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  • Asm's Metabolic Equation

    5.2.3 Implementing the ACSM’S Metabolic Equations We calculate the factional grade in a similar fashion to how we calculate distance. The Location class method getAltitude() returns the altitude if available, in meters above the WGS 84 reference ellipsoid[4]. Whenever we receive a location update, we get the difference between the current and last known altitude, and use a simple rise/run calculation to get our fractional gradient, which we use for estimating the users VO2. Note that we do not take into account negative gradients, and if the gradient is negative we set the gradient to zero for use in our calculation. After calculating the gradient, we make the necessary unit conversion and estimate the users current netVO2 using the appropriate…

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  • The Ancient Chinese Abacus

    Before the abacus was devised, the ancients used their fingers, toes, twigs or counting table to count numbers. As the era goes, a counting device called abacus was created to count large numbers. Abacus, also known as ‘Suan Pan’ in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese educational implement used for fast and accurate calculations. The word ‘Abacus’ is derived from the Greek work ‘abax’, which means calculating board or calculating table (UCMAS, n.d., para. 1). The first Chinese abacus was invented…

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  • Woodcock Johnson IV Reflection Essay

    probed the student for more information or questioned his answer, instead of sticking to the script. This was a good learning opportunity for me to be able to go through the test and realize how and how not to administer these types of assessments, while making the mistake of biasing data that luckily does not impact the student. I also did not agree with the fact that the test had a question about counting coins just based off of images because I proved that it had potential for accurately…

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  • Jesus Vs Calculator Research Paper

    mathematical equations much simpler and faster over its progression through history. The only down side is that people don’t have to learn simple calculations. On the positive side humans can do very complicated calculations. It helps the human race evolve building things that were not possible prior like traveling further in outer space seeing stars never seen before. We use calculators or calculations of some sort every day. Whether it’s driving some were or making a cup of coffee we…

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  • Evolution Of The Calculator

    calculator can even date back before the years of 1900. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Middle East, and even Europe had their own variation of the calculator. In the book, The Universal History of Computing by Georges Ifrah, Ifrah notes evidence of artifacts from an ancient civilization that contains mathematical terms and expressions. Civilizations such as the Greeks and Egypt developed their own way of calculating mathematical problems, despite their limited functionality. For…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Calculator In The Classroom

    Calculators have been a touchy subject in mathematics classrooms all over because of the different uses. They are great for any type of math, but the real worry is that if they are allowed in classrooms all the time, won’t students forget their basic math skills? The pros do not outweigh the cons and vice versa with the use of calculators, however, both sides are valid. A calculator is an important enabling tool and if used strategically, can make math enjoyable and easier for all students.…

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  • Crucial Calculation

    Crucial Calculation A statement by Marzano (N.D.) says, “Students are encouraged to study to get good grades.” At first, it seems difficult to imagine and picture out the conclusion of grades encourage students to learn more academically. Studying helps the students to get good grades. However, grades have also several functions on the students, they have a system and they use several criteria to check the progress to motivate the students to learn more. Because of this, students strive hard…

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  • Concrete Mix Calculation

    1. The concrete mix proportions for the batch were calculated before the beginning of the lab by a select few group members. Calculations were done with goal of the having the greatest early strength as reasonably possible. To accomplish this, the accelerator agent of calcium chloride was added at a proportion of 2 Ib. of calcium chloride to every 100 Ib. of cementitious material. This ended up being 0.483 Ib. of accelerator. The physical properties, like specific gravity and percent absorption,…

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  • Molarity Of Acid Calculations

    unnamed mystery acid, you could find the molar mass of the unknown acid (solving the mystery). It must be understood that the number of moles of the reacting NaOH and the number of moles of the product NaX acid, must both equal (in this case 1:1) in order for the calculation to find the molar mass to work. Procedure: Begin the procedure by first making sure all glassware has been cleaned. Next set up the buret for the titration using the same method as week 1. Similar to week 1 the titration…

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  • Definition And Calculation Of Financial Ratio Analysis: Financial Analysis

    Table of Contents Ratio Analysis 2 A) Definition and explanation of different financial term: 2 B) Calculation of financial ratios: 3 C) Ratio analysis: 3 References 5 Ratio Analysis A) Definition and explanation of different financial term: i. Current Assets are the items on balance sheet of an entity which are in the form of either cash, equal to cash or can be converted to cash within next one year. For example: investments, foreign currency, cash, inventory, receivables and work in…

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