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  • Cake Informative Speech

    birthday my mom made me a white cake with chocolate frosting. There were pink sprinkles laced along the edge and a prominently placed “1” candle in the middle. I was too young to remember this yummy cake, however, there is photographic evidence that more of the cake made into my hair then ever did into my mouth. What I do remember about my birthday is asking my mom to make me a different kind of cake every year. I could never pick a favorite; there were far too many cakes to pick from. Cake, as we think of it is generally round, frosted, and serves to celebrate something in our lives. This is true in different cultures as well. In India, they celebrate with Barfi, a popular cake that is similar to cheesecake in the United States. Gateau de Rois, or King Cake, is similar to sponge cake and is popular in France. And in South Africa they celebrate with Milk Tart. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries a popular type of cake found in Europe was Kugelhof. It was very similar to what we know as Bundt cake today. Kugelhof was sweet bread made with a few simple ingredients: flour, milk, and yeast. It was the decoration that really took the cake. You would of often seen fudge, chocolate, or fruit syrups drizzled on the top, with lemon zest, almonds, raisins, and blueberries draped along the top…

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  • Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Cake Recipe A perfect chocolate cake recipe is not so easy to come by. Most people have tried several times to make a yummy chocolate cake recipe but failed after trying so many recipes. Chocolate cake can be made with chocolate and some other ingredients such as vanilla cream and sweeteners. Types of Chocolate Cake There are different types of chocolate cake. The most popular been: Chocolate layer cake Souffle cake Ding dong Traditional chocolate cake Fudge cake German chocolate…

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  • Culinary Cake Essay

    My Culinary Expertise The culinary field has a variety of techniques. Baking and decorating cakes are my favorite things to do. (Gaskin, 2015) No matter if it is for family, friends, or just someone needing a cake for any occasion, I find joy in creating each one. There is an enormous variety of flavors in which a cake could be made of. In this particular essay, I will personally be explaining to you how I make my Three tier Paw Patrol vanilla cake. To begin, you must gather all of the necessary…

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  • Creative Writing: Fake A Cake

    One day while playing outside, Cookie had an idea. “Hey Fishy,” Cookie said, “How about we bake a cake?” “Okay, that sounds like a lot of fun,” Fishy replied. “Have you ever baked one?” “No, but I know where to start!” said Cookie. “Let’s go to my kitchen!” “Okay!” So the two friends swam to Cookies house, both of them eager to start baking. However, when they arrived at Cookies house they encountered a slight problem: neither of them knew what to do to start baking a cake! How were they going…

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  • Pound Cake Research Paper

    Pound Cake, Patience, Tolerance, Perseverance, & Resiliency Thank you for joining Table Talk with Lawanna sponsored by Progressing through Therapy, In this segment, I will provide how baking a pound cake aided me in developing valuable character traits and values; specifically, patience, tolerance, perseverance, and resiliency. Baking a pound cake is one of the best things that I have produced in my lifetime, so far. I began with a recipe outline not a…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Recipe For Success

    A recipe for success. I like cake, Do you like cake? Have you ever creeped into the kitchen at night and took a little slice? Cake is so good we’d eat it raw; that's right even the batter is good! You have so many flavors; vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and I think everyone's favorite pound cake!! If i told you right now all cake was the same, you all would look at me crazy. Nevertheless, cake comes in different flavors and styles, but they all contain these basic ingredients. Flour, eggs, and…

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  • Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

    forbidden lover, Pedro. The thorns had infused Tita’s blood with the petals causing adverse effects on those who ate it. Gertudis was just a bystander in the crossfire of Tita’s powerful cooking. When love is not in the air Tita’s cooking can also take a turn for the worse. Being forced to make a cake Tita labors for Pedro and Rosaura’s wedding too. While cooking Nacha says to Tita “"Now we're alone in the kitchen, so go ahead and cry, my child, because I don't want them to see you crying…

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  • Narrative Essay On Never Give Up

    happy so I decided to bake a cake, which is something I've never tried before. I went to buy the ingredients with my mother at the supermarket. I tried my best to follow the steps on the recipe, but I accidentally burnt the cake. I tried three more times, but none of them turned out right, they are either burned, uncooked, too sweet, or too oily. I was depressed and miserable, and I was about to give up, but…

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  • Ponyboy's P. O. V.: A Short Story

    I think it was over the cake. It may have seemed like nothing, but Steve and Soda never fought. The two of them had been in the kitchen goofing off and rough-housing as usual, when Steve had gone into the icebox to get a piece of chocolate cake. The last piece of chocolate cake. "Hey Steve. Give me a slice." Soda had asked him. "Can't. This is the last one." He had told him, mouth full of cake. "Well give me a bite." "No way!" Steve chuckled. He walked to the…

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  • Janie Crawford In Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

    She supports her claims through chronological presentation of the significant events and characters. Her conclusions are adequately supported by her research and are comparable to previous studies of Hurston’s work. One noted flaw in Putnam’s assertion occurs when she states that Janie “learns to empower herself” followed by Janie’s act of self-defense. Janie’s act of self-defense appears to be the realization that Tea Cake will not recover from his disease. Further study of feminism and the…

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