Informal Classroom

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fails to pass a standardized test or regents exam. Further, it is not fair, for teachers to be criticized based on how well their students perform in their state exams. In addition, it is also not fair for principals to use test scores to judge teachers how effective and ineffective they are? Ever since, the nation has industrialized, we have forgotten how strenuous teaching is and often times, they are not always observed fairly and their accomplishments are also not always acknowledged. Teacher’s role often changes from teaching to counseling, because some students are in the poverty borderline, according to a Washington D.C post, by Lyndsey Layton. Researchers agree that agree that many school principals have a tendency to scrutinize …show more content…
For instance, the teacher will let the class know before hand that they will be observed, so that they could behave in a better manner etc. However, it helps the student psychologically because the observation will not affect the student’s performance in the class. Whereas, the “Informal” observation. For instance, UFT demonstrates,
“For informal classroom observations, the principals or other evaluator makes unannounced short visits to the teacher’s classroom for a minimum of 15 minutes per visit. The evaluator must provide feedback to the teacher, whether through an in-person conversation, a phone call or an email. The evaluator writes up a report following each of these informal observation.”
This is destructive and disturbing. Students, especially, in elementary school, tend to lose focus and control of themselves when they are not aware of change, since their brain are not yet capable of coping with all in the sudden change. They are many reasons why, this is not a good strategy for principals or other evaluators to use on teachers. First, while completing my classroom observation, the majority of the students in the classroom lost attention to the lesson the teacher was trying to teach, and were focusing on me. Another reason why is is destructive is because students tend to perform worse while someone new is in the classroom.
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So far, teachers are deeply suspicious, and the state teachers’ unions are pouncing on any screw-ups. In addition, the error could fuel the opt-out movement’s argument that student test scores aren’t a fair measure for judging teachers or students.” Another instance as to why evaluating teachers solely on test scores. Let’s consider the film “Bad Teacher” as an example. In the film, Cameron Diaz plays as Elizabeth Halsey, an incompetent junior high school teacher, who never taught the class and in fact, she didn’t recognize her student's name. However, she stole the answers from a state-administered exam after finding out the state will provide a bonus of $5,700 to the best teacher whose students score highest on the test, and Halsey pursue it, in order to pay for her surgery venture. Nearly in the middle of the movie, she was recognized as the “best teacher’ while Elizabeth Halsey barely teaches the students and she didn’t even know their

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