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  • The Ancient Chinese Abacus

    Before the abacus was devised, the ancients used their fingers, toes, twigs or counting table to count numbers. As the era goes, a counting device called abacus was created to count large numbers. Abacus, also known as ‘Suan Pan’ in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese educational implement used for fast and accurate calculations. The word ‘Abacus’ is derived from the Greek work ‘abax’, which means calculating board or calculating table (UCMAS, n.d., para. 1). The first Chinese abacus was invented around 500 B.C and it has over 1300 years of documented use (UCMAS, n.d., para. 1). The abacus is a tool that usually made out by wood and having a frame that holds rods with freely-sliding beads mounted on them (“The abacus”, n.d., para. 5). Hence, the…

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  • Evolution Of The Calculator

    In the book, The Universal History of Computing by Georges Ifrah, Ifrah notes evidence of artifacts from an ancient civilization that contains mathematical terms and expressions. Civilizations such as the Greeks and Egypt developed their own way of calculating mathematical problems, despite their limited functionality. For example, the Sumerians (c. 3300 BCE) used rocks to determine the number, such as if there was a small cone, it would represent the number one, while a larger cone would…

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  • Goldman Sachs Group Case Summary

    owes its principal (the client). An agency relationship is based on trust and confidence. In essence, Paulson & Co. was the seller and IKB was the buyer of the ABACUS CDO. Goldman served both. When serving two masters at the same time on the same deal, a financial institution is unlikely to act honestly and transparently for both parties, giving each party equal treatment. First, the financial gain from one of the parties is always more than the other. The sums of money involved are usually…

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  • Goldman Sachs Ethical Issues

    business world? Does Goldman follow the principles outlined by the company itself? The answers to these questions appear to be blurring when we try to analyse the Goldman Sachs Abacus 2007– ACI Controversy. There are a lot of questions that have been left unanswered. But the lack of proof against Goldman with respect to misrepresenting their long-term clients or ACA about the tenure of the position that Paulson was taking. However, Goldman’s decision to go for an out of court settlement…

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  • Physics And Mathematics Personal Statement

    is right for me. Once I understood the theorem and knowledge behind it, Mathematics became addictive and propelled me into a world of common sense. Hence, since my first be in touch with Mathematics, it is a perfect love story between "him" and me. Passion and aptitude are the drive that keeps me going. My aspiration and interest towards Mathematics has drawn me to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science. A degree in Actuarial Science will not only enable me to take the professional actuary…

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  • Why Is Doctrina Important

    and Zeus could not overrule their choices. Doctrina is the muse of teaching. Teachers and students were her main followers. Teachers follow her because she gave them the knowledge to teach their students and how best to teach it. Doctrina put a special emphasis on teaching morals and consequences. She was often seen in schools and other learning environments. There is a temple her near Parthenon. However, she was not limited to schools; she could be found where ever there was teaching going on.…

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  • Evolution Of Technology

    Types of machines and systems to help people calculate and keep track of numbers and accounting have been around for thousands of years. For example the abacus was used sense the 13th century to help people calculate, it was used in every civilization from the Native Americans to the Egyptians. The computer was born of these same basic ideas but just further improved the accuracy and speed. From the abacus to tabulating machines to computers the technology has not stopped improving and becoming…

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  • Greek Architecture Vs Roman Architecture Essay

    these soaring pillars. These rules eventually implemented themselves as orders. There development and adoption of this system of orders were mainly recognised by the type of columns, in which, featured three different types of columns which were designed to look different from one another. These were known as Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Greeks eventually adopted two principle orders which were Doric and Ionic. Doric order had traditional and oldest style of column. A style where the…

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  • Montessori's Importance Of Mathematics

    him to his innermost core.” In accordance with the well-established principle of carrying on from what the child already knows to learning something knew, each of the exercises begin with something the child is familiar with and has worked with before. The child will have already worked with the golden bead material in the three to six age group but during that time the children worked with the “bank” which was a group presentation. Now each child will start the six to nine maths with the first…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Computer Science

    undergraduate and graduate students. But, like any other major there other students who have dropped out of Computer Science for specific reasons. So Now the question “Is Computer Science a good choice for a major?” is being asked. Depending on the person an individual is, Computer Science is a good major. In this research, to answer the question “Is Computer Science a good major?”, two types of students will be focused on, students still majoring in Computer Science and students who have drop…

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