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  • Chase Case Study

    The company I have selected to evaluate for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is Chase. This powerful banking organization has been a cornerstone in the banking world for years and given the already tepid public opinion towards wealthy institutions it is no wonder that Chase has been listed on American 's list of the most despised companies. Recent developments have not aided their case. In the ensuing essay, I will evaluate various aspects of the business as well as explain where this hatred is stemming from. Brief History of Chase In order to have a proper understanding and visual of Chase, I will begin with a brief history of the organization. The name and division of Chase banking is a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase and classified as one of the largest four banks in the United States. This was not always the case. The parent company JPMorgan traces it origins and evolution as far back as 1799 and the Bank of Manhattan Company. The Chase portion of JPMorgan has a similarly intertwined history filled with mergers and acquisitions. More recently, in 1955, two banks, The Bank of the Manhattan Company…

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  • JP Morgan Chase Case Analysis

    outsourcing their Information Technology (IT), to a third party, only to regret the decision, and return, or back source, the IT service. An excellent example being the current largest bank in the United States; JP Morgan Chase. In 2004 JP Morgan Chase cancelled the remainder of a seven year, $5 billion IT contract with IBM. When the outsourcing deal was done in 2001, it was heralded as the largest on record. The decision was to bring the IT resources back in-house, and re-establish the…

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  • The Conflict Between Aaron Burr And Alexander Hamilton

    long route to college that included scholarships from local businessmen and a hurricane. Eventually at age eighteen, he arrived in Boston and headed for New York City. He enrolled at Barber’s Academy, to complete preparatory work for college entrance exams. Aaron Burr was an alumni of this school which was where their paths began to cross. Hamilton started King's College in the fall of 1773. He was a student for two and a half years. During this time he became a well-known rebel speaker against…

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  • Otto Frank Biography

    three siblings. Otto’s dad ran a bank. Otto went to college at Heidelburg to study art history. He also studied economics. A class mate set him up for an internship at the Macy’s Department store in Manhattan, New York. A few weeks after he made it to America his father passed so, he went back home for the funeral. Frank came back to America and spent two years working at Macy’s and then a bank. Otto then returned back to Germany in 1911. He then started working for a company that made window…

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  • Advancements In Technology

    and cheap, it was ideal for buildings. It also allowed the creation of bridges. A good example of this is the Brooklyn Bridge, which was created using steel and allowed the passing of the East River and connected Manhattan and Brooklyn. Another important discovery during this time was electricity. Without electricity, cities would not be able to stay powered and illuminati efficiently to enable a huge growth. With the new AC electricity flowing in cities, it allowed the whole city to remove…

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  • Commercial Bank Of Dubai Case Analysis

    I have conducted an interview with the Chief Financial Officer of Commercial Bank of Dubai, Mr. Thomas Pereira about the Corporate Social Responsibilities and organizational structure of the company which is stated below:- Question Q1 - Please let me know about Commercial Bank of Dubai The bank has started the operation in 1969 by the patronage of His Highness the Late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. CBD has started its operation as a joint venture of Commerzbank, Chase Manhattan Bank and…

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  • Job Shadowing/Informational Interview

    Henry Okpo Col 111 Job shadowing/ informational interview assignment I was able to job shadow and interviewed Mr. Elijah Bankole who is the Manager Deb consultant and entertainment firm in Minneapolis, who took me through his typical day at work. Elijah is the head manager of a 5 member team, whom jobs are to organize musical concept, Artist management and event consultant, the firm main operation office is located downtown St. Paul MN. Management consultancy is open to graduates from…

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  • Citi Bank Case Study

    The fall of Citi bank and rise of Standard Chartered: Standard Chartered initially saw Citi bank as the leader in the banking industry. Citi bank gave a lot discountsto their customers in terms of collection of money .In turn they made a lot of loss in their portfolio. They were told by the government to reduce their losses for which instead of making the next sales better Citi bank opted for a poor strategy which backfired. Citi bank doubled their portfolio by giving free cards to existing…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: BNY Mellon

    in business today? Ethics is “a system of moral principles”1 and depends on each individual culture of what it’s considered ethical. Ethics is an important part of every business because following the principles of moral gives a promising image of the company to stakeholders. Moreover, ethics, legalities and other situations are what drive personnel to make the right decision. What was the case about? Bank New York (BNY) Mellon an “Investment company providing investment management, investment…

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  • J. P. Morgan Chase Case Study

    performance during the financial crisis of 2007-2010. Did it do well or badly?” The bank J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMorgan) is the biggest bank by assets and the most profitable bank in the United States. It can be recognized as the most robust bank. JPMorgan, as a global financial services leader with a long history, was formed in 2000 after merging with The Chase Manhattan Corporation. JPMorgan is a financial services holding company and an American multinational banking organization.…

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