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  • What Is The Merger Of Union Bank Of Switzerland And Swiss Bank

    The merge of Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corporation is sought out for the best interest for both financial servicing companies. The general motives for the merger is to attain global leadership, develop the leading edge in Swiss consumer and corporate banking, create substantial shareholder value, exploit an excellent cultural fit, create a sustainable position for a leading Swiss financial institution and create a base for the next step to establish a meaningful position in U.S. investment banking. The anticipation of the merge is synergy value created in the amount of CHF 20-25 billion. The detail of the sources of the synergy value is concentrated through costs savings, accelerated revenue growth and redeployment of excess capital. Cost savings of CHF 3.5 billion per year are expected due to elimination of duplicate activities in areas such as operations, infrastructure, trading rooms, Swiss branch networks, and corporate staff. To evaluate this, exhibit 17 states the cost savings are realizable within 3-4 years of the merger and represents 22% of the current combined cost base of ex-UBS and SBC. Accelerated revenue…

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  • Melvin's Bank Case

    Question 1 New regulations make it easier for shareholders to replace company directors. If this event occurred, the volume of bank loans would increase. This would occur because consumers would feel more trust in banking and in loans and there would be more accountability to these investors. A new law makes it a felony to default on a bank loan.If this event occurred, the volume of bank loans would decrease. This would occur because there is much higher risk for those taking out loans. Not only…

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  • Lloyd Bank Attack

    Lloyds Bank – DDoS Attack Lloyd bank in the UK was hit with a 2-day Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack just recently in January. This attack left customers unable to access their online banking and prohibited them from making payments. According to the article, Lloyd Bank was among a pool of banks in the UK that were targeted. Fortunately, the banking information of Lloyd Bank’s clients remained safe as a DDoS attack only brings down a network’s ability to function properly, but it…

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  • Bank Experience Essay

    Rushed (Current Bank Experience) My first experience with selecting my current bank draws back to my first day at university. I created an account, on paper, at a tent during the welcome week celebration. The experience was quite rushed and informal. I had numerous questions and concerns. I have never had to deal with my own finances before, and I was quite nervous. However even though the rushed process, the bank was quite accredited and well-known so I didn 't mind and felt safe inputting my…

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  • First Citizens Bank Essay

    Jibriel Mijalli T/TH 9:30AM Steinke First Citizens Bank was founded in 1979 by a group of local businessmen with one purpose in mind: to provide a healthy banking environment for local business and individuals. The doors first opened on July 8, 1980, operating underling a local management and conservative governing philosophy. First Citizens Bank mission is to be able to continually improve in management and technological improvements so they can always offer the same or better support…

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  • Community Bank Research Paper

    Banks are an extremely important in today's society, they allow individuals to take out loans to pursue their dreams, safely store their money, and provide financial advisement to their customers. Contrary to the belief that “bigger is better,” community banks are able to provide additional worthwhile aspects that are not possible for larger bank corporations. Small locally owned banks such as Community State Bank know and care about their customers, provide loans that help the community…

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  • Bank Of Maldives Case Analysis

    Bank of Maldives (BML) is the leading financial institution in Maldives. Their vision is “To be the best managed company in the Maldives, with the highest standards of corporate governance and customer satisfaction as well as the best shareholder returns. Their operation mainly depends on three strategic pillars such as Customer Service, Support for Business and Financial Inclusion. Their corporate strategy is focused on being a professionally managed, customer-oriented organization which…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Raiffeisen Bank

    SWOT/STEEPLE Analysis of the Raiffeisen bank Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen was the founder of the Raiffeisen Bank in 1862.During the time of economic time need in Germany he founded the first bank in Anhausen, Germany and accomplished the base of the striving need for further improvement of business banking. Since then the bank has branched out into various part of the world, especially Europe. Some of the strengths of the Raiffeisen bank in Serbia are the brand recognition as a stable and…

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  • Foreign Bank Case Study

    Institutional Act 1989 (BAFIA 1989) define the bank as a person which carries on banking business. A bank is a financial intermediary which accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities. The lending activities can be carried out either directly or through capital markets. Bank act as payment agents by conducting and checking current accounts for customers, paying cheques drawn by customers on the bank, and collecting cheques deposited to customer’s current accounts. In…

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  • Islamic Bank Case Study

    foundation of the very first Islamic bank in Egypt, ever since that year and until today researchers are still interested in making researches that study the financial performance of Islamic and conventional banks. The global financial crisis that the world experiences every once in a while as in 2008, was the cause of the increase of the number of researchers, as they are interested in studying the financial performances of both systems; knowing that these studies can help preventing the crisis…

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