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  • Book Of Judges Analysis

    take place during a time of great upheaval- more than likely in the eleventh century BCE. The Israelites and the Canaanites are at odds with each other. In regards to Judges 4:17-23, the events take place outside of Mount Tabor, where the Kenites were residing at the time. It not known where this is exactly because the Kenite people were known to be nomadic ("Boadicea.".) The exact date of this particular passage is unknown due to a lack of historicity within the book. This passage is somewhat different than the entire book of Judges due to the fact that a judge is not the focus of the story. Immediately before this passage, Sisera and his army are defeated at the hand of Barak. Sisera is the only one to survive which is why he flees the scene. In verse nine of Judges four, Deborah, a judge, reveals to Barak that “Yahweh will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.” A few verses later, it is revealed that Jael is that woman. Immediately after this passage, the Israelites destroy King Jabin. This would not have been possible without the defeat of the powerful army commander Sisera. This is why Jael is a direct link to the Israelites victory. She is not a judge but she plays a significant role. Verse seventeen of Judges four, says that Sisera “fled away on foot.” Sisera was a high ranking army commander. The fact that he was on foot and not on a horse/chariot reveals that he was defeated in battle. This verse also reveals that there is some kind of level of friendship between…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of President Barak Obama

    is enormous changes by comparison in 2007. In 2007, only over half of Americans said to ready to vote a woman as president. But, now, many Americans think comfortable with the idea between woman and man in the important roles in politics. There is no reason why female cannot be president of the U.S anymore. Broken Berlin wall led unification of Germany. Today America president Barak Obama broke the barrier which African-American can 't be the president in U.S. He broke that…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Barak Obama's Written Response Speech

    March 18th, 2008, Barak Obama was running for president. His campaign actually hit a small snag when some words were being roamed around about what Obama’s reverend had said about the candidate. Barak Obama knew this was a crucial time in his campaign because everyone not just voters but the world was watching and waiting to see how the YOUNG candidate would respond to the accusations. Obama silenced these words with a complex and well written response speech about his goal to bring together and…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama's Hope Campaign

    In 2008 the economy had hit a historically all time low. The American people were flustered and felt like there was a burden weighing on America. Barak Obama noticed this despair and ran with it. Obama create a campaign based on the darkness in America and gave the people a light. He did this by creating the Hope campaign. Along with this campaign came the “Hope” video ad. The ad targeting the middle and lower class United States citizen making them feel welcomed and apart of the government.…

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  • The CSI Effect

    Although it would seem that this might not have any consequences because it is making jurors more cautious when convicting, it is, in fact, making jurors too cautious and causing an expectation of scientific evidence in every case which is resulting in defendants being “wrongfully” acquitted (Barak…

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  • The Realist Conflict Theory

    definition, and as afforded by Barak (2008), refers to the specific categorization of certain human differences. According to Shore, Chung-Herrera, Dean, Ehrhart, Jung, Randel, & Singh (2009), these differences are what make up the dimensions of diversity such as race, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. There is no question as to the fact that there is an influx of diverse populations into the worlds labor market (Groschl, 2012). While the causes of the diversification…

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  • Barack And The Beanstalk Analysis

    People ran. People hid. People slammed their doors and grabbed their children, quaking in fear. In the centre of the square was her one true love, the one who had changed her world. And his wife and new-born child… She let out a roar, one louder than all the village folk. A roar of anger, disbelief and malice. With that, she charged at Barak knocking him away from his wife and child. She then turned on them, froth foaming from her mouth. Evil eyes glowing a crimson red. She took the child,…

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  • Why Do Value Youth Over Age?

    It was stated that in our western society the element of youth is valued in the work force over age, due to their innovative ideas, a more in-depth knowledge of technology, and an energetic, flexible attitude towards their careers (Barak, 2014). While in eastern societies, age is more desirable, because the attributes of wisdom and experience are positively correlated with advanced age (Barak, 2014). In my experiences with people from both western and eastern cultures, I would have to agree…

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  • Taborah's Power In 1 Kings 11: The Power Of Women

    Deborah was introduced as prophetess and a judge. This shows that the people in her society trusted and respected her, which suggests that women are also trusted with professional position. In Judges 4.4, Deborah ordered his trusted general Barak to “take position at Mount Tabor… [as she] draw out Sisera, the leader of Jabin’s army” (SOURCE). This is a demonstration of Deborah’s military power because she was the leader of the attack as she planned all their strategies and provided orders for…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Logos In Get Football Out Of Our Universities

    There are so many examples that I’m not eve going to get into. Salzburg used antithesis when he compares the science fair with football. He agrees with former president Barak Obama that kids who win the science fair should get the same praise as kids who wins a football game. People come and watch football games, they don’t go and watch their kids participate in science fairs. They don’t go and watch science fairs, so the two are different. As people get older, more fall into the love of…

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