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  • Iodine And Benedict Lab Experiment

    During the benedict test, solution 9,10 and 12 tested positive. Finally, for biuret, only solution 9 was positive. Discussion: In order to determine the negative charge of this experiment, a solution had to remain neutral in all three test or at least not react. Distilled water (solution 11) was deemed as negative indicator as it would not result in any changes. Whether, it was in biuret, iodine or benedict, it would result in as a negative indicator. Anything that deviates from the comparison of distilled water would be considered as positive control. The glucose solution did not change colour but remained yellow during the iodine test. Therefore, there is no glycogen or starch. When the benedict test occurred, the colour shifted from green to brown within minutes. Later the orange would turn into a very rose red. Glucose is supposed to be a red precipitate when detected by the benedict solution. (B.K Sur, R.K. Shukla, and V.S Agashe, 1972) It revealed that there was a presences of sugar in the solution which caused the sugar to change the solution colour as aldose was causing a positive reaction. During the biuret test, the glucose did not change any colour because there was no sign of any protein residing inside the…

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  • Importance Of Attendance In College Essay

    Thou Shalt Attend In high school it was quite apparent that students could receive many absences with little or no consequences and still be able to maintain a good grade point average. However, in college that is not the case. Student attendance in college is important because students who attend class have better grades, have better relationships with their peers as well as professors and develop responsible habits and behaviors. Students who attend class often receive better grades on tests…

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  • Student Test Anxiety Essay

    today experience stress much more than their parents. It can manifest in many different ways. Test anxiety if left untreated can be debilitating for the student. As a teacher, we should foster a safe environment for students to learn. If a teacher could change simple teaching techniques could it lower student test anxiety? Are there coping mechanisms that can be taught to a student that can be used successfully during high anxiety testing situations? The purpose of this study is to test…

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  • K-12 Classroom Observation

    responses in the chart papers; the group of students who received drama-based teaching would use pencil and loose lifts to write down their scripts during the creative drama activity. After the teacher finished the lessons, both of two groups of participants on Day 1 and Day 2 took a test to measure their reading comprehension skills of the story by approaching different teaching instructions. There were 40 copies of the test for both groups of students. The test contained 20 multiple choices…

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  • Divergent Argument Essay

    be no way to solve problems. For the Candor faction, their rules state that “1. the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness. 2. freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality” (Roth, Bonus Materials 28). The people in Candor are forced to share their deepest secrets with everyone else in their faction, whether they know them or not. If they choose not to, they become Factionless; which is the same as being homeless. They can’t keep any of their secrets…

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  • Informal Classroom

    fails to pass a standardized test or regents exam. Further, it is not fair, for teachers to be criticized based on how well their students perform in their state exams. In addition, it is also not fair for principals to use test scores to judge teachers how effective and ineffective they are? Ever since, the nation has industrialized, we have forgotten how strenuous teaching is and often times, they are not always observed fairly and their accomplishments are also not always acknowledged.…

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  • Jeremy Wartenberg Case Summary

    The District Court found the Capistrano Unified School District in violation of providing Jeremy Wartenberg with FAPE. They establish that based on the evidence presented, Jeremy’s behavior was a result of his primary learning disability, ADD. They stated that his unsuccessful school experience was caused by his ADD, not his purposeful negative conduct, yet, the two items could not be separated. Furthermore, it was found that the IEP was not appropriate in servicing him with a proper learning…

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  • Professional Tutoring Exam Analysis

    Although they may procrastinate at times, your student probably knows cramming doesn't pay. But without cramming, how can they memorize all the information needed for the many standardized tests they'll take in the summer and fall, and the exams they must pass in school. Thankfully, the experts at Forde's Professional Tutoring will arm your child with the study skills they need to be successful. For almost 20 years, Dr. Sean Forde's tutoring programs have lead the pack in the greater NYC area…

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  • Kenken: Can You Get Smarter?

    Can You Get Smarter? When you hear it is time for a workout you usually tend to think you’re about to go pump some iron, but is it possible to workout your brain? Ever since the increase of people starting to forget things, people have been wanting to increase their brain activity with things like: smart drugs and supplements to brain training. People try all this games, activities, and programs to help their intelligence but are they actually helping making you smarter or are they just helping…

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  • At Home Studying Essay

    ground. There, on the board of their fifth hour class, lies the words in big bold letters, TEST WEDNESDAY. The following minutes are filled with stress, anxiety, and worry. But this does not compare to the time consuming, mind thwarting, brain exhausting hours of study5ing that is now to commence to do well on this test. That day after…

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