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  • Chemical Bank Swot Analysis Essay

    The first perspective is financial perspective. It focuses on the company’s financial performance. The overall view of result is 22% where compared to SMEs is 70%. It seems like Chemical Bank’s financial performances is low than SMEs industry. Secondly is customer perspective, it aims on the customers’ satisfaction. The result that was tested based on Chemical Bank’s performance, they managed to achieve a percentage of 22% only compared with SMEs it was 46%. It shows that most of the customers were not satisfy by the performances from Chemical Bank. Thirdly is internal perspective, it puts more attention on the company’s abilities and their new internal planning. Based on the overall result, Chemical Bank was able to reach their goals of a percentage 34% which compared with the percentage of SMEs is 28% and it is better than SMEs. Fourthly is learning and growth perspective, it concentrates on the company’s internal process such as their development and culture. According to the overall result from Chemical Bank, it was able to reach a percentage of 22% and comparing with SMEs is 36%. It shows that Chemical Bank must do more improvement on their development to achieve their targets and…

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  • JP Morgan Chase Case Study

    Introduction I chose the national bank JP Morgan Chase. The reason I chose this global company is because I wanted to research a topic that was a part of my major. I want to major in finance and possibly accounting then one day go into banking so I saw it fitting that I chose this company. “JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the oldest, largest and best-known financial institutions in the world.” (JP Morgan Chase 2016). This company goes all the way back to 1799. JP Morgan Chase operates in over…

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  • Managing Ethics And Business Ethics At Jpmorgan Chase

    JPMorgan Chase & Co is a worldwide enterprise in banking and financial services, headquartered in New York City. They operate in more than 100 countries and employ about 235,000 people. They specialize in market, treasury and investor services, as well as investment, management, and private banking. The corporation takes the time to focus on employee benefits, offering insurance for vision, dental and healthcare and providing savings and employee stock purchase plan. In 2015, JPMorgan Chase…

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  • Jp Morgan Strengths And Weaknesses

    Introduction: Company Summary JP Morgan Chase goes back more than 200 years. It has been built from over a 1,000 institutions that have joined together over the years. Many of these companies are well known ones such as The Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank One, and Chemical Bank (The History of JPMorgan Chase & Co. pg.1”). Today, JP Morgan Chase is one of the world’s largest financial service providers. They have operations set up in more than 50 countries around the world (J.P. Morgan Asset…

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  • Case Study: Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad?

    As far as topographical dispersion, roughly 26% of the estate land bank is situated in Peninsular Malaysia with 15% in Sabah, 51% in Indonesia and 8% in Liberia. Oil palm as the transcendent yield covers 93% of the planted territory with elastic covering 7%. The oil palm ranches recorded a yearly generation of roughly 3.7 million metric tons crisp natural product clusters for FY14 and is relied upon to increment quickly in the years ahead as the tremendous new plantings in Sabah and Indonesia…

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  • Kpmg Taseer Hadi Case Study

    It has successfully captured a large market base by the virtue of being the first microfinance institution, which has undoubtedly made it a market leader in the micro-finance market. However, since the past few years many well established banks such as Standard Chartered, Bank of Khyber, First Women Bank and the Citibank have taken a keen interest in the microfinance sector. Although such banks have numerous resources to operate on a scale much larger than Kashf, the reason Kashf might be able…

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  • Chase Case Study

    given the already tepid public opinion towards wealthy institutions it is no wonder that Chase has been listed on American 's list of the most despised companies. Recent developments have not aided their case. In the ensuing essay, I will evaluate various aspects of the business as well as explain where this hatred is stemming from. Brief History of Chase In order to have a proper understanding and visual of Chase, I will begin with a brief history of the organization. The name and division of…

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  • Sime Darby Case Study

    world’s crude palm oil (CPO) output annually. The Division spans across the Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia, Kalimantan, Sumatera and Sulawesi in Indonesia, Liberia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands with land bank totalling up to approximately 1 million hectares, of which 604,000 hectares have been planted with oil palm and 9,000 hectares with rubber. The operations involve the management of 209 estates and 57 Strategic Operating Units (SOUs)*. *An SOU refers to a mill and the one…

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  • Case Study: PT Astra International

    used to use for marine, traffic control, floor machine, disaster relief and utility vehicle. In PT Century Batteries itself, this type of battery has been categories into 4 different types of batteries that has been certified by the World Bank project. Photovoltaic Maintenance Free Batteries This type of battery has an optimum discharge rate. This battery also has a capability in cycling superior and has a dual terminal fit using bolt and nut. There is no maintenance for this type of…

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  • Air Automation System Case Study

    firm to help organize its resources and its efforts to work through the legal process. The data that was gathered through the master planning and environmental assessment later proved useful for public education. An “Annexation Agreement” between Adams County and the City of Denver was reached on April 21, 1988. Adams Country voters approved a plan to let Denver annex 43.3 square miles for the construction of an airport. In a special election on May 16, 1989, voters of Denver endorsed a “New…

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