Chemical bonding

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  • The Boiling Point 2-Hexaanol And 3-Methyl-1-Hexanone

    It has hydrogen bonding meaning stronger intermolecular forces, has 6 carbons leading to a bigger size molecule, and has a larger surface area resulting the highest boiling point. Hexanone depicts the dipole-dipole intermolecular force which makes it weaker than the hydrogen force, and the branched chain of the hexanone makes it have a low boiling point than the 1- Hexanol. 3-methyl-1-butanol will have a boiling point lower than 1-pentanol because branched chain means smaller surface area and lower boiling…

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  • Research Paper On Electronegativity

    When we move down a group in the table the electronegativity decreases this is due to the atomic number which increases down the group this causes a bigger distance between the electron and the nucleus so the atomic radius is bigger. So we can see electronegativity is the tendency of measure of an atom attracting a bonding pair of electrons. A Pauling scale is usually used for electronegativity values. Electronegativity can affect bonding of pure substances and solutions. Substances that…

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  • Essay About Breakup In College

    Have you ever witnessed someone go through a breakup? Perhaps you have experienced one yourself? Just like falling in love, break ups are amongst the most common journeys in life an individual will most likely have to experience within their lifetime. Unfortunately, being in a relationship doesn’t always work out as planned. Depending on certain factors, ending a relationship can have some serious consequences on individuals, specifically on college students. Breakups can reassure a person of…

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  • Regeneration And The Railwayman Analysis

    A key aspect of humanity is the ability for people to form bonds between each other and create relationships, both intimately and in a broader sense. These bonds which people form are what define humanity. These bonds can both be positive and negative in nature, however every relationship can create a strain on people in that relationship. Sometimes even when it is a loving relationship strain can be in place, which highlights the complexity of human relationships. Pat Barker and Jonathon…

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  • IMVU Community Analysis

    Moreover, in Turkles Alone Together, she exemplifies her worry for online social networking sites because of their ability to allow humans to edit themselves and manage their relationships (2011). Throughout my interaction with the IMVU community, I found that numerous people using online communities to build relationships were looking for a way out of their past imperfect ones. They loved being able to communicate when they felt like it and return to the real world where the relationship no…

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  • Paul James Youngbauer III: My Best Friend

    Paul James Youngbauer III, my best friend and my biggest problem. From the first time I met him, Paul was like something out of a movie. With the general demeanor of a cartoon character and the passion of the hero of a Shakespearian tragedy, to describe Paul as unique couldn’t be more of an understatement. That was the quality that made him my best friend, and the quality that caused me more trouble than I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. He had a knack for getting himself into trouble, and…

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  • Interpersonal Therapy Case Study

    Alan Chang is a 25-year-old male, who came to the local clinic with concerns about his relationship to his girlfriend Lani Garcia. He has been seeing her now for nearly three years and states that the relationships has cooled. He had hoped that he and his girlfriend would one day marry but he is now doubtful that will happen. When discussing his relationship with Lani, Alan appeared depressed. He stared at the floor and his voice lowered. Alan reports that he gets along well with…

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  • Personal Narrative: One Sided Break Up

    One Sided Break Ups. Dating can be a wonderful and joyful experience but it can also be an emotional roller coaster of life, other times it just doesn’t work out. From casual relations to romantic ones, journeying into the next step of being in a relationship should be taken with caution. I thought that I had found that one person, but unfortunately the relationship didn’t work out. Sometimes the ending really is the worse part, being on the receiving end of the terminated relationship really…

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  • Two Different Types Of Relationships Essay

    Types of relationships in love The authenticity of our relationship in love can make a world a difference in the quality of love we give, gain, and share. In considering that idea as a general truth, we must turn inward and weigh the length of our own relationship. But, how are we to know what kind of love we are in or we are fighting for? In fact, they are a lot of kinds of relationships in love; pleasure is merely mine to elaborate on three of them, such as Honest,…

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  • Social Network's Effect On Relationships

    Social Network’s Effect on Relationships The monster that has become social media can put a lot of extra stress on friendships, families, and relationships these days. Social media takes a toll on friendships when groups of friends are torn apart by drama and other forms of miscommunication. Families that are constantly keeping their attention on social media are risking the chance of having a normal family relationship. Being in a relationship, and the constant activity on social media, it is…

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