression of Cake Decorating Cake decorating is a true art-form in the baking world. Some cakes are decorated sweet and simple while others are very sophisticated. Cakes nowadays can be so intricate that they have moving parts to them. A decorated cake can reflect a person or an event. Cake decorating has become a huge part of society which has given a larger appreciation for cake decorating. The way cake decorating has changed over time has allowed each cake to become unique to the…

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  • Creative Writing: Fake A Cake

    One day while playing outside, Cookie had an idea. “Hey Fishy,” Cookie said, “How about we bake a cake?” “Okay, that sounds like a lot of fun,” Fishy replied. “Have you ever baked one?” “No, but I know where to start!” said Cookie. “Let’s go to my kitchen!” “Okay!” So the two friends swam to Cookies house, both of them eager to start baking. However, when they arrived at Cookies house they encountered a slight problem: neither of them knew what to do to start baking a cake! How were they going…

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  • Summary Of Cut The Cake By Zahradnik

    As a part of Ethics Week, I attended the presentation by Dr. Anne Zahradnik, “Cut the Cake.” Dr. Zahradnik discussed the concept of equality versus equity. Equity, as defined by The Glossary of Educational Reform, is the “wide variety of educational models, programs, and strategies that may be considered fair, but not necessarily equal,” whereas equality can be defined as equalness for everyone, no matter the circumstances. Dr. Zahradnik’s presentation emphasized these two concepts and had her…

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  • Pound Cake Research Paper

    Pound Cake, Patience, Tolerance, Perseverance, & Resiliency Thank you for joining Table Talk with Lawanna sponsored by Progressing through Therapy, In this segment, I will provide how baking a pound cake aided me in developing valuable character traits and values; specifically, patience, tolerance, perseverance, and resiliency. Baking a pound cake is one of the best things that I have produced in my lifetime, so far. I began with a recipe outline not a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Wilton Cake

    I started baking at a young age, and right then I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I make cakes for family and friends whenever I can and also took some Wilton cake decorating classes. I even took 2 years of ceramics classes and an AP 3D art class to better my skill. I like the idea that I can replicate something while making it edible as well. I love working with fondant, gum paste, and modeling chocolate. My most recently favorite cake I made was a large sheet cake for my band director when…

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